When it comes to college party tips, every college has its hype irrespective of its location. Normally, students tend to lead carefree lives, more so when it comes to issues to do with partying.

It is what every student yearns for especially the freshmen. This is the time when everyone’s spirit is on an all-time high.

Even for those students who do not like parties, they still find themselves being very curious and might be more about it just for the sake of it.

The image that might come to most freshers’ minds concerning these college parties is that they involve binge drinking and where students who are deemed as very cool get to have the time of their lives, while the more reserved ones tuck themselves in some corner afraid to mingle with the rest of the crowd.

college party tips for surviving freshers

However, this is not entirely true as these are just misconceptions portrayed in the movies, and how such scenes are played out has given rise to such stereotype mentality. What many people do not know is that college parties are a mixture of everything good or bad.

It is a place for being hilarious, adventurous and carefree spirits, where people forge friendships and acquaintances, a place where others go in search of romance, recklessness and drunken stupor, while for others, it is a place for growth both emotionally and intellectually as they interact with other like-minded students. This is what college parties offer mostly.

Before you embark on the real deal, one of the major college party tips is to take control of yourself and not get carried away with the moments at hand, when in attendance. It is without a doubt that college life is a transition period from youth into adulthood and has its ups and downs. This is because this crucial stage can make or break someone. Besides being swamped with loads of academic work, college students party just as hard for the sole reason not to fail in their quest for academic excellence.

Therefore, a college party provides a much-needed distraction from the rigors of academic life. Parties present the chance to loosen yourself out.  Furthermore, college parties present the best chance for honing one’s social skills, apart from meeting new friends and acquaintances. There is also a very high likelihood for people to have fond memories of college parties. Since parties are the in-thing for college students, it is prudent to go through a few that might be of great help.

College Party Tips

Always Eat and Drink Water

college party tips for surviving freshers

Drinking on an empty stomach may make you get drunk than you anticipated. It is always advisable to stuff something substantial into your stomach before quenching your thirst. So why not share a pizza between you while you enjoy a drink?

Drinking on a full stomach will prevent you from getting drunk faster. It will also help you not to suffer from those blinding headaches brought about by a hangover!

Drinking water will also make you not feel thirsty or have a dry throat the next day after partying. Hence, it is very important that you drink lots of water or between intervals before you start drinking.

Drink Before the Actual Drinking Itself / Planning

It will help you to know the drinks you are about to have at a party, and you will not end up drinking anything that random stranger has to offer. This will help. This sampling of drinks or warming up will make you have a rough idea beforehand on the kind of drinks you might find at the party.

Being a bit tipsy will also prevent you from over any indulgence with alcohol at the party as well. Planning makes you stay alert during the party, apart from preparing your psyche on what you are most likely to encounter there. It could be new friends, fellow class or college mates, and how to carry yourself there. This strategy will also present you with an excellent chance of exiting the party, whenever you want to.

Advance Safety Planning

This falls among one of the most important college party tips. Since you are a freshman and the party will surely have many people from diverse backgrounds, suffice it to say that you will be in unfamiliar waters there.

Be it freshman or not, boy or girl, never attend a party alone. Have a group of friends with you. It will go a long way in deterring anyone who might want to take advantage of you. Moreover, who said that you must drink anything handed to you?

That yummy looking juice could be laced with something lethal that could knock you out in seconds. Hence, you must be alert even in the process of having fun, you will surely be in control of yourself when you are feeling tipsy. Furthermore, do not overindulgence past your tolerant level.

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

You do not want to be uncomfortable when you’re out drinking or at a party. So, make sure you feel 100% you! Whether that means a sweater and shorts, or a dress and heels.

The bottom line here is to have as much fun as possible and not feel embarrassed and shy due to being too over dressed or uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

In the Company of Friends

This is not rocket science. At a party, you are bound to get a little drunk. That is why having a group of your closest and most trusted friends around you will ensure that everything is under control when things get out of hand.

In case the friend is a senior, the better, as they will offer a few important tips on how to go about or come out alive from your first and subsequent college parties.

They might also offer insightful tips on how to safely get back home, treat your pounding head and a tired body from a hangover. The game plan is to stick together and have each other’s back.

You must also not leave anyone behind when the time to leave comes. This will ensure that nobody from this circle leaves with a stranger.  True friends look after each other, hence, having a group of your most trusted friends around during your first college party is the safest bet, knowing that they have your back

Plan how to get home

Make sure you stay safe by planning how you’re going to get home.

You could plan to walk back to your dorm with your new friends by a certain time, or make sure you have the numbers of trusted cab companies in your phone.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol

In any case, you are not used to having drinks during college parties, you do not have to worry much about it.

The point is since you are not used to it, you should drink at your own pace while enjoying yourself. Always weigh the situation with each bottle or a shot of whiskey or any hard drink that you swallow.

Maintain the drink, which you are used to or started with up to the end. If you start with a cocktail based drink, then you should consult a reliable and experienced senior about the varieties of the drinks available then choose what is right for you instead of going on a mixing spree.

Make Sure You Socialise

Every college life brings with it a different kind of experience. More so, life is also very dynamic. If need be, go out of your way and make new friends at the party. You never know as it will come in handy one day. A college party presents one of the best opportunities for making new friends at a college party.

college party tips for surviving freshers

If you are the shy type, no need to worry as the Dutch feeling will help you get through the ordeal. Why don’t you try getting out of your comfort zone and be positive about the opportunities that might come with attending college parties?


Always Carry Some Cash With You

Emergencies have a funny way of catching us unawares. That is why you should always have some cash with you in case an emergency occurs, even amid drunken stupor.

Besides, parties have a way of bringing out the worst sides of people and even your most trusted friends can end up ditching the last minute or you may also want to exit the party early.

Therefore, having some cash on you can come in handy when you want to hail a cab to take you back home and not get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Nobody Should Force You to Drink

Being a freshman does not mean that nobody should force a drink on you. Moreover, suppose you feel that you have had enough, then you should not go overboard, as you are the only one who knows yourself best and you do not want to make a mockery of yourself.

Do not also be carried away by those who cheer you on in case you decide to engage yourself in drinking games, which are synonymous with college parties.

It may seem to be the best thing at that moment but one that you might end up regretting in the end. You should choose carefully the activities that you decide to engage yourself in at the party.

Have Fun but Take Care

You should enjoy these parties as much as possible but remember to take good care of yourself, as you are your keeper. Apart from enjoyment, you will always carry away with you fond memories.

Real Meaning of College Parties

Most of these college parties are to have fun away from the ever-demanding academic life and mingle with other people. Always bear in mind that college parties present opportunities to put all your stress away and enjoy yourself.

Thus, you must make hay when the sun shines in this regard.  Apart from being all-out fun, the parties are also a way of building your character. You will also have very fond memories of such occasions.

The above college party tips will act as a guideline, shaping your character and behavior for future parties as a freshman.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to college party tips. Have fun!

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