One of the things you need to keep in mind when you join the university is that you will constantly be on the move. Be it from class to class, on your way to the hostel, or even to the library. Take note of the many facilities on campus and the need to use all of them during your stay.

If you are well financially, then you may get a car to help you in these movements. However, in the scenario where you are not that financially stable to get your car or the school policies ban their use, then opt for the good old bicycle.

Best Bicycles for College

one of the Best Bicycles for College

A bicycle is easy to manage and helps out if you are the type that loves to exercise. So what are the best bicycles for college students? This is the right question to have when you want to get the proper means to commute within the campus.

Focusing on the question, you are in the right place as we show you the best bicycles for college for you to look at.

The top pick for the best two-wheeler for college is the 6ku aluminum fixed gear urban bike. It employs simplicity and durability in its frame to have it as the best bike to have for both moving around college and also for an exercising stint on the pitch.

Its riser handlebars make it comfortable when riding, and you may pull a safe stunt or two; to show how good you are at cycling. It is also secure with a robust braking system that works promptly when initiated. It is also lightweight and can pick up high speeds should you be late for a school occasion or classes. It had to be on our list of the best bicycles for college! 


  • The bike is easy to maintain.
  • It has a lightweight frame, making it suitable for speed and also carrying for storage.
  • The bicycle is made from durable material, aluminum.
  • You may ride it in either fixed gear or freewheel.
  • It comes with a maintenance kit.


If you are a cycling pro or at the intermediate level, then the Schwinn fastback AL 105 is a considerable pick.  It is an excellent bike for speed cycling to get you around school to your destinations in a short time. It is also suitable for sporting and bears several features that make it fit for competitive cycling or for exercising to keep fit. 

Its versatility comes to play when you look at its wide range of sizes, fitting different height levels. Getting one that fits your height presents a comfortable riding session with no risk of hitting the handlebar. The saddle and handlebar are made of soft material for comfort. The handlebars have a grip layer for proper handling.


  • It has double-walled rims with sealed bearing hubs.
  • Features Shimano 105-dual pivot caliper braking system.
  • The bike is under the 22-speed drivetrain.
  • Guaranteed durability courtesy of its hydroformed aluminum frame.


The Vilano r2 commuter aluminum is an excellent bicycle for college, especially if your campus roads and paths are flat. It is also suitable for learner cyclists who want something simple and convenient to use as a training kit. The bike is easy to maintain, which is a nice feature when you consider the fast-paced learning environment that is college.

Its lightweight frame is the perfect addition to giving it an edge when it comes to speed. Say goodbye to getting late as the bike will cruise through the campus roads with smoothness and impressive speeds to your destination.

Do not let its small frame mislead you to underestimate its durability. It features a sturdy aluminum frame. Its wheels are likewise robust, being double-walled and having alloy machined sides.


  • Alloy caliper brakes are reliable and feature a prompt response.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Shimano front and back derailleur.
  • Comfortable curved handlebars.
  • The bike sports a 21-speed drivetrain.


Comfort is a crucial factor to look at when getting yourself a bicycle to peruse your campus. When looking at convenience, Raleigh two-wheelers never disappoint, and they bring you the venture 3.0 comfort bike.

The saddle takes on a lower position relative to the handlebars and prevents you from arching your back when cycling, which is a significant source of discomfort. It features a suspension fork and a seat post with a spring underneath the saddle, which helps in absorbing shocks. The feature makes it a good companion if your campus has rough roads and bumps.

The seat is also soft the same to the handlebars and presents a low risk of you getting blisters when cycling. The 19.5-inch wheels add an edge of personality to the cycle, making it a good looker on the road. It is suitable for short therapeutic rides around the school.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes, depending on your height.
  • It has shock-absorbing properties courtesy of its suspension fork.
  • The venture 3.0 has a 21-speed drivetrain giving you a variety of speed to pick.
  • The 19.5-inch wheels provide stability to the bicycle.


Talk of style, speed, and efficiency, then you have the perfect description of the Pure Fix Single Speed Fixie Bike. It has a simplistic design and a lightweight frame that, aside from speed, gives it a touch of style and some sophistication. It is suitable for long-distance cycling stints and is the best college companion if you have an expansive environment in school. 

The handlebar takes on an almost curved design that makes it comfy when handling. The comfort feature gets a further boost courtesy of its grips that are soft to the touch and prevents you from blistering when riding.

It is made of heavy-duty steel, which improves its durability factor. The brakes are robust and reliable, and if need be, you may remove the front brakes.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes, depending on your height.
  • It is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Easily customizable where you may tune the saddle, handlebars, and also water compartment, among others.
  • The robust 16-inch wheels give it a sense of stability needed to cruise your campus streets.
  • The bicycle has a lightweight and durable steel frame that also lends it a touch of speed.


Stability and durability is an essential component when looking for the best bicycles for college students. It comes in handy when looking at maintenance costs and also safety. When looking at the two factors mentioned, then the Populo Fusion 24-Speed Hybrid bike is a choice to consider. 

The 24-speed drivetrain gives you a range of speed selection to pick depending on your terrain and also preference for speed. Its stability factor is evident from its smooth weld technology, which provides strength and a touch of stiffness.

It uses brake pads, which are more effective in providing braking action. The brake system works towards the safety feature of this bike, making it a worthy addition, fitting a densely populated environment associated with colleges. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has a 24-speed drivetrain.
  • It is very stable and sturdy.
  • Easy to store and transport courtesy of its front wheel quick release feature.
  • Its aluminum frame is durable yet lightweight. It is, therefore, easy to handle.
  • The bike features rack mounts, which come in handy when you want to carry more stuff.


For rough terrain or a hilly landscape, then you have the best option for a college bike in the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. It is a good choice if you love hiking, and you may use it to explore nature trails during your free time.

The curved handlebar is easy to handle, providing an element of coziness when you hit the road. More on the comfort feature, the seat has you covered. It is made of soft material to give you the right amount of cushioning. It also has springs that act as a shock absorber and take in much of the impact on rough or bumpy roads.

It features a sturdy braking system that effects quickly when initiated, making this bicycle a safe ride.


  • 28- Inch wheels for stability and efficiency in tackling rough terrain.
  • It has a carrier where you may put your items such as books when going to class.
  • The seat has a spring underneath for shock absorption.
  • It is easy to customize where you add details to personalize it.


If you are into sports cycling, you need a great bicycle that will have you at the frontline of the vent you are taking part in. One such two-wheel companion to bank on is the Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike. It is a versatile bicycle that you may also use to exercise in the early mornings to keep fit or to rush to class.

It is a looker when you have your eyes on the classy aluminum aero frame. The frame makes the ride lightweight, capable of picking up impressive speeds. It also makes it durable, lending it a sturdy essence. Still looking at durability, we go down to the wheels where they are double-walled and feature a machined side.

The reliable caliper brakes initiate quickly, and the bike is safe to ride within the campus streets and is one of the best bicycles for college.


  • STI integrated brake shifters to control the braking.
  • It comes with free pedals.
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 14 speeds.
  • Shimano front and rear derailleur.


If you are the introverted type and do not want to draw much attention when cycling then the Thruster 700c urban fixie bike is the best pick for you. It has a simplistic design that easily blends into the surrounding while also guaranteeing you the best performance when it comes to cruising.

It is also durable; a factor boosted upon by its steel frame. It is also lightweight, and carrying it around is not a hard task. The front and rear alloy brake system is reliable and comes to proper play when you are cruising at impressive speeds. The bike is suitable for urban colleges, promising a smooth ride on the well-paved roads.


  • An alloy braking system.
  • An athletic black and red color blend.
  • It is a one-speed bike.
  • It has a chain guard to prevent the chain from falling off.
  • Features a steel fork.


The BMX cruiser bicycle r4 26′‘ is a good companion if you are into smooth cruising in the evening or want some adrenaline rush when hurrying to attend lectures. It is well-known for its presence in the stunting scene, and f you are into this hobby, then this bike should be yours. It is one of the best bicycles for college that you’ll find online!

It is small in stature but can accommodate a range of heights due to its length. It is good at handling, and you may as well use it for training purposes to help you grasp cycling. The seat takes a lower position compared to the handlebars and makes it comfortable as it does away with arching as you pedal by.

The bike comes with stunt pegs, pads, and a repair kit. Its aluminum frame is sturdy and also lightweight that makes it great for extreme sporting.


  • 26-inch wheels for stability.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Features a deluxe seat.
  • It comes with a free pad and stunt pegs.

Above are some of the best bicycles for college students to get around campus. To help you get the right bike to help you traverse campus, there is the buying guide below at your disposal.

Buying guide for the best bicycles for college students

When looking for a nice bike. Pay attention to the following factors for you to get a befitting two-wheeler.

  • The Cost

The number one determinant factor to pay attention to when looking for a nice bicycle is the cost. When in college, finances are a critical area, and you need to be keen on how you spend your funds. In this vein, you need to look for an affordable bike that meets your budget limit.

If you pressed financially, you may go for a second-hand bike or even try to hire one.

  • Available Features

Also, look at the features that the bicycle has for a worthy deal. Some of the features that the bikes might have include the headlight, shock-absorbing properties, stunting gears, and a repair kit, among others. Most of the time, the more features available, the higher the price tag. In such a case, try and strike a proper balance between the features and the price for an excellent bargain.

  • Purpose

The reason for getting the bike is also a factor to consider. Among the purposes may be riding in school, hiking, sporting, or for stunts. You need to know which bicycle meets your needs as they come with different features that serve different purposes. For example, sporting bikes are lightweight and feature a high drivetrain figure. Hiking bikes, on the other hand, are quite heavy with heavily treaded wheels for stability.

  • Durability

 Durability translates to longevity, and it is a factor to look at when you want to save a fortune when it comes to repairing, maintenance, and replacement costs. Go for a hardy bike, with most banking on aluminum as the material of choice. 

  • The Size

Do not overlook size if you are looking forward to a comfortable ride. A small bike compared to your height will have you prone to injuries to your foot due to knocking the handlebars. You also have to arch your back to reach the bars. Some bikes are adjustable, hence more adaptable when focusing on the size factor.

  • Comfort

Comfort is an essential factor for you to have a satisfying cruising moment. Comfort pays attention to the seat and handlebars, with many featuring some cushioning to provide a worthy cycling session.


In college, a bicycle can come in handy in various settings. You may use it to commute from one place to another, and it is an excellent means of transport if your school is very expansive. It is also useful if you want to exercise as you may have a fulfilling moment in the morning or evening streaming around. Such a session can help you get fit or providing a relief moment after a long day attending lectures.

If you are into competitive cycling, then having it is one way to improve your capabilities in the cycling track and make appearances for various events. This article looks at some of the best bicycles for college students to help them get around, as well as a buying guide to help you get the right two-wheeler for school.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best bicycles for college!

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