Every high school graduate dreams of going to a college of choice. There are many reasons why you would wish to go to a local college. However, moving away for college can be an exciting new adventure.

Back at home, you have a vast room all for yourself. In college, you will have to share the dorm room with a stranger. Preparing a list of what you need early enough will help.

It will be the mark for starting a new life. You will learn to be responsible for your life when you live far from home.

Moving away for College

There are a lot of things you will H- college survival tips, must-have list, things to do in college, etc.; however, there are things you should know before moving away for college- they will prepare you psychologically for the changes ahead. 

moving away for college

  • You  Lose Most of Your High School Friend

Forget about the vows of forever friends; things change once you join college. Your friendship felt so deep; nothing could break it. Well, you will retain a few, but due to different lifestyle choices and career paths, you will lose the majority.

The environment around you affects the friends you pick or keep. In a high school environment, most of your friends were either from your class, shared the same sport or club. You will realize it is a convenience that made you have them as a friend. Moving away for college sometimes makes you realise you’ve grown apart from your high school friends. 

Again, college is a hive of activities. It makes it impossible to keep in touch with 20 old friends while making new friendships. There are a lot of classwork and leisure time activities that need your attention. With time, all that will remain in your memories with your high school buddies.

  • Manage Your Time

Maybe you have heard about this all your life. But how is it different now? Moving away for college means you have to manage your time. 

Over the last 18 years, you have people to remind you to manage your time. However, you always had someone senior monitoring you,

Moving away for college comes with a lot of freedom. Without mastering time management, you will encounter a lot of stress. 

All the activities you engage in need your time. You don’t want to miss that hypes tournament that is on the same day with your assignment deadline.

Probably an activity planner will aid you in managing your time before you catch up with college life.

  • You’ll Meet Good and Bad People

Making new friends is a priority for all freshmen. You will, therefore, meet a lot of people with the same motive- making friends.

At this phase, everyone is at the best of their behavior; they will all be gentle at first. Time will separate the wheat from the chaff. You will realize there are those with immaculate and sincere hearts; others feign friendships for their gains. Be careful of the latter and avoid their toxicity.

  • You’ll be out of your comfort zone

If you come from a small town, you might be used to a sense of community and safety. 

If you’re moving away from college to a big city, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone. However, with time, you should get used to your new surroundings.

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for dealing with city life. You’ll need to be aware of areas that aren’t safe after certain hours, and expect to encounter people from all walks of life.

  •  You’ll miss your parents and be homesick

Being the first time to live far from home, your parents will feel a little nervous about you moving away for college. 

Everyone you interact with will be treating you like an adult. They have no time reminding you of what you should do. You will miss having your mom around to tell you of the little things you need to do. 

You will not receive genuine love like what you get from your parents. It will take time to get a friend who cares like family.

  • You’ll realize the Importance of Your Family

In your childhood and teenage, you depend on your family on most things. You know their importance. You love and cherish them. 

Many are the times you get mad at your parents or siblings. You feel like running away, but remember you can’t fend for yourself. Moving away for college helps you view life from a different angle.

The memories of the special moments with family; small fights with siblings, endless conversations. You will start missing all those moments. You will regret the many times you failed to show up at family functions, the love you were unable to show, the embraces you didn’t give, etc.

  • You’ll Have Pride in Your home state 

Do not be shocked to find you are the only student from your home town. Many people prefer local colleges- somewhere they can drive in a few minutes. Being from a different state gives you some pride, knowing your experience there is so different and unique than that of your college mates. 


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  • Bad Decisions are a Part of Learning

Do not fear to make any decisions. There is no learning without making mistakes. Make that decision, make a mistake, learn, and make a proper decision. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after making 1000 errors.

  • At home, life goes on without you

Growing up, you received a lot of attention from parents and siblings. It can make you believe that they will feel your absence. 

If you are the oldest of your siblings, you may have a feeling your younger siblings look up to you for everything. However, their lives do not stagnate when you move away. Their daily activities will go on as usual. 

The faster you realize that your absence does not affect them, the quicker you will focus on what matters to you in college.

  • Some classes will be boring

Going to college is exciting and fun, but we wouldn’t say the same about going to classes.

Theoretical lectures can send you to dreamland. Having this in mind will help you cope with those long boring lectures

  • You’ll feel weird

Your high school buddies gave you some confidence and beautiful memories. You could do anything with them. Even your first year in high school was smooth since the majority were your childhood and elementary school friends.

When you finally move away from college, you will be starting a new life. You have no friends, no confidants, and no critiques.

Trying to figure out who will be your friend is thrilling. You are unsure off their reaction and character. You are also careful not to fall into a criminal gang. 

You will act normal, but deep within you, everything does not feel right. In your first few days in college will on be filled with confusion and mixed feelings.

moving away for college
  • You Become Your ‘Own’ Mom

Finally, you have no one to remind you of your responsibilities. Those nitty-gritty chores you always took for granted are all on you. If you don’t clear the table, it won’t clear itself. No one will be reminding you to go to class, finish your assignment, or even do your laundry. All mommy duties are on yourself.

  • Self-care is a Priority

A lot goes on around you, and you have the freedom to choose what to do, it is easy to neglect ourselves. 

Personal hygiene can come as a challenge to a ‘freshman.’ Waking up early to take a shower in a public bathroom is something you are not used to.

Take enough rest, allow your brain and body cells to relax. Do not strain yourself because your friends are straining. Learn to listen to your body. Visit your doctor for regular checkups. 

  • Take Advantage of Summer Breaks

Most college students spend their summer breaks at home with their families. It is a good thing to do.

Summer brakes in college are perhaps the only long free times you will have your entire life. Make sure you go on vacation at least once in your college breaks. Have fun all you can for life ahead if busy and full of responsibilities.

Vacation is essential for mind refreshment. You also get to learn new things out of class. A trip to the museum will give you a vibrant history of a country or a culture. Some extreme sports will enable you to discover your strengths and fears and learn how to manage them. 

  • Get Involved

School is not all about books. There are a lot of things that recruiters check on your resumes. Involving yourself in sports, Greek life, and clubs that add value to your resume is a wise choice. Spend your first semester finding out what you would wish to be involved in. Some activities may be the gate pass to a successful career life.

  • You will Get Lonely

Back at home, you surround yourself with people who you are used to. You care about each other and value each other’s company. When you move away from home, you meet different people. It may take time for you to click with them.

The inability to fit in will drive you slowly into loneliness. When you feel lonely, find an activity you can do alone- you can read a novel, take a nap, or a long walk around campus.

  • Manage Your Finances

There are a few freshmen who will have all their financial needs catered by their parents. However, these are just the basic needs to get you through college. The pocket money you receive should cater to all non-academic needs and your little luxuries.

Planning on how to spend your money is a skill you need to learn. It will be helpful even in life after college. Minimize wastage and budget on what is essential.

  • Get a side-job

Probably your parents taught you to earn everything. Back at home, this is easy. All you need to do is wash the dishes and get yourself some money for ice cream.

When you live away from home, you realize everything is so expensive. The pocket money you receive may not be enough to cater for all your needs. 

There are a lot of opportunities on campus. Find a small business you can run to get an extra dollar for yourself. If you are not good at marketing, many companies are running around campus that may need employees. They love college students since they pay less than hiring experienced workers.

  • Discover Yourself

You will hear a lot about how you should focus on your studies. Well, it is vital to remain focused; studies are your primary business on campus. However, do not be a bookworm at the expense of self-realization.

The different activities you engage in and the different personalities you will interact with will help you discover yourself. You will learn what you genuinely love and what you dislike.

moving away for college
  • Goodbyes are Painful

Your first trip to school may be exciting. You have waited for so long for the day to move out finally. Staying away will make you miss and treasure every moment spent at home.

The subsequent trips from home will not be as exciting as the first one. It will be painful leaving your loved ones behind. You will end up holding on to the memories and the hope of seeing them the next summer break. Hugs become tighter and more prolonged.

Breaking for home is another season to say goodbye to your friend. It is not easy to part ways with people you make memories with every day. The final goodbyes after graduation are the most painful.

Knowing what to expect before moving away for college will prepare you psychologically. You will be able to avert many stresses that come with living alone for the first time.

We hope you’ve found our guide to moving away for college helpful.

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