how to start a club in college

How to Start a Club in College: The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Club Up And Running

Discover how to start a club in college with our helpful guide. When in college, you will realize the environment is quite social and characterized by several groupings. The cliques comprise of students who share similar interests most of the time. You may come across sororities and fraternities, sports clubs, religious groups, and other academic […]

college supply list for extra prepared students

The Ultimate College Supply List for Extra Prepared Students

The excitement of finally moving away home hits you when you get your college acceptance letter. It is possible to forget some essential school supplies as you gather your dorm supplies. Preparing a detailed checklist will help you pick all the necessary supplies to help you live in college. College Supply List for Extra Prepared […]

best time to sell text books

What Is The Best Time To Sell Textbooks You Don’t Need Anymore?

When is the best time to sell textbooks? When in college, having textbooks is a priority for a fulfilling session when attending lectures and for your course work. They are essential possessions more so if the library has a strict policy on borrowing or for convenience purposes. In the college setting, you may need tons […]

get free school supplies for college students

How to Get Free School Supplies for College Students

School supplies for college are expensive, so many students find it tricky buying everything they need. Read our guide to how to get free school supplies for college students below.  Get Free School Supplies for College Students  Every college student should look for ways to get cheap or free school supplies. It helps you save […]

15 College Party Tips for Surviving Freshers

When it comes to college party tips, every college has its hype irrespective of its location. Normally, students tend to lead carefree lives, more so when it comes to issues to do with partying. It is what every student yearns for especially the freshmen. This is the time when everyone’s spirit is on an all-time […]

10 Good Reasons to Go to Law School (and 5 Terrible Reasons!)

Only a few people are aware that going to a law school and subsequently becoming a lawyer is an enormous task. We’re talking about the time commitment and the finances required to make a person a lawyer. So, what should be your motivation to join a law school? Well, we have passion as the first […]

Dorm Room Door Décor: 20 Decorating Ideas

Joining college and beginning to live in a place away from home is, without a doubt, a thrilling experience. At such a time, you get the opportunity to make your new living space yours. Your dorm room could be a black canvas that calls for photos, notices, memos, and other dorm room door décor that will define […]

How to Join a Sorority After College; It’s Not Too Late!

Many former students of colleges and institutions always wonder on how to join a sorority after college. Opportunities abound to join a sorority upon graduation from college. They include advisory roles, volunteering, and membership for alumnae. It might sound tiring in the first place, however, there is no cause for alarm as you will get […]