Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

Every year, millions of college students head out for the spring break, a peak travel period that poses many serious risks for college men and women. Truth be told, the spring break, however, fun it may seem to be, can result in many unpleasant consequences such as poisoning, alcohol and drug abuse, injuries, sexual assaults, […]

best college party songs

50 Best College Party Songs of All Time (and Why We Love Them)

Are you wondering what that killer party song from the bash last night was? This article has got you covered! Read through these iconic best college party songs and see which can make your next party an unforgettable one. Best College Party Songs Let’s Get It Started By Black Eye Peas Released in 2004, this […]

how to participate in class

How to Participate in Class: The Ultimate Guide for Shy Students

The most crucial part of student learning is class participation, so learn how to participate in class with our guide. Look, when students actively speak in class, they get to learn how to express themselves in a manner that others can understand. One way students can participate in class is by asking questions. This way, […]

a professor demonstrating/How to Deal With a Bad Professor

How to Deal with a Bad Professor Without Jeopardizing Your Grades

Let’s get real here: that during your college life, you are going to have professors you like and others you dislike. You see, you’ll attend a class you very first day thinking that your professor is going to be less tough and overly fair, only to realize later on that this particular tutor can make […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Cram for an Exam

Hey slacker, you’re not alone in this as we have all been there. At times, you’ll start out the term full of energy and determination. You have lots of motivation. You promise yourself and anyone who cares to listen that this time round, things are going to be different- you’ll attend all lectures, handle all […]

football/ soccer/Can You Play 2 Sports in College

Can You Play 2 Sports in College? Technically Yes, But It Might Be a Bad Idea

Spring baseball. Fall football. It’s not uncommon to meet a college student who is a multisport athlete. You also can recall that during our high school years, transitioning from one sport to another with seasons was the order of the day, right? Can You Play 2 Sports in College? Well, most high school athletes can […]

a college certificate/Does it Matter Where You Get Your Masters

Does it Matter Where You Get Your Masters? The Guide to Choosing a Postgraduate Uni

Generally speaking, it does matter where you get your master’s degree. You see, if it doesn’t matter, then there would be no cut-throat competition among applicants seeking admission into grad colleges. Does It Matter Where You Get Your Masters? You would simply go for a school with the lowest fees, fully aware that the outcome […]