Best Minors to Take for Law School

Most students preparing for Law School can feel like their journey to becoming a lawyer is a long and treacherous one. There is a plethora of routes which will enable you to get your dream job as a Lawyer, it is just about discovering the right route for you. When deciding on which minor you …

Best Majors for RNs and CNAs 3

Best Majors for RNs and CNAs

Becoming both a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Registered Nurse (RN) require quite a structured pathway to their desired, future job roles. Undertaking any nursing based major helps prepare students for a range of care giving roles across a myriad of settings. RN’s and CNA’s both have the opportunity to work within hospitals, from emergency …

coffee from a the best dorm coffee makers

10 Best Dorm Coffee Makers for Super Tired Students

On top of attending classes, studying for exams and writing thesis, college students socialize and do other extracurricular activities. They get super tired, and once in a while require some ‘pick-me-ups’ throughout the day or in the course of late night sessions. Often, all they need is a coffee fix- especially when all campus cafes …

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