You can always make learning fun just by staying in the comfort of your home. Building a productive environment in the middle of exam season helps you focus, stay motivated, and make your study sessions more effective.  

Creating a positive study environment has many benefits, as it keeps you organised and disciplined, which are critical factors in ace academic success. To maximise your study sessions, start with an organised study table, the ultimate element.

This blog will share six ways to build a perfect study space to keep you motivated and engaged. Read on!

  1. Find Your Ideal Study Spot

Creating an ideal study spot at home is vital for a productive study session. You can experiment with different areas in your house to study and fix the spot that suits you best. Some people thrive on a quiet, scheduled corner, while others prefer a window view or a comfy place in the corner of their bed. 

Once you find your spot, you can try organising your study table, or if it’s your bed, you better invest in a foldable table; it’s very convenient to carry around wherever you go. Keep all your essential pieces of stuff near you so there’s no need to move again and again. You can also decorate your sweet spot with inspirational quotes, plants, and books to motivate you. 

  1. Be Organised and Declutter

A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind! After you find the ideal space to study, organise it to your preference and remove all the unnecessary clutter that might distract you from focusing. A clean and tidy place to learn will build positive energy, which will help you organise your items in one place and keeps your mind fresh.

Invest in cute, fancy items that help your study spot look friendly and organised. For example, you can invest in some colourful folders for different subjects and a stationary organiser to keep all your stationery items tact in one place. 

  1. Make it Comfortable (but not too comfortable)
 How to Create a Productive Study Environment at Home. 3

We focus on a comfortable space for educational purposes, so be cautious not to make your study spot way too comfy. Ensure your ideal space is not your bed or a comfy couch where you might need to fight the urge to nap. It is always better to opt for a proper study table that supports you with a good posture and helps you maintain a focused mindset.

Understandably, some students can focus better in their comfortable space so as to avoid resting during study time and continuously taking breaks; you can remove all the comfy pillows and organise them accordingly.

  1. Embrace the Natural lightning.
 How to Create a Productive Study Environment at Home. 4

Natural lighting can significantly impact your focus and mood. A well lit-environment has many positive benefits for your well-being. Try facing your study table near your window or invest in good-quality lamps when possible. 

Sunlight boosts your alertness and enhances your overall mood and well-being. If you are a student studying in a different city or country, for example, in London, some student accommodations in London are personalised according to students’ preferences. You can find a perfect home to study where you don’t require to leave the house to ace your dreams.

  1. Make a Personalised Playlist 

Music is a great way to enhance concentration and reduce stress. Creating a playlist with an excellent instrumental ambience can help you avoid unnecessary distractions, and you can focus better. To avoid spending too much time making a playlist, check out some playlists from music streaming applications and start hustling. 

Experiment with different genres of music to find the perfect sound; however, avoid songs with lyrics; it might divert your focus to the lyrics instead of your studies. Try listening to natural ASMR sounds, like rain or forest breeze, if you need more than music while studying.

  1. Take Breaks and Have Fun 

Breaks are super important for maintaining productivity. Plan your breaks accordingly so you can stretch in between, grab some snacks, or do something fun. Group studies are a fun and great way to learn and spend quality time with friends. You can always study with your friends virtually and in person to make learning fun!

Students studying far from home and living in accommodations like student accommodation in Liverpool can spend some time outside to grab fresh air. It will keep them stress-free and less lonely or find a roommate to hang out with; however, it is essential to stay focused while looking for some fun time.


Creating a productive study environment at home is one of the best ways to get great results. As mentioned above, you can follow simple yet effective tips and simultaneously make learning enjoyable and productive. So good luck with scoring high!

Author’s Bio – Bobby Sinha is a storyteller; she enjoys watching Japanese indie movies and knows various ways of using a chopstick. A graduate in business, working as a writer, and someday aspires to become a Filmmaker proves how versatile she is.

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