best sororities to join

The 10 Best Sororities To Join For Unsure Students

College is the perfect place to form lasting relationships, and cliques or groups characterize the social scene. Such groups consist of students who share a common interest or have a common background. They come in handy when you need some sort of help and provide a level environment for your comfortable stay in the university. […]

is it hard to make friends in college

Is It Hard To Make Friends In College? Our Advice To Shy Students

When you join college, the first scenario that welcomes you to the learning environment is a large number of students. It is usually the case in most universities, save the few private and exclusive ones that may boast of a small student number. The dense population makes the campus setting an interactive environment, and it […]

how to use a planner for college

How To Use A Planner For College: 10 Tips To Get You Super Organized

One thing that you need to take note of when you join college is that you are solely responsible for yourself.  As such, you always need to be keen on how you spend your time and take care of your belongings, among other things. Time is an essential factor, and you need to have it […]

summer bucket list for college students

 The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For College Students

College is a hub of experience, and before you clear, you need to have a tone of experience that you will treasure. When you join a higher learning institution, you have your life in your hands, and you may use the responsibility granted to you to explore. Summer Bucket List for College Students Presently, we […]

how to afford an apartment in college

How To Afford An Apartment In College: Our Top Ten Methods To Make Rent

College is a place of growth, and when you join one, you need to exercise a high level of responsibility to have an excellent time. Among the essential factors to pay attention to when joining college is your accommodation. If you are attending a college that is distant from your home, you need proper accommodation […]

an angry person

How To Deal With A Roommate You Can’t Stand: 15 Survival Tips

When in college, accommodation is essential, and you need to arrange to settle in.  You may opt for the school’s hostels or affiliated hostels and independent rental units located out of your campus. Depending on your financial might, there are instances where you are compelled to share a room. Here you have roommates that you […]

best bicycles for college

The 10 Best Bicycles For College Student To Get Around Campus

One of the things you need to keep in mind when you join the university is that you will constantly be on the move. Be it from class to class, on your way to the hostel, or even to the library. Take note of the many facilities on campus and the need to use all […]

living alone in college

Living Alone in College: The Pros and Cons of Going It Alone

Whether Living Alone in College or with a roommate is the biggest question every student faces. Look, finding a new hood to reside in and deciding who to live with has never been a simple decision to make, especially for students in their freshman year. But we all can agree that living with a roommate […]

can you attend two colleges at once

Can You Attend Two Colleges at Once? Well, It Depends

This question sounds stupid, but you may want to really know whether it’s possible to attend two colleges at once. This rings true for you especially if you have split interest between two different courses, say sciences and arts. So, you may ask yourself this question to avoid one course from going to waste over […]