15 College Party Tips for Surviving Freshers

When it comes to college party tips, every college has its hype irrespective of its location. Normally, students tend to lead carefree lives, more so when it comes to issues to do with partying.

It is what every student yearns for especially the freshmen. This is the time when everyone’s spirit is on an all-time high.

Even for those students who do not like parties, they still find themselves being very curious and might be more about it just for the sake of it.

The image that might come to most freshers’ minds concerning these college parties is that they involve binge drinking and where students who are deemed as very cool get to have the time of their lives, while the more reserved ones tuck themselves in some corner afraid to mingle with the rest of the crowd.

college party tips for surviving freshers

However, this is not entirely true as these are just misconceptions portrayed in the movies, and how such scenes are played out has given rise to such stereotype mentality. What many people do not know is that college parties are a mixture of everything good or bad.

It is a place for being hilarious, adventurous and carefree spirits, where people forge friendships and acquaintances, a place where others go in search of romance, recklessness and drunken stupor, while for others, it is a place for growth both emotionally and intellectually as they interact with other like-minded students. This is what college parties offer mostly.

Before you embark on the real deal, one of the major college party tips is to take control of yourself and not get carried away with the moments at hand, when in attendance. It is without a doubt that college life is a transition period from youth into adulthood and has its ups and downs. This is because this crucial stage can make or break someone. Besides being swamped with loads of academic work, college students party just as hard for the sole reason not to fail in their quest for academic excellence.

Therefore, a college party provides a much-needed distraction from the rigors of academic life. Parties present the chance to loosen yourself out.  Furthermore, college parties present the best chance for honing one’s social skills, apart from meeting new friends and acquaintances. There is also a very high likelihood for people to have fond memories of college parties. Since parties are the in-thing for college students, it is prudent to go through a few that might be of great help.

College Party Tips

Always Eat and Drink Water

college party tips for surviving freshers

Drinking on an empty stomach may make you get drunk than you anticipated. It is always advisable to stuff something substantial into your stomach before quenching your thirst. So why not share a pizza between you while you enjoy a drink?

Drinking on a full stomach will prevent you from getting drunk faster. It will also help you not to suffer from those blinding headaches brought about by a hangover!

Drinking water will also make you not feel thirsty or have a dry throat the next day after partying. Hence, it is very important that you drink lots of water or between intervals before you start drinking.

Drink Before the Actual Drinking Itself / Planning

It will help you to know the drinks you are about to have at a party, and you will not end up drinking anything that random stranger has to offer. This will help. This sampling of drinks or warming up will make you have a rough idea beforehand on the kind of drinks you might find at the party.

Being a bit tipsy will also prevent you from over any indulgence with alcohol at the party as well. Planning makes you stay alert during the party, apart from preparing your psyche on what you are most likely to encounter there. It could be new friends, fellow class or college mates, and how to carry yourself there. This strategy will also present you with an excellent chance of exiting the party, whenever you want to.

Advance Safety Planning

This falls among one of the most important college party tips. Since you are a freshman and the party will surely have many people from diverse backgrounds, suffice it to say that you will be in unfamiliar waters there.

Be it freshman or not, boy or girl, never attend a party alone. Have a group of friends with you. It will go a long way in deterring anyone who might want to take advantage of you. Moreover, who said that you must drink anything handed to you?

That yummy looking juice could be laced with something lethal that could knock you out in seconds. Hence, you must be alert even in the process of having fun, you will surely be in control of yourself when you are feeling tipsy. Furthermore, do not overindulgence past your tolerant level.

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

You do not want to be uncomfortable when you’re out drinking or at a party. So, make sure you feel 100% you! Whether that means a sweater and shorts, or a dress and heels.

The bottom line here is to have as much fun as possible and not feel embarrassed and shy due to being too over dressed or uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

In the Company of Friends

This is not rocket science. At a party, you are bound to get a little drunk. That is why having a group of your closest and most trusted friends around you will ensure that everything is under control when things get out of hand.

In case the friend is a senior, the better, as they will offer a few important tips on how to go about or come out alive from your first and subsequent college parties.

They might also offer insightful tips on how to safely get back home, treat your pounding head and a tired body from a hangover. The game plan is to stick together and have each other’s back.

You must also not leave anyone behind when the time to leave comes. This will ensure that nobody from this circle leaves with a stranger.  True friends look after each other, hence, having a group of your most trusted friends around during your first college party is the safest bet, knowing that they have your back

Plan how to get home

Make sure you stay safe by planning how you’re going to get home.

You could plan to walk back to your dorm with your new friends by a certain time, or make sure you have the numbers of trusted cab companies in your phone.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol

In any case, you are not used to having drinks during college parties, you do not have to worry much about it.

The point is since you are not used to it, you should drink at your own pace while enjoying yourself. Always weigh the situation with each bottle or a shot of whiskey or any hard drink that you swallow.

Maintain the drink, which you are used to or started with up to the end. If you start with a cocktail based drink, then you should consult a reliable and experienced senior about the varieties of the drinks available then choose what is right for you instead of going on a mixing spree.

Make Sure You Socialise

Every college life brings with it a different kind of experience. More so, life is also very dynamic. If need be, go out of your way and make new friends at the party. You never know as it will come in handy one day. A college party presents one of the best opportunities for making new friends at a college party.

college party tips for surviving freshers

If you are the shy type, no need to worry as the Dutch feeling will help you get through the ordeal. Why don’t you try getting out of your comfort zone and be positive about the opportunities that might come with attending college parties?

Always Carry Some Cash With You

Emergencies have a funny way of catching us unawares. That is why you should always have some cash with you in case an emergency occurs, even amid drunken stupor.

Besides, parties have a way of bringing out the worst sides of people and even your most trusted friends can end up ditching the last minute or you may also want to exit the party early.

Therefore, having some cash on you can come in handy when you want to hail a cab to take you back home and not get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Nobody Should Force You to Drink

Being a freshman does not mean that nobody should force a drink on you. Moreover, suppose you feel that you have had enough, then you should not go overboard, as you are the only one who knows yourself best and you do not want to make a mockery of yourself.

Do not also be carried away by those who cheer you on in case you decide to engage yourself in drinking games, which are synonymous with college parties.

It may seem to be the best thing at that moment but one that you might end up regretting in the end. You should choose carefully the activities that you decide to engage yourself in at the party.

Have Fun but Take Care

You should enjoy these parties as much as possible but remember to take good care of yourself, as you are your keeper. Apart from enjoyment, you will always carry away with you fond memories.

Real Meaning of College Parties

Most of these college parties are to have fun away from the ever-demanding academic life and mingle with other people. Always bear in mind that college parties present opportunities to put all your stress away and enjoy yourself.

Thus, you must make hay when the sun shines in this regard.  Apart from being all-out fun, the parties are also a way of building your character. You will also have very fond memories of such occasions.

The above college party tips will act as a guideline, shaping your character and behavior for future parties as a freshman.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to college party tips. Have fun!

How to Make Money with Chemistry Degree: The 10 Best Career Paths for Chemistry Graduates

A degree in Chemistry for years has been among the courses that provide graduates with countless opportunities and remains evergreen as it deals with matters affecting us directly through our health, the environment or food and drinks. However, before joining college it is important to find out a few career options you have and find out some important skills that will help you in achieving growth in your profession. 

Let’s get right in.

how to make money with chemistry degree

How to Make Money with Chemistry Degree.

There are various ways to monetize your chemistry degree though your earnings are highly influenced by your level of education. Nonetheless one could always add to their level of education by enrolling for more certificate courses related to chemistry. Some of the best career paths to take for a chemistry graduate include: 

  • Chemistry Teacher

For one to be a licensed chemistry teacher, you will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. The degree allows you to acquire a temporary license while working towards an advanced degree. 

After attaining your Bachelor’s degree you will need to get your teachers license by taking a test, to determine your eligibility in class. Some of the things you should expect to learn while on the path to becoming a chemistry teacher are, education psychology courses and lesson planning.

Some of your responsibilities include formulating the lesson plans, preparing quizzes and tests for the students, assigning homework, and offering one on one lessons to students where the need arises. You also need to follow the curriculum and ensure students do not miss out on the expected coursework. 

  • Toxicologist

To register for a course in chemistry and major in toxicology, one requires a bare minimum of 127 credits, with a huge focus on sciences and biomedical studies.

Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in chemistry, you need to specialize in toxicology in graduate school and work as a toxicology forensic. However, before embarking on work, one is expected to attain certification to help demonstrate your effectiveness and ability. 

To stay on top of the field as a toxicologist it is also essential to constantly seek more knowledge, and a great way to achieve this is by joining postdoctoral training. The training will not only help in increasing your skills but provides better employment opportunities. 

As a toxicologist, your main responsibilities include: collecting and conducting blood and tissues test, to determine the presence of alcohol or poison in the body. This skill is most useful in solving criminal cases. Additionally, a toxicologist is also responsible for finding out the safety of substances used in cosmetics, chemicals, and additives. 

After attaining your postdoctoral training you are responsible for supervising the workers, managing the projects and formulating grant proposals. 

The average salary to expect as a toxicologist is approximately $20.7 per hour. The salary is however dependent on factors such as experience and level of education. 

  • Quality Control Chemist

After attaining your bachelor’s degree in Chemist, you can work as a quality control chemist and as the name suggests, quality control officers are in charge of inspecting products to ensure they are what they say on the labels. 

Some of the common duties to expect as a quality control chemist include, conducting tests on finished products as well as ingredients, document lab results and test products for long term stability under different conditions. In addition, one is also responsible for equipment set up and training. While an advanced degree allows you to take up supervisory roles. 

  • Analytical Chemist

By using advanced software and specific laboratory equipment, an analytical chemist is tasked with collecting chemicals and performing experiments to determine chemical compounds of substances while analyzing what substances are made of and how they react under different circumstances. 

Other roles include identifying chemical-related challenges and threats and coming up with solutions, ensure reagents and solution preparation is according to SOPs, inspect laboratory equipment to ensure it is correctly calibrated, document and interpret lab results. 

For managerial roles, it is necessary to have a Ph. D or several years’ experience in the field. Some of the roles in the managerial position as an analytical chemist include.

Communicating results to stakeholders and the public, delivering presentations, setting scientific benchmarks by assisting the team in presenting accurate and quality data. Additionally, one can also venture into research after attaining your Ph.D.

Analytical chemist’s most common fields are testing laboratories or pharmaceuticals. There is a growing need for private research in these fields making analytical chemists a lucrative career path. 

  • Synthetic Chemist

To stand out as a synthetic chemist after attaining your bachelor’s degree it is essential to work on developing your skills, through a great career path to take. Most employers prefer synthetic chemists with advanced education. However, before attaining your master’s or Ph.D., seeking internship opportunities could help develop your research skills as well as increase your effectiveness. Work closely under supervision after attaining your degree. 

Some of the roles to expect as a synthetic chemist include, running lab tests on various chemical compounds and developing new materials for various functions. 

A career as a synthetic chemist requires constant education and advancement in skills, for instance, A Ph.D. in chemistry equips the learner with extensive research skills improving the accuracy of the tests and development of both drugs and food and beverages. 

  • Pharmacologist

How would you feel about developing new and safe medicine and providing effective medical solutions to people across the globe? 

how to make money with chemistry degree

If your passion lies in bringing that positive change through developing the healthcare industry, then a career as a pharmacologist is the path to take. To be a renowned pharmacologist it is important to have an eye for detail, to be organized but most importantly to be patient. 

Pharmacologists, work closely with patients, by observing the human reaction to various medication. However, at the beginning of your career as a pharmacologist, it is advisable to seek research opportunities that will help sharpen your skills. 

Though a great career path, pharmacologists with a doctorate degree have higher chances of attaining greater career milestones. Despite this, your career growth is also dependent on your employer as well as your input in a company. 

Some of the responsibilities as a pharmacologist include, performing tests on how various drugs are broken down and how they interact with the human body, organizing, performing and tabulating medical trials. 

Other areas you should expect to work in are crime laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies or in research labs.

  • Hazardous Waste Chemist

Poor waste disposal can lead to dire medical conditions, thus the need for hazardous waste chemists, one is tasked with identifying pollutants on water air and soil, additionally, he or she is also responsible for formulating policies that help to reduce pollution and also ensure companies adhere to rules and regulations on proper waste disposal. 

For better chances at employment as a hazardous waste chemist, focus on gaining knowledge and skills on geology or environmental chemistry. As a hazardous waste chemist, you should expect to work in government institutions, waste management companies, and chemical companies. 

  • Oceanographer

Oceanographers are mostly focused on research and can work in four subdivisions:

Chemical, in this category, researchers focus on performing studies to detect chemical components in the water, and the effects of the chemical pollutants. 

Physical, this category focuses on exploring the water density, temperature, wave motion, current movements, and tides. 

Geological, the oceanographer in this field studies the physical structure of the water bodies, and make-up of the ocean floor. 

Biological, this field, on the other hand, entails the study of aquatic animals and plants.

Besides research and collection of data more responsibilities conducted by the oceanographer may include, preparation and inspection of work equipment in the lab or the sea, develop experiments, write their findings and publish their work for the public and scientists.

Potential workplaces include oil and gas extraction companies, coastal construction and teaching. It is also important to note that, temporary contracts are common in this line of work. 

  • Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians play a key part in ensuring proper laboratory procedures are followed. Lab technicians have a wide range of workplace choices and can work in various fields ranging from both medical and forensic research institutions, hospitals, food and beverage industries, water companies and learning institutions. 

Lab technicians are tasked with inspecting, cleaning, servicing lab apparatus, he or she is also tasked with ensuring standard lab procedures are followed during experiments. Subsequently, the technician also communicates with the manager, collects samples, provides risk assessment reports and helps in recording findings.

how to make money with chemistry degree

Some important skills to uphold as a lab technician are, self-drive, independence and teamwork, the lab technician is expected to work with various people in an organization through both guiding and offering assistance. 

  • Environmental Consultant

A career as an environmental consultant gives you an opportunity to work in both government agencies as well as private companies allowing for different work experiences. However, to attain a successful career as an environmental consultant it is advisable to pursue a master’s degree. Though not a requirement, some employers prefer applicants at the master’s level. 

A great way to get started after attaining your undergraduate is enrolling for various internship opportunities, internships offered to environment consultants undergraduates are focused at equipping you with the necessary project and research skills. 

Some of the main responsibilities an intern is involved in include, conducting research, preparing and performing tests, preparing projects and proposals. 

Workers with advanced education can collect and analyze data, work as field analysts, or offer consultation services, one can also work as a project manager or even a director.  

Required Skills before Joining a Career in Chemistry

Besides the knowledge acquired in class, there is more to a career in chemistry thus before embarking on joining a degree in chemistry it is important to take a look at your interests, strengths as well as weaknesses. Find out your driving force and how well you can hone the skills required to make it in your desired career. 

To help you get a better understanding, here are important skills required in any chemistry career.

Research skills, once you have settled on a career in chemistry it is essential to develop your research skills as it plays one of the largest parts in producing, accurate and relevant studies. 

Work on developing your research skills from your undergraduate by work closely with experienced researchers in your field of interest. Do not be afraid to take up research tasks at graduate school or during your degree as this will help increase and sharpen your eye for detail. 

Additionally, another way you can work on improving your research skills is by joining internship programs.

Analytical skills, after conducting your research and collecting your data. You are expected to tabulate, translate and present the data to the public or your employers. You need to develop strong analytical skills that will help you provide accurate answers and detect errors or problems in your research.

Analytical skills are also great in facilitating the growth of your career, it is through innovation and proper data analysis that you will discover and develop new ideas. Develop your analytical skills by paying attention to the smallest detail during your lab lessons, training with your seniors and practicing during personal studies. 

Adaptability, for upward traction in your career, it is vital to develop this skill. Flexibility ensures you can easily adjust to a different environment. And with the increasing development in technology, changes in government rules, and policies, being adaptable to the various changes will help you perform better. 

Interpersonal skills, the various career paths after attaining your degree in chemistry, are intertwined and closely work together to either provide health solutions or prevent health hazardous outcomes. Owing to this it is vital for one to have great interpersonal skills and be open to work closely with your colleges. For instance, a career in pharmacologist and toxicology through different are intertwined and works towards providing better medical solutions. By either detecting poisonous substances in the body or observing human reaction after ingestion of various drugs. 

Working as a hazardous waste chemist on the other hand, you will need to work closely with an environmental consultant. 

Developing interpersonal skills also helps to foster good working relationships with your colleagues promoting career growth. 

Organizational skills, a career in chemistry requires you to have strong organizational skills. In most cases, your career requires you to conduct tests and find out whether there are harmful chemicals in beauty products, ingredients used in food and beverages and the development of medicines. 

Owing to these, presenting poorly organized work may lead to a misunderstanding that may cause dire consequences, making it an important skill to acquire. Additionally, during your testing and research, you need to present your data and finding in an understandable format making it easily understood by the public and other stakeholders. 

Be enthusiastic, for you to learn and discover new things, you need to be passionate about your work. Enthusiasm in your work does not apply to your performance in the lab or field tests only, but as a chemistry teacher as well.

Be meticulous, have an eye for detail, chemical reaction and compounds react differently when subjected to various environments. To take note of the various reaction it is important to be keen in your work. 

Practice patience, if you are passionate about your career choice, then you will not mind waiting for that big break. For that great achievement in your work, you will need to put in extra time to learn, be on a continuous curve of learning and most importantly work on perfecting your skills. All these will take time thus necessary to have the patience and zeal to wait.

Other ways how to make money with chemistry degree include;

Great communication skills, numerical skills, problem-solving and time management.

a person using a microscope

How to Achieve Growth in a Chemistry Career

Advance your education, when it comes to a career in chemistry, a bachelor’s degree might limit you from achieving your full career potential. Work on both horizontal and vertical educational growth which increases your value, subsequently increasing your pay.

Join internship programs, internships programs are not only a great way to learn more skills but also helps to connect you with potential employers. 

Join a science organization and attend science fairs, a successful chemistry career requires a constant refill of knowledge, joining science fairs is a fun yet great way to expand your knowledge. 

Constantly update your CV, employers need to see your accomplishment. Showcase successful research project on your CV, this presents you as adequate and determined. 

Finally, remember that your net worth is your network, do not forget to network more. Make use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with potential employers.

But most importantly, to achieve career growth always work on developing and improving your skills. Employers want to pay you for your input, so always work towards raising the bar and bringing ideas and solutions to the table. 

10 Good Reasons to Go to Law School (and 5 Terrible Reasons!)

Only a few people are aware that going to a law school and subsequently becoming a lawyer is an enormous task. We’re talking about the time commitment and the finances required to make a person a lawyer.

So, what should be your motivation to join a law school? Well, we have passion as the first thing – the urge to pass the bar and proceed to argue high-profile cases.

And then there is the money that comes with being a ‘learned friend’. Another hefty perk is social status. Who doesn’t respect and fear lawyers, anyway?

reasons to go to law school

This article brings you 10 good reasons to go to law school, and 5 terrible reasons as well. After you’ve read through the piece, you should be able to confidently decide if a legal career is for you or not. Read on!

Good Reasons to Go to Law School

1. You Get to Know Your Rights

As a lawyer, your work will mainly entail fighting for the rights of those who come to seek your help. But you won’t be in a position to offer them legal aid if you’re not in the knowledge of the fundamental rights of citizens.

Law school instills that knowledge in your brain, to help yourself and others. Ever heard someone say, “Hey, is that legal?” As a legal officer, you’ll come to the rescue with an ‘educated’ answer. Law school helps a person to know their rights as a citizen, employee, tenant, etc., and this knowledge comes in handy before you can make assumptions and cross the line.

2. You Learn Negotiation Skills

We all know that lawyers like arguing a lot, even when it’s apparent that someone or something they are acting for is on the wrong. They negotiate about anything.

Similarly, when you finally graduate from law school, you will, without doubt, be knowing how to argue and negotiate like a pro. Law school will teach you that almost everything is negotiable, including your starting salary. Law school will give you the knowledge to help you see both sides of a story or situation to come up with a counterargument.

3. It Enhances Your Stamina and Intellect

Get this clearly, that law school is not for the faint-hearted. Intellectual curiosity and stamina are in real terms the key ingredients to getting through law school successfully.

You will be studying for longer periods than students in many other fields. Over your stay in law school, you could start to fade as the studies grow more rigorous. Don’t let your spark of intellectual curiosity to fade as well. Take this for free: that law school rewards those who are tenacious and overly inquisitive.

4. Good Reasons to Go to Law School: You Become Independent

Gone are the days of group projects when you join law school. By the end of your course, you will have learned to be self-reliant and to pull your weight.

Although you’ll feel a great sense of community while in school, you will start feeling independent especially if you can figure out things for yourself. Those are the biggest gifts that law school can inadvertently offer you.

5. Making a Difference

Presently, the world is in dire need of people who can make a difference, and lawyers are among those people. As a lawyer, you will be providing legal to those who need it.

reasons to go to law school

You know, even those who have been condemned to a death sentence will rely on your services to get off the hook. This renders lawyers as super-humans in suits and ties- they’re a symbol of hope for the masses. A legal background can help save someone’s life.

6. You Learn to Speak ‘’Legalese”

The same way some people enroll in the military simply because they like the soldier in military fatigue, some people envy the jargon that lawyers use. Going to law school amounts to learning a new language.

You’ll not only learn foreign concepts and theories, but you will also begin learning new terms that you couldn’t imagine without law school. Since your legal dictionary will be your new friend, you will start using such terms as, “amicus curiae” and other jokes. And it will start flowing naturally with practice.

7. High Earning Potential

Most of us wanted to be lawyers simply because these folks are among the highest-paid professionals in the world.

We were not wrong, as the median annual basic salary for all lawyers in the United States is approximately $130,000, though the world’s top lawyers can pull in more than a million dollars in annual income.

8. Law is a Hallmark of Prestige

Pursuing a career in law automatically throws you into prestige. Being a degree with an authority over other degrees, pursuing law prepares you to enter a circle of few elites who command respect and who embody the real definition of success.

a man's hand holding a pen

9. Specialization

The legal industry has many segments, which has led to a broad array of specialists in the legal practice industry.

Some lawyers practice green law, foreclosure law, employment law, civil law, criminal law. This way, joining law school will help you to choose the right path in the industry.

10. Influence

Lawyers have stood at the center of our society for many centuries. They’re in a good position to push for societal changes as thought makers and lawmakers.

They create laws, rule the chambers, and hold positions in governments. They’re even in a unique position to impact leaders and policymakers to effect change around the world.

Bonus Tips: Get the First-hand Experience

Law schools offer legal clinic programs, an approach that exposes students to hands-on experience in legal matters.

It’s not uncommon to find a third-year student working directly with clients. This gives a student a sense of reality concerning what they should expect to handle in the future.

You’re Trained to Be Purposeful

Law school trains students to speak with conviction, write purposefully, and act with poise. This way, you learn to be more intentional with thinking and actions- you begin to think about strategy and outcomes a lot more than you did before joining law school.

There are many good reasons to go to law school. This list is by no means exhaustive. Now, just as there’s a good side to joining the law school, there is also the terrible side. Below, you will find the top 5 terrible reasons for going to law school.

1. It’s a Parental Wish

While parents support you in life-determining endeavors, following their wish when choosing a career is just misguided.

You must understand that it’s you and not your parents who will shoulder the difficult academic burden. They’re also not the ones to hit the road when finding a job. Just like in any other course, choosing a career in law should be a personal decision.

2. You Like Arguing

Another bad reason to go to law school is joining the career simply because you like to argue. You know, there are many aspects to joining a law school than just arguing.

Arguing is something attorneys do the least. First of all, you need to have analytical skills, reading and interpretation skills, writing skills, and a willingness to spend many hours discovering minutia-that is what law is all about.

3. You Madly Want to Help People

Yes, attorneys often help people, and that’s a good thing indeed. But do you require a degree in law to help people? Probably not. There are many available options when it comes to helping people, and public service law is just one of them.

Teaching and voluntary work are also options, so don’t stick to the mentality that studying law is the only way towards helping people. When you decide to choose a career, it helps to engage the services of a professional career advisor.

4. You Want a Glamorous Career

One fact we should contend with has to be that Hollywood has succeeded at distorting the daily lives of lawyers. The reality is that attorneys and other legal practitioners spend many hours in libraries and their office cubicles. They conduct a lot of research. They read a lot and write many extensive briefs. 

Television should not make you believe in non-existent things. This isn’t to mean that the practice of law is not a fast-paced job either, but it helps if you get to draw a clear line between television reality and actual reality.

5. You Want Venture into Other Fields

books on a shelf

In that case, a business-related degree can serve you best. Have you weighed the law degree against all other options at your disposal?

Well, it isn’t a bad idea to study law, but it can be bad for you to sign up minus sound reasons. You don’t want to spend a lot of money in a field you don’t see yourself practicing in the future.

Now What?

There you have good reasons to go to law school, and then you also have bad reasons. To sum it all, law school is all about fit and compatibility. You should look at both sides and decide if a career in law is or isn’t for you.

Dorm Room Door Décor: 20 Decorating Ideas

Joining college and beginning to live in a place away from home is, without a doubt, a thrilling experience. At such a time, you get the opportunity to make your new living space yours. Your dorm room could be a black canvas that calls for photos, notices, memos, and other dorm room door décor that will define your stay at the college.

Truth be told, that decorating a door room is tough- you know by nature, they aren’t cute, and then you are given a small space to work with. But it can be fun as well, and you can do a lot of décor in that room to make it more stylish. If your dorm room suffers from the drab-door syndrome, you should not be worried because you can restore it to the decorative element it is. It is in real terms a necessity since it is a room’s first and last thing everybody sees as they pass through. This is to mean that your introduction and finale-the door-says a lot about the room, and you.

Now, no matter the state your door is right now, you should work to make it the jolliest in your hood all season long, especially after you incorporate the dorm room door décor that this article explores. Read on.

Dorm Room Door Décor Ideas

1. Chalkboard Painting

There is no simpler and cheaper way to decorate your dorm room door than to go the chalkboard paint route. Give your door a facelift using a few coats of chalkboard paint and you’ll be amazed at how simple and cool it turns out to be. After painting, you can draw out a weekly calendar or have friends sign your door. Yet still, you can use your new-found ‘chalkboard’ to put up all the funny or inspirational quotes you are into. And you’re good to go.

2. Branch Photos

Hanging photos is yet another cute yet cheap dorm room door décor that can make your living space attractive. It is also another route that those who are crafty and extra creative go. Hanging branches and attaching photos to them works well in a door room and their cost is almost nothing. What you will need to pay for is the printing of photos. For the branches, you can get some right from your backyard. It all boils down to getting a bit creative while thinking about the possibilities.

3. Do String Art

Easy string art gives your dorm room a modern feel. One good thing with string art is that it looks amazing. And since it is a very easy project, you can opt to do it yourself, or you can also seek the help of that creative friend to do it for you. 

4. Vinyl-inspired Clock

dorm room door decorating ideas

We’re talking about those old vinyl records. They leave us with a sense of nostalgia whenever we see that round disk with a red lining around the center. If you love them, you can use them to make your dorm room door extremely amazing. If you don’t want to use a vinyl record from your collection, you can find some at the local music stores. Vinyl clocks are a cute dorm room door décor idea for anyone who loves vinyl records.

5. Washi Tape

Yes, all doors are the same. What sets palace doors and dorm doors apart is how we decorate them. Make yours a bit unique with washi tapes. You can decide to do metallic or print washi tapes, but remember to choose colorful statements. Not only are these tapes easy to put on the door, but they’re also easy to remove.

6. Hanging Polaroid Photos

A well-decorated door embellishes your living space, which gives your visiting friends a feeling of home. Though old-school, polaroid photos are still trendy. That is why Mini9 and Instax are still in the market, at least for this sole purpose. These dorm room door décors are not only classic and comfortable, but they also fulfill almost all door décor needs. To do such décor, you’ll first of all need a Polaroid camera-they’re affordable. Take photos of yourself, friends, and roommates, until you have a collection of about 20 to 30 photos. Arrange the photos in a pattern you want and paste them on the door. You can also paste them in a random order, which is also another decoration.

7. Christmas Themes

dorm room door decor

Festive seasons are characterized by lots of celebrations, which also comes with splendid décor for your homes, roads, markets, dorm rooms, and whatnot. When it comes to decorating your dorm door with Christmas-inspired embellishments, you can be spoilt for choice as there a variety of options- Santa drawings, string lights, candy canes, bulbs, wreaths, etc. You can also place Christmas trees on both sides of the door. It all goes down to what type of Christmas theme you want. You can go with two or three, or even all of them, but you can always choose according to your desire.

8. Paint Chips

Though tiring, painting chips in the dorm room door décor is very easy. You only need to have hundreds or thousands of these chips, and you should ensure that they fit your desired color scheme. Gather the decorations and paste them on your dorm room door to make the pattern you want. Maybe a rainbow-like pattern?

9. Painting Using Multiple Colors

This is also fun decoration because you paint your door in many portions with contrasting colors. You can use base paints such as black or white and then spray multi-colored droplets of paint on it. You’ll certainly love the rugged appearance you will get.

Both numbers 8 and 9 above are two creative décor ideas that are not only innovative but also trendy. However, they can seem to be challenging if you don’t have exceptional craft skills and the ability to execute them. Nonetheless, you can try your best to apply them to give your dorm door room an extraordinary look.

a hand painting

10. Moss-covered Monograms

There’s arguably no better way to give your door a refreshing makeover than using moss-covered monograms. You know, they are just gorgeous. If you want to achieve such decorations, first of all, attach a hardwood structure to your room door. The next step is applying glue to the structure, and then covering the letters with moss leaves until all space is used. But remember that you’ll require an additional boundary to hang the hardwood structures to your door.

11. Floral Monograms

 These are particularly good looking. They give your dorm room door a more natural edge. To make floral monograms, use iron or wooden structures for your monograms. Paint and apply hot glue to the structure, and then stick artificial flowers in your desired pattern. You can now hang the decoration to your door.

12. Picture Frame Monograms

Just the other two above, picture frame letter monograms are very classic and probably the best décor for your dorm room door. And they’re also effortless. Just grab and old photo frame and wrap it in wallpaper. Make the letter monogram using rulers (wooden) and wrap them in a contrasting color as well. Hang them to your door. You can add further enhancement by using a wreath at any of the four corners of the picture frame.

13. 3D Covers 

Whether you want to decorate your dorm room door for an event or you need everyday decoration, 3D printed covers are also a good way to go. They’re an extremely affordable solution for your dorm door decorations. Talking of 3D printed covers for your door, you can either get personalized ones or yet still order ready-mades. One thing you will like about these covers is that they’re just effortless since they are easy to paste and remove. This can save you both time and money, you know?

14. Dorm Room Door Décor: Wooden Tags and Flower Baskets

You can use either of these or both. Let’s talk about using flower baskets with wooden name tags. They’re simple yet beautiful dorm room door décor that is not only simple to make but also budget-friendly. Go to the market and buy either a carved one or the embroidered one. Since you have opted for wooden name tags, picking a decorated basket is the best option. Now, hang it on your door, a little upwards. You can also enhance this décor using fresh or artificial flowers, depending on your decoration needs and budget.

This one is easy to maintain. It also gives your door a shaper look.

15. Halloween-themed Décor

 Spooky Halloween décor is yet another amazing option for your door decoration needs. Another plus is that they’re also suited for your hallways. In real terms, possibilities are just endless with Halloween décor.

In this, carved pumpkin faces are usually used. Other great alternatives include Styrofoam tombstones, scary wooden planks, cobwebs, spiders, skulls, and faux bones, and the list is endless. The decor ideas under this category might not end, and you’ll run out of time when trying to figure out what to go for or whatnot. Just choose a theme and start decorating your door. Simple.

16. Doodle Art 

This is a very artistic decoration for your dorm room door. You can get the best out of this idea if you are talented in drawing. If you are not gifted in drawing, you can talk to a graphic designer or a professional sketch artist to handle that for you.

Though they can cover the entire door-length, they are more attractive and they will certainly make your room door stand out in the hallways. You can make portraits of yourself and friends, or yet still, you can portray living habits graphically.

17. Decorated Door Mirror

Door décor is all about top-notch creativity and imagination. This is super easy to make, and you and your pals will always be having fun looking at themselves in the mirror. Who said that mirrors must stay inside the room or at the bathroom? It will also brighten your days by constantly reminding you of where you came from. And then remember to glue artificial flowers on one corner of the full-length mirror to jazz it up.

18. Fireplace Décor

People can get creative when it comes to door decorations, and you too should. Bring a feeling of the cozy fireplace into your living space. Even though it sounds complicated to make, it is in real terms easy to do. You only need some construction paper and wrappings to put together a fully customized fireplace door décor that is extremely fun. Additionally, you can customize a few stockings, for you and your roommates.

19. Present and Gift Wrappings

You should love this décor idea because it comprises many things that you can take down before you go home for the festive seasons and use them for actual presents. It’s a win-win!

20. Gingerbread Décor

Last but not least, a gingerbread-themed door decoration! It will, without a doubt, take a lot of creativity and your precious time to create a perfect gingerbread theme, but you will like it if it turns out so good.

Bonus Dorm Room Door Décor: Any Other Joke

We said that giving your room door an extraordinary look boils down to creativity, yeah? That said, you should come up with unique ways of doing your décor. Think about this, “All I want for valentine is you”? and other funny jokes, inspirational words, and famous quotes. Or maybe your quotes?

Enhancing Your Room

Your door is the most essential element of creating a welcoming entrance area design and enhancing curb appeal. This means that you will need to invest some time and a few bucks to beautify your dorm room door so that your living space stands out from the rest. This way, it will also look inviting. Fortunately, the dorm room door décor ideas in the list above will get a long way in helping you to elegantly design your door. 

How to Join a Sorority After College; It’s Not Too Late!

Many former students of colleges and institutions always wonder on how to join a sorority after college. Opportunities abound to join a sorority upon graduation from college. They include advisory roles, volunteering, and membership for alumnae.

It might sound tiring in the first place, however, there is no cause for alarm as you will get used to it as time goes by and it will fit perfectly with your new status, and in case you do not want to be actively involved.

You can still do it through social media, where you can follow the activities of fellow members, and stay updated as well. 

how to join a sorority after college

You can also connect with fellow sorority members closer to you. Sorority membership should not just end after college or university. This is because the relationships, which includes skills and insight that you nurtured through your college period are what shaped you to be the kind of person you are now. 

Furthermore, they gave you direction on how to go about postgraduate lifestyle, through networking with your former college mates when looking for job opportunities, financial breakthrough whether you want extend your education opportunities or simply have a reliable group of members solidly supporting you in your endeavors.

  • A number of sorority groups and fraternities have varied organizational structures and mandates. However, they are similar in a number of ways including. 
  • Are sworn to secrecy
  • Have same sex members 
  • New members are selected through a two-pronged vetting and probationary procedures commonly referred to as rushing and pledging
  • The ownership and residency of its property, occupied by its undergraduate members 
  • Each have their own identification symbols, which include: badges, Greek letters, ciphers, grips, hand signs, passwords, or flowers.

When you portray your core values and those of your organization in whatever you do, then there is a likelihood that you can connect with the values of the larger ideals of your sorority. Therefore, it is very important that you celebrate your achievements and those of your fellow alumnae members to assist you see the value and the strides that your organization has impacted on your life and that of the world and those around you. 

Most sorority groups thrive by being of help to the community through a number of activities of philanthropy and service to their respective communities. They also give their members an opportunity to come together for a noble cause, creating lasting friendships and bonds throughout their lives. 

It is also very common for members of these groups to join a fraternity while still in college. However, one has a choice of joining after completing a baccalaureate degree. This is another easy way in which one can join a sorority when not attending school. It does not matter the period when you join a sorority group, the most important thing is how you establish a link with other like-minded women who can help you chart a course in this life.  Each sorority group has its own way of doing things. Hence, it is important for you to join one, which fits your bill.  

Apart from successfully completing a baccalaureate, another qualification for membership is having the ability to engage in the promotion and execution of its various programs and policies. You should also note that most sorority groups stipulate that its members who are active should participate fully in social activities. 

This is mostly in line with community charities and philanthropic events. A would-be member must also be able to prove their legacy status as well. This is because after meeting all the educational requirements through an undergraduate degree, you can join the sorority group of your choice by means of a legacy or invitation.

Eligible candidates who happen to be the daughters or descendants in the form of granddaughters of those members who are active or long dead, are referred to as Legacy Candidates. Such candidates normally have to prove such relationships to the existing active members.

However, if you cannot adequately prove a legacy relationship, then you must be invited by an active member of that particular group. You should also note that those who have an interest in being sorority members are not allowed to solicit their membership from the organization. Those who cannot establish their legacy can garner membership points by attending various functions called for by the organization. 

Such moves will help you network with bona fide members who can easily vouch for you when the right time comes. After your membership has been accepted and issued with an invitation letter, then your membership process will begin henceforth. Furthermore, each sorority group has different intake protocols and confidential as well. 

Before joining a sorority, it is important that you carefully weigh your options before settling on the right group. 

The process of choosing the group, which fits your bill is a decision that can make or break your quest for membership during or after college life. Membership to such groups is not just about having a good time with fellow members. There are other serious issues that each member, whether new or existing has to contend with first before they are accepted. Their GPA must meet the set threshold, as in most cases the quest for membership is very competitive, therefore, there must be an elimination process put in place to get the best. 

Other tips on how to join a sorority after college include:

Getting Good Grades in School

Each sorority group, that is recognized nationally by the government through its social department, have key requirements, which need its new members to meet in terms of GPA. Nevertheless, it varies from one sorority group to the next.

Moreover, those members who are active and looking for new members to join can be tasked with maintaining the required Grade Point Average. This is because many colleges normally give out awards or incentives for group members with the highest average GPA. Each college has also its own qualification requirements and has stringent rules and regulations governing low grades and participation in these fraternities.

Weigh your Options Carefully

You should ensure that your needs are well taken care of when joining a sorority. The period for recruiting new members is referred to as “rush.” It is also important to be forthright about it by allowing members a glimpse into your life so that they can get to know you better and vouch for your membership. Sorority groups have open days and recruitment drives to sell their agenda to new members and those interested in joining their cause.

It is important to attend these occasions for different fraternities as much as possible. It will help you make an informed decision when the right time comes. Be open-minded to other fraternities as well and do not tie yourself down to one before making that crucial decision to join the group of your choice. Shop around for the best possible option.  

Meet as Many Members as Possible

Since every fraternity has its own set of rules and regulations for new members, most of them normally determine the eligibility of its new members by subjecting them to a vote. However, in a number of instances, even if you as a would-be member is preferred by a certain number of members, it might not be enough as you must also get the nod from the remaining number of members, a certain number of votes from those who dislike or are not that well acquainted to you.

In case you have already identified your fraternity of choice, go ahead and obtain every available and detailed information about them so that you have as many members as possible on your side when the time for vouching comes. 

Always Believe in Yourself

Since Sorority groups whether in colleges or campuses have their own set of rules for its members, and apart from the stereotyping tendencies associated with each one of them in regard to their activities, you should choose one that it is in line with your character, preferences, or hobbies.  Many stereotypes are placed on Greek organizations based on what their brothers are involved in outside of the fraternity. Since many colleges offer a number of fraternities, find one that fits your personality and not the opposite.

The fundamental goal and principles for every sorority group is the association with people of strong character and social well being.  Therefore, those fraternities, which have a large following with vast talents, including positive characteristics. They include members with very strong leadership capabilities, who are also committed and in the front seat when it comes to academic endeavors, showing very high tendencies in going out of their way to make new friends.

Becoming Leadership 

Solid skills in regards to leadership is an added advantage that fraternity groups are always looking for. They have varied roles in regard to leadership, that is why there is a likelihood that each member to have the chance of chairing a committee, taking a center stage in various activities.

In this regard, each member is free to vie for positions in their respective colleges or campuses.

A number of these positions include. Chairmanship for the homecoming party, student body presidentship, or officers in the academic clubs. Sorority groups have a very solid background due to their strong and reliable participation of its members in college activities. Most members have good reputations and respected in equal measure. They are also looked upon as role models for other people to emulate. 

Advisory Role

Even when you maintain your membership with time, and as an experienced member, you can help new members to settle in by guiding them on what should be done to make them feel at home. When you graduate from college or campus, make it your desire to give back as an active alumni. 

Many sororities normally embark on holding resume critique conferences. This is an event whereby alumni members give advice to student chapter members on how best to organize their resume, thereby, promoting so in order to secure their desired jobs in the process. Alumnus members also help in recruiting new members, aiding them in proper decision making as well and making sure that their needs are well taken care of.

Membership fee

Most of the sorority groups need members to part with membership fees, which is normally paid by new members, with an additional monthly or annual subscription. This is what supports their activities. Although membership is a lifetime, alumni members are required to pay subscription fees at a reduced amount. 

Room and Board Facilities

Most fraternities own a house for residential purposes for their members. In some cases, a chef is present to prepare meals on behalf of their members. The expenses in regard to room and board usually vary from one group to the next, which can be cheaper than a college room. Nonetheless, off-house members at times are required to pay parlor fees due to their utilization of house amenities.

Common Agenda

Even though they have similar backgrounds, values are though they have similar backgrounds, their mission statement, historical and cultural background are totally different. To find out more about them, you can visit their websites. The core mandate for many sororities is on giving back to society and also working closely with leaders and members of these communities.  

Civic Duties

Apart from giving back to communities, they champion the rights of the downtrodden. Apart from that, they also go out of their way to organize for some philanthropic activities in the communities in which they serve. This brings them closer to these communities and giving fraternity members a clear sense of purpose and lifetime obligations. 

Therefore, group members have a noble chance of coming together with like-minded college leadership for students and administration for a joint cause, both in communities and colleges. Furthermore, the most yearned for quality and motto for members of a sorority is simply giving other people a hand for a better life.

Social Skills

How members of a sorority interact with others is what will attract or keep away new members from joining that particular group. It is only the social aspect of any sorority group that has the potential to attract new members. That is why existing members should always be inclined to meet others.

Uniquely, sorority members normally exhibit very strong communication skills, which is very critical for finding and maintaining real-time lasting relationships as well as being committed to the development of these interactions socially throughout their college or campus lives. 

This is what has given hope to many sorority members who network with other like-minded students in colleges, while at the same time, recruiting outstanding fresh and reliable membership into these organizations.

Which Are The Best Colleges For Introverts? The Top Ten Best Colleges For Introverted Students

Do we have the best colleges for introverts? Yes!

Depending on the socialization level and energy, we have two personality types, the extroverted and introverted personality. Extroverts are more outgoing and are energetic when they interact with other people. They are the fun of the group, and to them, making friends and socializing is as easy as it comes. 

On the other side of the room, there is the mostly quiet personality and less social, the introverts. They keep a decent number of friends, and in a random group, it is at times hard to notice them. In this article, we focus on the introverted personalities and their college life.

best colleges for introverts

Being Introverted In College

The college environment has the characteristic of being densely populated in most instances. For introverts, which most of the time appreciate their personal space, they might find such an environment too intrusive for them.

The reality is when you join college; you are expected to be social to form relationships that will extend to the professional borders. However, if you are an introvert, you are most of the time comfortable in your own space and love to interact with the environment as you learn more about yourself and your surroundings. In this vein, you need to look for the best colleges as an introvert to have an excellent period during your academic pursuance.

What Are The Best Colleges For Introverts?

If you love keeping to yourself and looking for a suitable learning environment for your academic goals, then you are in the right place. Below are some of the best colleges for introverts to look into and be at home with your personality type.

best colleges for introverts
  • Bennington College

Topping the list of the best colleges for the reserved personality types is Bennington College. The college is situated in the Town of Bennington in Vermont, and both the town and the campus boast of a low population. With a small enrollment number, somewhere in the neighborhood of 650-700 students, you are sure of a sizeable population that won’t drain away your energy.

The school is famous for its liberal arts courses such as anthropology, economics, psychology, architecture, and mathematics being areas to pursue your undergraduate degree. Back to your reserved persona, the environment both in the school and the locality is welcoming and can help you focus on your inner being.

Green lawns and facilities such as the Robert Frost Stone House Museum are suitable areas to calm your curiosity. Bennington town also has a decent climate, and an exploration session can go a long way in ensuring you have a satisfying stay while at the campus. Weekends are for walks, watching several festivities, or going for fishing. It is the definition of an introvert’s haven.

  • Harvard University

One defining factor of introverts aside from their reserved personality is their aversion for cheap talk. They like meaningful conversations touching on various topics that help them quench their thirst for knowledge and calm their curiosity. If there is one university that you are sure to come across multiple scholars from different parts of the world, then Harvard University is the hub.

It is a top-ranked university leading in research and several conclusive publications. It absorbs the top minds from the world that come to enjoy its impressive academic environment. There are various symposiums to attend and stretch your level of thinking.

There are also various relaxing spots such as parks where you may have a relaxing moment meditating after class to clear up your head. It has a high enrollment figure hence a pretty high population. However, that is not a concern when you find a perfect circle of friends who think like you.

  • Carleton College

Serenity translates to a perfect state of mind, and it is the best adjective to describe Carleton College. The college embodies the small town lifestyle due to its association with Northfield, a town in Minnesota. The school has a rich history and has been around for roughly one and a half centuries; the result is contributing to many prominent figures who are its proud alumni. 

Starting your checkbox is the environment that gets a tick due to its exclusiveness and borrows heavily from nature to achieve a calm look. If you require the crucial alone moment, a walk in the school’s beautiful arboretum can do.

The area is synonymous with the Midwest climate characterized by low temperatures and snowfall, which comes as early as October. The weather is conducive for indoor activities such as reading a book or watching movies, which rank top on many introverts’ pastime engagements.

  • University Of Chicago

Nothing excites most introverts than new experiences that form an adventurous foundation. When it comes to the intellectual aspect of adventure, the University of Chicago has you sorted out. It is a culturally significant educational center not only in Chicago but also in the entire United States of America. It has been in existence since the late 1800s; hence it is culturally and historically significant. 

It is also a leading research center with essential breakthroughs, such as the discovery of the link between cancer and genetics. There are also several theories developed from the corridors of this higher educational center. As a reserved person interested in pursuing your higher education, the learning environment is suitable for you to get down on your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Not to forget is the spaciousness of the campus taking up over 200 acres with a good view of Lake Michigan. It is a sweet spot to chill out when you want that single moment to recharge.

  • Yale University

Another Ivy League entrant in the list of the best colleges for introverts is Connecticut’s very own Yale University. It is one of the oldest universities in the United States of America and was established in 1701 as a colonial higher education center. It is a center of high achievement where you may come across top scholars and minds that can lead you o a whole new dimension of thought.

The school is expansive with various facilities that you may explore to quench your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. After a tiresome day attending lectures, the parks and numerous recreation facilities come to your aide for you to wind up and clear your mind.

The location of the school in the coastal city of New Haven also brings out the aspect of serenity. The scenery and chill climate is an excellent companion that goes well with your reserved character.

  • Earlham College

Personal space is an essential facet for introverts, and it allows them to recharge and focus on their inner energy. If there is any college that embodies this factor, then it is Earlham College. Situated in Indiana, enrollment to this institution promises a calm environment in the class where there is an average student number of twelve per class. Such a lecturing environment helps you with the reserved personality to feel at home and get the right state of mind.

The school is very spacious sitting on an 800-acre plot; hence you may land a sweet spot to chill as you while away. There are also off-campus programs to take advantage of that see you travel to other countries such as Senegal, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and many more destinations. The travels improve your exposure and let you into different cultures.

people in class/ best colleges for introverts
  • Oberlin College

When you first step into this liberal arts college, an air of peace and calm hits you, and if you love being by yourself, you may feel at home. Located in Oberlin, Ohio, it is one of the oldest coeducational liberal arts colleges in the United States, with its establishment dating way back to the early 1800s.

It has a rich history, cementing its name as one of the first higher education centers to admit African Americans and also women to its programs. It broke many norms as during the time of its establishment, the country was more conservative.

Aside from its rich history, its beauty is one to appreciate and is one of the contributing factors behind its calm essence. The student population is impressive, with 70% of the classes having a population of an average of 20 students. There are financial aid programs to look at, especially if you are needy when it comes to tuition and other expenses.

  • Keele University

Crossing the continent, we head over to Britain to Keele University in New Castle. For an introvert, life outside the city is calm, and the rurally located university is the perfect hub to be away from the bustles of urban areas. Fresh air and rolling landscapes punctuate the environment that makes the place ideal for relaxation as you clear your mind. The nearby Keele village is home to lakes and extensive woodland where a therapeutic walk will do you justice.

Aside from the ambiance of the university, the school is one of the best, especially when it comes to research. There are several facilities at the school to use to your advantage to bring out the best in your academic goals.

The university is open to international students, and you quickly get absorbed into the student fraternity to feel at home. It is a suitable pick for introverts if you want to study overseas in a calm rural setting.

  • Reed College

Reed College in Portland, Oregon, is another choice for introverts where you take advantage of the low student population and a fantastic environment to feel at home. It is a liberal arts college that came up in the early 20th century. It is the place to go if you need a different environment from the one you are used to. The gothic architecture is the first thing that welcomes you and is a subtle way of indicating an excellent stay at the campus. 

In academic matters, the institution does not disappoint, and the high graduation rate is one of the perks at your disposal. Lecture sessions take on a unique discussion setting where it is very interactive. Such an environment helps you share your thoughts and can help forge excellent relationships with your fellow coursemates. The school’s facilities are excellent and meet the standard for a decent higher education center. There are also scholarships to take advantage of, especially if you are in a needy situation when it comes to tuition.

  • Bryn Mawr College

The last entry into the list of best colleges, if you have a reserved personality type, is Bryn Mawr College, located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The difference of this college from the other entries is that it is a women’s only college, meaning you have to be female to gain admission.

The school is quite expansive, giving you ample space to roam the school, particularly when in need of your alone time. To get in touch with nature during a meditation session after classes or when you are free, the Blance Taft Memorial Garden is at your disposal. If you appreciate the arts and would not mind a session of live musical performances by visiting artists, take a seat at the Marjorie Walter Goodhart Theater. It features state of the art facilities primarily when focusing on lighting and sound. 

 There is financial aid available if you need assistance with tuition.

best colleges for introverts

Best Colleges for Introverts

Being introverted in the college setting may seem quite off, more so when considering that everybody is doing their best to be social. The thing is that an introvert is not a social person, only their energy is low, and most of the time needs some personal space to recharge. They also value close relationships where they bond with others over more in-depth conversations.

Above are some of the colleges that are fit for introverts, and you may be interested in them. They are private universities and come with features such as low student population, excellent teacher-student interaction, and ample space for relaxation. Pay attention to the tuition fees and also where you reside as they may make or break your stay over at the school of your choice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best colleges for introverts.

Can You Turn a Minor into a Major After Graduating?

Can you turn a minor into a major after graduating? Read more to find out.

The primary academic focus of many students is a college major and that’s a fact. The major has some significant importance attached to it.

For example, the main one being the kind of degree the student is going to receive at the end of the course.

However, there are some requirements and considerations before attaining the major level. But before the major part of it, it’s crucial to get acquainted with the terms minor and major.

Can You Turn a Minor Into a Major After Graduating?

can you turn a minor into a major after graduating

A College Minor

It is merely a second subject to engage in besides the major, or rather a discipline in secondary academic.

Generally, many people tend to minor in subjects that will contribute to their major. They can, however, decide to major in a specific field hence focus on another specialization.

Alternatively, others minor in something they find interesting, but they do not have a long term plan with them, such as getting job opportunities. But despite these, you have to have some rough ideas of; 

How to Get a Minor

Just like a major, several prerequisites are important and especially, for the minor. These include; several credit hours for completing the program, a must-attend-classes among others.

In case you require additional information that pertains to the minor department, it is your mandate to communicate. It is also necessary for you to liaise with your academic advisor to fit into the schedules, without any interference of programs.

Moreover, there must be some good reasons why one would strive for the minor despite all the conditions.

Key Advantages of Having a Minor 

As expected, the number one merit of the minor is its ability to support the major. That accompanies the fact that the minor is applicable as an independent field of interest.

Additionally, in case you have a job interview, the minor will give you an upper hand since it proves to the prospective employers of your capability to handle colossal taskforce.

The minor will, at the same time, benefit you, especially when graduating from school. Now, with the knowledge of what a minor is, it is vital that you be aware of them;

Types of Minors Available

The minors usually depend on what a particular university or college has to offer to its students. It is, therefore, one’s choice since different academic fields offer both minors and majors.

There are, however, some institutions that do not provide minors, and this may be because some minors do not rely on others, or simply don’t have major associates.

Therefore, what determines the kind of minors is an individual institution and what the minor program specifies on.

Choosing a Minor 

Answers to some specific questions are essential and especially as one intends to have the minor program. These may include;

  • Are you willing to sacrifice anything to see the completion of the minor?
  • Of what use will the minor be?
  • What is the appropriate time to choose a minor or against it?

Once all these questions are all correctly answered, it’ll be possible to proceed with other factors or even issues that play critical roles in a minor. For examples a question like;

Must You Minor in Anything?

Well, this is one of the questions that many have, but doesn’t have the appropriate answer. The problem is entirely dependent on whether one has the interest to venture in to study. 

In the same manner, you may attend an institution where the minor you’re interested in does not have a chance. As a result, you may give up on a minor after having attempted several times and failed in a major.

However, despite all the challenges you may encounter on your pursuit to a minor, it should occur to your mind that the perseverance pays off, albeit it may take a while. 

So it all depends on you!

Rules and Regulations in Minors

In most cases, a minor will allow you to have an added advantage in an extensive offering within an institution.

There are, however, few rules to keep in check during the pursuit of a minor. For instance, rules such as; the mandatory to be through with upper-division for the minor.

Moreover, one is not allowed to take any minor prerequisites on a No pass/Pass basis, and besides, you must at least get beyond 2.0 GPA in all courses that pertain to minors.

Majors and Minors

The duo is usually complete in simultaneous with a degree. A minor is, therefore, not full-on it’s own hence independent on a major program.

That, therefore, entails that it is difficult to attain a minor after the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree. You will, therefore, require having a single major that is active to achieve a minor. 

And so, since the conjunction of the two is fundamental, lack of attending any minor requirement will hinder your chances of getting a major degree.

The minor must, therefore, be done away with from records if at all you intend to graduate with a degree.

Qualifications for Minors

For you to declare a minor program, it is a requirement that you choose a minor schedule that is not within the major department. And that is done besides the requirements for admission.

Some minors are from courses from an individual department, and therefore, may pose a challenge to students who may like to earn from the same department.

For example, in cases where you major in administration, it will be difficult for you to minor in Business Law or Marketing.

You may, thus, decide to select a minor which is interdepartmental and has courses from a different major department. That is because the major department does not offer classes less than four sessions.

Completing a Minor 

There is always an award to mark the completion of a minor plus a bachelors degree. The minors are after that posted on a transcript.

It is after that that you will be able to get a minor certificate, which is separate. That, therefore, confirms that every single minor program is done away with and you’re done.

A Major

As generally known, a major is self-important to minor hence, more than a couple of courses. Therefore, a college major is said to be a set of courses that are a requirement by a collage before you receive a degree.

Just like minors, you have to specialize in specific fields to attain a major degree. Such specialization incorporates; Chemistry, Accounting, among others. A college major refers to major concentration and also academic major.

When to Declare a Major

One can always declare a major after at least two years in college. However, the declaration depends upon one’s decision to transfer.

The declaration can also be applicable if you enroll for a career that is major oriented. However, for the whole four years in college, it can be difficult to declare a major not unless you’re done with your year of sophomore.

Choosing a Major

One of the most appropriate ways to succeed in the program, select a major is to take a course that interests you during your early years in the institution.

By doing so gives you the opportunity and morale to wholly focus on what motivates you, thus have a long-run success in the field. However, you ought to be keen not to be influenced by peers since the selection part is key to your profession.

Your profession in career is a very vital part of the course. There are, therefore, some factors alongside questions that cannot be avoided for a perfect score. One of the question may be how to;

Turn a Minor into a Major after Graduating

The procedure of turning a minor into a major usually depends on the school requirements and the departments. It is because major may accept students all year through,  and others in a year while others, once in a semester.

Therefore, after thorough research on the different major programs, you’ll come across all the necessities of joining major. And once you’re confident on the major to pursue, these guidelines will be of great help;

  1. In case there are any requirements for admission, find them. 
  2. Fill and complete the admission requirements if they are available.
  3. After the previous procedures, make the application for the major.
  4. In case you are accepted, it’s here that you fill the necessary paperwork.

After keenly and correctly following the procedures, it’ll be easy to turn a minor into a major.

can you turn a minor into a major after graduating

Minor into Major

Turning a minor into a major is the final stage because you will officially declare yourself a major. You are, therefore, to have close communication with your academic advisor for relevant information about adjustment to schedules. 

The schedules include; any activity that relates to the program, your expectations about graduation time, and some co-curricular activities the likes of research, internship, among others.

The Bottom-line

Every student that is completing a minor has the right to sign up for a major at any time in whichever subject they choose to undertake.

It is, therefore, certain that they will have to do the rest of the courses that are part of the program hence, they have a complete major.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to can you turn a minor into a major after graduating.

15 Best Minors for Business Majors

Looking for the best minors for business majors? For you to choose a minor, it shows you know what you want in your career. The minor you take sets you apart from the rest of the students. It is essential to know what career path you wish to consider before selecting your minor. Minors have a way of enhancing and shaping a person’s personal and professional development. They make you view business from a different perspective, hence, opening a room for creativity and innovation.

A business major leaves a room for you to select from a wide variety of minors. In the capitalist world, everything translates to business. You are not limited as you can choose anything from Arts to Healthcare, Politics to Economics, Anything that is in your mind.

Choosing a minor, you have interest in makes learning easier. You are perusing something you have a passion in, it does not add to study stress, but it instead quenches your thirst for knowledge.

Business strategies keep on evolving. Below are some best minors for a business major. They are so competitive in the business market.

an advert

Business is all about competition. Advertising is crucial to any business success. 

An advert needs to be catchy, informative, and enticing. You will not wake up one day and find yourself with advertising skills. As an advertising student, you will learn how to create a campaign concept and promote products and services. You will also be equipped with specialized skills to enable you to deal with clients.

Many businesses look for marketers daily. Having an employee with excellent advertising skills will be perfect for them.

An advertising expert does not need to be employed. Working as a freelancer enables them to practice their skills without limitations. Several advertising firms have grown from a simple idea to multi-million business ventures.

Set yourself ahead of others and minor in advertising; relax and see miracles happen.

A job seeker with proven or documented advertising skills has a competitive front before other job seekers.

Social Media Analytics

In recent years, businesses have resorted to using social media to increase their client base. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms can take your business to the next level.

Some business marketers have a firm conviction that social media platforms do not bear fruits on a B2B business model. The feeling may be due to a lack of knowledge of how social media affects businesses.

Social media analytics will enable a business student to quantify digital media returns on investment (RIO). You will get to understand how to optimize an online business presence to increase web traffic.

As a student, you will study several units such as e-commerce, e-marketing designs, mobile Communication, Google Analytic, and survey research. The courses will make you so competitive in the job market. You can choose to work as a freelancer and offer services to various companies simultaneously. The strategy will enable you to have several revenue streams. It will be easier for you to establish your digital consultancy firm.

Organizational Communication

Organizational communication is closely related to public relations. However, OC deals more with instilling a business student with self-expression skills. 

All leaders should possess positive organizational communication skills. Clients are more likely to connect to a leader that uses body language as a tool of communication. 

Leaders use communication as a way to influence the opinion of their followers. 

 A student of organizational communication will cover fields like conflict resolution, group dynamics, team-building, corporate culture, and debate. In the future, the student will stand out in so many areas.  

From the above-listed units, you will understand that once you take a minor in organizational communication, you will be a great orator and debater. You will also be able to resolve any conflicts arising between colleagues or workers and clients.
Management Information Systems

Most businesses in this digital era streamline with technology. Since companies started walking this path, they left no chance of turning back.

Several models to run businesses emerged. The most significant one is the Management Information System (MIS).

MIS will help you to align your company’s goals with IT solutions. It will equip you with technical skills to handle the task.  It will be profitable to a business as you will not require extra personnel to handle tasks aligned to the Management Information System.


The study of economics will help you as a student, understand various theories governing the business world.  By the time you graduate, you will comfortably analyze and explain economic issues on a national and global scale.

The study of economics will open your mind and give you a broad perspective of business and economics. You will be able to analyze the effects of economics on a business. If you wish to be a business analyst in the future, a minor in economics will equip you well.

Euro banknotes

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Most businesses have gone global. B2B business models are now more prevalent than in the past. To understand what you need to offer to other companies requires basic knowledge of supply chain management and logistics.

With chains of stores around the globe, businesses need to ensure that there are enough supplies of products to satisfy the market in each region. Having the idea of when to move products from one region to another is vital to balance the business and keep the company afloat.

Taking a minor in logistics and supply chain management will open so many doors for you. You will be able to work in various fields such as international relations, engineering, statistics, health administration, public administration, politics, economics, and more.

Business Analytics

A wise business student who wants to become a business advisor will take business analytics as a minor.

This unit will equip you with statistical, quantitative, and computational knowledge of business data. It will enable you to understand and predict the future of a business.

The reason why business keeps all data is to enable professionals to predict their future and fate of the institution.

When a manager or his advisors possess business analytics skills, they can make critical decisions that would bring positive results.

International Business

The business world has gone global. For any business to thrive, they need to think about how they can offer their products and services to the worldwide market.

If you research about the world’s most successful businesses, you will realize they conduct their business in several countries. The transactions between branches in various countries are done within minutes.

Taking a minor in international business will give you an insight into the marketing and management of such companies. You will also understand the economic and financial differences among countries.

As an international business student, you will cover various topics, including global trade, economics, international finance, operations management, and emerging markets.

Grasping the business practices used globally will help you make critical business decisions that will put your company up in the world map. 

The international business approach enables a business to reach its clients across borders.
Foreign Language

As we stated earlier, the business has gone global. Over 35% of business corporations have branches overseas. Due to these arrangements, your boss may transfer you to a different country in the world. Knowledge of one or more foreign languages will ease your communications with clients and colleagues in foreign countries.

Major businesses target growing economies to expand their client base. China, India, Brazil, and some parts of Africa have demonstrated positive economic trends. Investors are flocking those countries to have their fair share of clients. Familiarizing yourself with languages such as Hindu, Chinese, or other foreign languages will give you some survival skills before you learn the language of your host country in depth.
Political science.

As you may have noticed, politics play a significant role in how institutions run. As a business professional, you need to understand the reasons for people exercising and resisting power.

 A minor in political science will help you understand governance in various institutions.  
Computer Science

Technology is everything in the modern business world. It is impossible to separate business from technology. 

The understanding of computer science will enable you to set up a business website that will present you well online and have an easy user interface to interact with the client.

Everything has been automated, including product purchase and service delivery. The study of computer science will equip a student with the necessary skills to develop websites and programs that are easy to use. A program with ease of use ensures that service delivery is perfect. Clients will give a positive review; in turn, many clients will gain trust in your products and services. It will lead to more sales and services.

It is very common to find students taking a major in business and a minor in Computer science or vice versa.

computer program language

Consumer psychology

Psychology, in general, is the understanding of human or animal behavior. For a business student, understanding the behavior of clients is vital.

Consumer psychology enables you to view business slogans with the eyes of a consumer. The knowledge will be so crucial in your future career. You will be designing business slogans with consumer feelings and reactions in mind.

The understanding of consumer buying habits gives managers insights into a business decision. Any decision made that will touch the feelings of consumers positively will result in higher profit margins.

Environmental Science

Concerns about environmental issues have brought a revolution to the business world. You will often hear that the world is going green, which is true.

Many businesses have come up with policies that align with environmental sustainability.  Understanding Environmental Science will enable you, as a business professional, to formulate strategies that ensure ecological protection without affecting the production of the company you head.

This minor will put you ahead of your competitors in the business world. 

Public Relations

As a business practitioner, you will deal with people from all tiers of life. 

There are different ways to handle and communicate with different people, depending on their careers and character. The way you relate with your business shareholders is different from how you connect with clients. You require well-refined skills to know how to react and reply to various people,

Sometimes, you will have to interact with media personalities, maybe during business interviews.
Graphic Design

To promote a business online, you will need background knowledge of graphic design. I know you are aware that graphic designers are responsible for designing business logos. With that in mind, you can guess how necessary this knowledge is.

I would recommend graphic design minor to any business student who has a soft spot for art. It will not only make you competitive in the job market but will also give you knowledge of the latest and trending designs in the global market.

Graphic design is the art of bringing together illustrations, photographs, and text to create an advertisement. Understanding market trends and consumer behavior enables a graphic designer to create an ad suitable for a specific target market.

A graphic designer student will study multimedia programming, interactive media, 2D design and drawing

As you learn graphic design, you will understand how it relates to social media marketing, web design, designing business software as well as blogging. Openings in the visual design sector are many, with so much potential for growth.


Enroll for One of the Best Minors for Business Majors

To customize your Business degree, you will need the right major for that. The academic affairs department in most colleges is flexible. It allows its students to be minor in the fields of their choice. Choose a minor that aligns with your interests and desires.

We can all agree that a minor will set you apart in the business market. However, you have to get hands-on experience in the same. Do something that proves that you understood what you learned and can apply the same on the tasks assigned to you.

Look for internship and volunteer programs to practice and polish on your learned skills. It gives potential employers confidence in choosing you. You will also have the courage to venture into the business world as you would have tested your skills.

15 Medical School Supplies You Need Before You Start

I know you are excited; your application to a medical school was successful. Congratulations!

You must be aware that Medical schools are the busiest faculties in college. I would advise you to start your preparations early.

Medical school supplies Include More Than You Think

Besides the list of essentials that your school asked you to buy, other must-have items will make your learning smooth and enjoyable.

Below are some 15 medical school supplies you need before you commence your studies; Remember they do not need to be used in class only.

a stethoscope next to a laptop

A Laptop

If you have been keen enough, you must have noticed many college students have a laptop or an iPad. This tool is useful as it minimizes the number of books you have to carry.

The school computer labs are readily accessible, but not so convenient. Your laptop will come in handy when you feel like studying under a tree 

As a medical student, you will notice you require so many notes and books. Technology made things easier for you; be glad to belong to this generation. There are many E-books and resources available online for all your studies.

The cost should not worry you; a fancy laptop is not necessary. Get yourself one within your budget. Remember to invest in an external hard drive. You will be able to back up your notes, assignments, and essays. Make it a habit to back up your stuff. You sure don’t want to lose all your records one week to the end of semester exams, right?

Student Planner

As I mentioned earlier, medical school studies are time demanding. You might miss up on essential tasks if you do not plan early.

Keep records of all your schedules, due dates, and appointments (if there are any). Update your planner every time something comes up; if possible, every morning before you leave for class.  

If you do not like carrying books, you can have a digital planner on your laptop. I know you will be taking it everywhere you go. It is easier editing a digital planner than a paper planner that needs canceling and rewriting.

However, some people prefer paper planners. Choose whatever works for you and use it religiously.


Scrubs are a must-have in a medical school. You will wear a pair of scrubs to attend classes. Ensure you have several pairs in your closet.

Find out your school’s color and design requirements before any purchase. Also research how some designs are worn, just to make sure you will be comfortable in them.

Super soft scrubs are the best as they do not distract you when you need to concentrate on your experiments. 


As a student, you will need to carry a variety of stuff to class, lab, library, field study. A good quality backpack will enable you to take all your things with ease. I am sure you do not want to drop your laptop as you move around the campus, or misplace your highlighters. 

Backpacks are available in various designs and styles. Choose one that pleases you. Ensure the quality will last you throughout your college years.

Citation Manuals

College assignments are different from what you did in high school. There are standardized styles for every kind of paper you take. While we have MLA and APA is the most common type of citation style, there are times you will be required to use other formatting styles.

First Aid Book

Many students make the mistake of omitting this book on their shopping list. It is as necessary as any other item.  

Before you get used to all first aid tips, you will need a reference. It is such a fulfilling feeling as a first-year medical student who helps their friends whenever they need first aid services.

This guide will help you figure out what you need to understand and keep for the board exams years later.

Stethoscope and its Accessories

Many medical schools will require you to have a stethoscope on your admission day. Omitting it does not mean it is not necessary, they know you understand every doctor needs one, after all, it is the signature item for most, if not all, doctors.

I would recommend you invest in a stethoscope that will give clear heartbeats. There are very good stethoscopes in the market that meet college requirements.

Knowing that a stethoscope is a must-have item, you need to store it appropriately. Storing by hanging is not always a good idea; you might knock it by accident. Therefore, a stethoscope case is a very vital item having it will prolong the life of your stethoscope,

You also need a stethoscope tag, just in case you misplace your stethoscope, it will be easier to locate it. To eliminate any instances of theft, you can have your name engraved on it.

A hand holding a round object

Blood Pressure Kit

Medical practitioners call it a sphygmomanometer. The name should not scare you; you will get used to it.

Do prior research before purchasing and get a good quality that will serve you throughout your medical school.

The first medical skill that you will learn is taking blood pressure. To ensure that you never forget, you will be tested on the skill every year until you graduate. It is also among the compulsory examinations every time a patient visits a doctor. Do you see how important it is for you to have this kit?

Make it a habit to test any willing subject during your leisure time or school holidays. I am sure your friends and family will be willing to take these free tests, who says no to free stuff?

Tendon Hammer

This medical tool is so useful in various forms of examinations including, lower limb examination, upper limb examination, clinical neurological examination, and any other kind of analysis involving nerves and tendons.

Some people may argue that you do not need to buy one, but it will save you on so much time by owning one. They are not readily available in hospital wards; you will therefore not waste time hassling for one when you need it.

You will find them in different designs and sizes. Invest in one that will fit in your backpack without adding so much weight. 

Questions and Review Book

There are plenty of questions and review books in the market. However, different people have different views about them. Some argue that medical students will use books as a substitute for any other source of information.  

Even though some students use these books as shortcuts, any disciplined student should have one; it comes in handy when you need to do some quick revision. 

The advantage of these books is that they familiarize you with the tests ahead of you. You will have an idea of how to handle various questions and situations.

However, you need to be careful not to miss out on important information from other sources. Do not make this book your sole source of information, no matter how detailed it may look.

Noise-canceling Headphones

As a freshman living in a campus hostel, you will have a roommate. They may not be medical students as you are. I should remind you that not everyone has consideration for others. When they take more demanding courses, they are likely to spend their free time playing loud music.

Noise-cancelling earphones will help you block any background noise when you need to study or take a nap.


While in medical school, you will realize that preparing food is a time-consuming task. As we all know, our bodies require well-balanced meals to function correctly. A crockpot is among the medical school supplies that you must have. Just stash some ingredients before you leave for class, in the evening, you will have some delicious homemade food.

a thermometer and pills/medical school supplies

These are not only meant to make your notebook colorful. They are useful in highlighting crucial information. Use different colors to highlight drugs, enzymes, diseases, medical tools, etc. 

Highlights help you understand your notes quite easily. It also makes revision easy and fun.
An Anatomy Atlas

Maybe your medical lab is filled with anatomy charts. Or perhaps a few copies of anatomy atlases are available in your school library. But nothing is more convenient than having your anatomy atlas. It may occur that you lose sleep in the middle of the night, but you do not want to check the notes.  An anatomy atlas can keep you busy before you catch the next episode of sleep.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

Marathon study days are so typical for medical students. You will need extra comfort during such times.

Invest in comfortable clothes and shoes. You will come to realize that jeans and shirts are only cute when you wear them on relaxed days. (I think this led to the invention of scrubs.)

You will spend long hours standing and walking around. High quality, comfortable shoes will serve you well. And save on money as you won’t wear out quickly.

There You Go!

What is Online College Really Like? 10 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

What is online college really like? Online colleges are institutions of higher learning that provide students with an opportunity to pursue their courses and complete them entirely online. Nowadays, the number of students in online colleges has grown tremendously, which is attributable to widespread internet connectivity and growing technological advancements such as skyping and video-conferencing. Many traditional colleges now have branches that offer online diplomas and degree programs. Working professionals also turn to online colleges. This way, they attend classes online and still stick to their normal work schedules.

So, what credentials are awarded to those who take and complete online college programs? Well, you can be awarded a diploma, higher diploma, high school diplomas, undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, doctorates, and any other thing between these.

Penn State University, University of Florida, Indiana University, Drexel University, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, University of Massachusetts, University of Arizona, Northeastern University, and Arizona State University are some of the accredited top online colleges in the world.

That said, you can give online colleges a try and study for any of the over 300 online programs in a low-risk environment. They are also cheap, so you don’t need student loans that could leave you in debt. But before enrolling in an online college, you should get the facts. This article brings you 10 things to know before you sign up.

10 Things to Know Before Signing Up for an Online Program

1. School Accreditation

We have talked about some of the world’s top accredited online colleges, right? Well, the list is endless because as you know, possibilities are just endless with the internet. In real terms, online institutions have grown alongside the growth of the internet, which means that there are many colleges to choose from. Some other unaccredited online colleges are just diploma mills that require little work in exchange for a diploma that won’t help you anywhere or in any way. 

You can do your background checks online to see whether the online college you intend to join is accredited by the relevant bodies in its country. If you don’t find adequate information about the institution and its accreditation status, you should be wary and prepared to throw them a whole lot of questions.

2. Online Courses Are Low-cost Programs

Are you looking for a way to easily lower your college costs? Online colleges help you save on costs to a great extent by providing you the opportunity to complete low-cost education courses entirely online.

Online colleges can be described as God-sent because they have helped many people acquire marketable courses without denting their bank accounts. You should not worry about finances at all. Instead, you should work to find a suitable course you can pursue in these colleges.

This takes us to the next point…

3. All Online Courses Do Not Cost the Same

While it is true that all online programs are way too cheaper than the traditional brick and mortar degrees, different online colleges charge different prices for the same course or different courses. Do you get the idea?

Over the past 20 years, online learning has grown at a supersonic speed, which has created an alternative route to college to many students across the globe. One thing to note, and perhaps what most people like about online colleges, is their flexibility and convenience in both learning and fees payment. For example, you can pursue a course and graduate upon payment of all necessary payments. One common expense among almost all of them is affordable tuition fees. This is one factor that can help you in decision-making. Generally, fees vary depending on institutions, but most of them are just affordable. The cost per credit hour could be as low as $400 in some institutions such as the Eastern Kentucky University.

4. What is Online College Really Like? Not All Courses Were Made Equal

Your online course should show their age. Yes, they should indicate when they were published. Just like traditional classroom courses, online courses need to be up-to-date. If you want to enroll for a degree in journalism, you should not miss stuff like advanced photojournalism in the list of units. You also don’t want to be taught using stale material that could keep your brain away from the changing workplace practices. You know, it’s not uncommon for college tutors to create their content for a course. Typically, high-quality educational materials come with textbook adoption from world-renowned publishers.

5. There are Free Online Courses

Presently, there are many free courses all over the internet. For example, Udemy is giving traditional universities and colleges a run for their money because it has many free courses. Some basic courses such as introduction to communication require that you only pay for the certificate, after learning and doing their examinations free of charge.

That is not to mean that you can’t try out courses at online colleges for free. Most online colleges have free trials for certain courses throughout the years. You can cash in on such opportunities and feel the experience before enrolling. This is a great option for you because you can never find free courses or even ‘’trial’’ courses in traditional universities.

a man using a computer/What is online college really like?

6. They Require Good Time Management

While online colleges give you the advantage of flexibility over traditional colleges, it can be tempting to not log onto a course, especially if you’re an adult with responsibilities. All these factors we’re talking about here could make you feel as if online colleges are a dream come true, especially if you are following a tight work schedule, or tending to children. But this is not always the case.

You could find attending a physical class as impractical or impossible, which leaves you with a great alternative that is online colleges. This option requires that you be a good time manager. In short, make sure to commit to a fixed working schedule. Create ‘’student’’ time if you need the flexibility. 

7. Online College Graduates Are Employable

You might have heard people peddling a myth that prospective employers view online graduates as inferior. First of all, ensure that your online college has a reputation in the field in which you want to use your degree. A school that requires some of the video interaction such as through Skype, might be an additional plus when you are invited for job interviews.

8. Online Courses Can Transfer for Credit

There is also another popular belief that students can only earn credit for their courses by taking classes through their current college. This is not true because often, you can take and complete almost any course online or earn credit at your college. But the first step this route is talking to your academic registrar to better understand your college’s credit transfer policy.

9. You Can Take College Prerequisite Courses Online

To gain entry into a degree program, you are required to take and complete some common prerequisite courses. Fortunately, online courses offer such qualifications. One good thing with going in this direction is that you develop confidence in your ability to succeed at the college. Whatever the intro course you want to pursue, you can always avoid the waitlists by completing them online, and affordably.

10. Online Colleges Offer Advice, Mentorship and Technical Support

As a rule, online colleges are not required to offer these additional services, most of them break the rule. They offer their students live academic and non-academic support, which is a plus for learners. They have advisors and mentors who help students to navigate through courses, credit transfer. Additionally, they help students with technical problems. You can get the academic need when you need it best. The mentors help to maintain students on track.

a woman holding a phone and tablet

Bonus Tips: 

11. The Pros and Cons of Your Decision

Before enrolling in an online college, it is important not to make decisions in haste, lest you end up paying additional costs, or yet still, discover that the course you signed up if not what you needed. Nonetheless, do thorough background research on the school’s reputation before making an informed decision to succeed by earning your degree online, and conveniently.

12. You Need a Computer and Reliable Internet

Before signing up for an online course, it’s good to get a good laptop and acquire a good internet connection. You know, some of these colleges will require that you constantly communicate with your professors online, using a webcam and a headset. Budget for these tools in advance.

Now What?

Having answered your question, “what is online college like?”, you are now knowledgeable about the things to look that you need to know before signing up for an online course. Apart from accreditation, you can also look out for the school’s experience in online training, and its convenience and flexibility. Does it have program diversity? How about the orientation of new students? Also, check out whether they offer tech support and adequate learning resources. Those are the items you should have on your checklist. Good luck.