Whether you’re an avid fan of the cosmos or don’t care about astrology, you must’ve surely heard of the Mercury Retrograde. 

Feared by most, Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic phenomenon that brings us as many gifts as troubles. No matter how much you prepare yourself, things are likely to be out of whack. However, just like everything happens for a reason, so does mercury retrograde. Instead of fearing it, you can welcome this retrograde period to teach you important lessons about yourself. 

However, while growth is important, Mercury Retrogrades can often also bring in some chaos. Things might start to feel a little wonky and unpredictable in the pre-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde. It is important to be prepared to deal with potential setbacks during this period.

In this guide, we’ll help you prepare for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Let’s dive in!

1. Keep Back Ups Ready 

Have an important presentation during the retrograde? Back up the files right away. Regardless of whether it’s personal information, your company’s data or the client spreadsheet you’ve been working on, remember to save all important data. Known for bringing in technical issues, backups are a simple way to deal with the erratic nature of the retrograde. 

A super unpredictable phenomenon, Mercury retrograde can affect you in more ways than one. Regular backing up your data will not only help you sail smoothly through the retrograde but is also a good practice to implement in everyday life. If need be, upload all your documents into the USB or a portable driver to avoid scrambling at the last minute. 

Mercury retrogrades can affect communication, making it essential to track important calls, emails or texts. This applies especially to businesses that cannot risk technical breakdowns or loss of important data. In such cases, it’s best to consult an IT specialist to ensure that your data is truly secure. 

Finding IT services providers can be a challenging task, however, it’s far less tricky than dealing with the chaos of the Mercury retrograde. 

2. Practical Steps to Avoid Breakdowns

Beyond just saving documents, you may also need to be wary of breakdowns. Mercury retrograde is known to bring in unexpected breakdowns and issues with everyday items. For example, your new dishwasher may suddenly stop working in the retrograde period, causing you unwanted disruptions in your routine. 

This is why, before the retrograde period, it’s best to make sure everything is in place. For instance, make sure your car is properly serviced or stock up on essential car parts, whether you need brand-new tyres or the cheapest exhaust systems

3. Nurture Self-Care & Personal Growth 

While it does cause some disruptions, Mercury retrograde also nudges you to reconsider your priorities. It encourages you to go within and learn the lessons you need to grow as a person. Try to indulge in self-care and personal growth activities in the retrograde period, that may have taken a backseat otherwise. 

The retrograde encourages you to nurture yourself and be open to different possibilities. Go that extra mile and consider what changes you need to make to be the best version of yourself. Try journaling or step away from the digital world to spend some face-to-face time with loved ones.

Consider dedicating your time to activities that bring you joy – watching a movie, painting, reading a book or simply enjoying nature. 

4. Be Open to Modifying Plans

You may be accustomed to having meticulously crafted plans. However, Mercury retrograde has a penchant for shaking things up. For example, if you’re planning a party, you may have to deal with no-shows, last minute cancellations, issues with reservations and more. 

While these disruptions can be stressful, they teach you to remain calm and open to change. This helps you work on your ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. 

Instead of perceiving these challenges as obstacles, change your perception and see them as opportunities for innovation and improvement. If you go within and learn to adapt, you will come out of the Mercury retrograde a better, more evolved person. 

To Sum Up 

Life during the retrograde can often resemble tumbling down a rabbit hole. However, by following the practical tips mentioned above, dealing with the retrograde will be easier and hassle-free. 

Be mindful, prepared and ready for what’s to come next!

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