Joining college and beginning to live in a place away from home is, without a doubt, a thrilling experience. At such a time, you get the opportunity to make your new living space yours. Your dorm room could be a black canvas that calls for photos, notices, memos, and other dorm room door décor that will define your stay at the college.

Truth be told, that decorating a door room is tough- you know by nature, they aren’t cute, and then you are given a small space to work with. But it can be fun as well, and you can do a lot of décor in that room to make it more stylish. If your dorm room suffers from the drab-door syndrome, you should not be worried because you can restore it to the decorative element it is. It is in real terms a necessity since it is a room’s first and last thing everybody sees as they pass through. This is to mean that your introduction and finale-the door-says a lot about the room, and you.

Now, no matter the state your door is right now, you should work to make it the jolliest in your hood all season long, especially after you incorporate the dorm room door décor that this article explores. Read on.

Dorm Room Door Décor Ideas

1. Chalkboard Painting

There is no simpler and cheaper way to decorate your dorm room door than to go the chalkboard paint route. Give your door a facelift using a few coats of chalkboard paint and you’ll be amazed at how simple and cool it turns out to be. After painting, you can draw out a weekly calendar or have friends sign your door. Yet still, you can use your new-found ‘chalkboard’ to put up all the funny or inspirational quotes you are into. And you’re good to go.

2. Branch Photos

Hanging photos is yet another cute yet cheap dorm room door décor that can make your living space attractive. It is also another route that those who are crafty and extra creative go. Hanging branches and attaching photos to them works well in a door room and their cost is almost nothing. What you will need to pay for is the printing of photos. For the branches, you can get some right from your backyard. It all boils down to getting a bit creative while thinking about the possibilities.

3. Do String Art

Easy string art gives your dorm room a modern feel. One good thing with string art is that it looks amazing. And since it is a very easy project, you can opt to do it yourself, or you can also seek the help of that creative friend to do it for you. 

4. Vinyl-inspired Clock

dorm room door decorating ideas

We’re talking about those old vinyl records. They leave us with a sense of nostalgia whenever we see that round disk with a red lining around the center. If you love them, you can use them to make your dorm room door extremely amazing. If you don’t want to use a vinyl record from your collection, you can find some at the local music stores. Vinyl clocks are a cute dorm room door décor idea for anyone who loves vinyl records.

5. Washi Tape

Yes, all doors are the same. What sets palace doors and dorm doors apart is how we decorate them. Make yours a bit unique with washi tapes. You can decide to do metallic or print washi tapes, but remember to choose colorful statements. Not only are these tapes easy to put on the door, but they’re also easy to remove.

6. Hanging Polaroid Photos

A well-decorated door embellishes your living space, which gives your visiting friends a feeling of home. Though old-school, polaroid photos are still trendy. That is why Mini9 and Instax are still in the market, at least for this sole purpose. These dorm room door décors are not only classic and comfortable, but they also fulfill almost all door décor needs. To do such décor, you’ll first of all need a Polaroid camera-they’re affordable. Take photos of yourself, friends, and roommates, until you have a collection of about 20 to 30 photos. Arrange the photos in a pattern you want and paste them on the door. You can also paste them in a random order, which is also another decoration.

7. Christmas Themes

dorm room door decor

Festive seasons are characterized by lots of celebrations, which also comes with splendid décor for your homes, roads, markets, dorm rooms, and whatnot. When it comes to decorating your dorm door with Christmas-inspired embellishments, you can be spoilt for choice as there a variety of options- Santa drawings, string lights, candy canes, bulbs, wreaths, etc. You can also place Christmas trees on both sides of the door. It all goes down to what type of Christmas theme you want. You can go with two or three, or even all of them, but you can always choose according to your desire.

8. Paint Chips

Though tiring, painting chips in the dorm room door décor is very easy. You only need to have hundreds or thousands of these chips, and you should ensure that they fit your desired color scheme. Gather the decorations and paste them on your dorm room door to make the pattern you want. Maybe a rainbow-like pattern?

9. Painting Using Multiple Colors

This is also fun decoration because you paint your door in many portions with contrasting colors. You can use base paints such as black or white and then spray multi-colored droplets of paint on it. You’ll certainly love the rugged appearance you will get.

Both numbers 8 and 9 above are two creative décor ideas that are not only innovative but also trendy. However, they can seem to be challenging if you don’t have exceptional craft skills and the ability to execute them. Nonetheless, you can try your best to apply them to give your dorm door room an extraordinary look.

a hand painting

10. Moss-covered Monograms

There’s arguably no better way to give your door a refreshing makeover than using moss-covered monograms. You know, they are just gorgeous. If you want to achieve such decorations, first of all, attach a hardwood structure to your room door. The next step is applying glue to the structure, and then covering the letters with moss leaves until all space is used. But remember that you’ll require an additional boundary to hang the hardwood structures to your door.

11. Floral Monograms

 These are particularly good looking. They give your dorm room door a more natural edge. To make floral monograms, use iron or wooden structures for your monograms. Paint and apply hot glue to the structure, and then stick artificial flowers in your desired pattern. You can now hang the decoration to your door.

12. Picture Frame Monograms

Just the other two above, picture frame letter monograms are very classic and probably the best décor for your dorm room door. And they’re also effortless. Just grab and old photo frame and wrap it in wallpaper. Make the letter monogram using rulers (wooden) and wrap them in a contrasting color as well. Hang them to your door. You can add further enhancement by using a wreath at any of the four corners of the picture frame.

13. 3D Covers 

Whether you want to decorate your dorm room door for an event or you need everyday decoration, 3D printed covers are also a good way to go. They’re an extremely affordable solution for your dorm door decorations. Talking of 3D printed covers for your door, you can either get personalized ones or yet still order ready-mades. One thing you will like about these covers is that they’re just effortless since they are easy to paste and remove. This can save you both time and money, you know?

14. Dorm Room Door Décor: Wooden Tags and Flower Baskets

You can use either of these or both. Let’s talk about using flower baskets with wooden name tags. They’re simple yet beautiful dorm room door décor that is not only simple to make but also budget-friendly. Go to the market and buy either a carved one or the embroidered one. Since you have opted for wooden name tags, picking a decorated basket is the best option. Now, hang it on your door, a little upwards. You can also enhance this décor using fresh or artificial flowers, depending on your decoration needs and budget.

This one is easy to maintain. It also gives your door a shaper look.

15. Halloween-themed Décor

 Spooky Halloween décor is yet another amazing option for your door decoration needs. Another plus is that they’re also suited for your hallways. In real terms, possibilities are just endless with Halloween décor.

In this, carved pumpkin faces are usually used. Other great alternatives include Styrofoam tombstones, scary wooden planks, cobwebs, spiders, skulls, and faux bones, and the list is endless. The decor ideas under this category might not end, and you’ll run out of time when trying to figure out what to go for or whatnot. Just choose a theme and start decorating your door. Simple.

16. Doodle Art 

This is a very artistic decoration for your dorm room door. You can get the best out of this idea if you are talented in drawing. If you are not gifted in drawing, you can talk to a graphic designer or a professional sketch artist to handle that for you.

Though they can cover the entire door-length, they are more attractive and they will certainly make your room door stand out in the hallways. You can make portraits of yourself and friends, or yet still, you can portray living habits graphically.

17. Decorated Door Mirror

Door décor is all about top-notch creativity and imagination. This is super easy to make, and you and your pals will always be having fun looking at themselves in the mirror. Who said that mirrors must stay inside the room or at the bathroom? It will also brighten your days by constantly reminding you of where you came from. And then remember to glue artificial flowers on one corner of the full-length mirror to jazz it up.

18. Fireplace Décor

People can get creative when it comes to door decorations, and you too should. Bring a feeling of the cozy fireplace into your living space. Even though it sounds complicated to make, it is in real terms easy to do. You only need some construction paper and wrappings to put together a fully customized fireplace door décor that is extremely fun. Additionally, you can customize a few stockings, for you and your roommates.

19. Present and Gift Wrappings

You should love this décor idea because it comprises many things that you can take down before you go home for the festive seasons and use them for actual presents. It’s a win-win!

20. Gingerbread Décor

Last but not least, a gingerbread-themed door decoration! It will, without a doubt, take a lot of creativity and your precious time to create a perfect gingerbread theme, but you will like it if it turns out so good.

Bonus Dorm Room Door Décor: Any Other Joke

We said that giving your room door an extraordinary look boils down to creativity, yeah? That said, you should come up with unique ways of doing your décor. Think about this, “All I want for valentine is you”? and other funny jokes, inspirational words, and famous quotes. Or maybe your quotes?

Enhancing Your Room

Your door is the most essential element of creating a welcoming entrance area design and enhancing curb appeal. This means that you will need to invest some time and a few bucks to beautify your dorm room door so that your living space stands out from the rest. This way, it will also look inviting. Fortunately, the dorm room door décor ideas in the list above will get a long way in helping you to elegantly design your door. 


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