Do we have the best colleges for introverts? Yes!

Depending on the socialization level and energy, we have two personality types, the extroverted and introverted personality. Extroverts are more outgoing and are energetic when they interact with other people. They are the fun of the group, and to them, making friends and socializing is as easy as it comes. 

On the other side of the room, there is the mostly quiet personality and less social, the introverts. They keep a decent number of friends, and in a random group, it is at times hard to notice them. In this article, we focus on the introverted personalities and their college life.

best colleges for introverts

Being Introverted In College

The college environment has the characteristic of being densely populated in most instances. For introverts, which most of the time appreciate their personal space, they might find such an environment too intrusive for them.

The reality is when you join college; you are expected to be social to form relationships that will extend to the professional borders. However, if you are an introvert, you are most of the time comfortable in your own space and love to interact with the environment as you learn more about yourself and your surroundings. In this vein, you need to look for the best colleges as an introvert to have an excellent period during your academic pursuance.

What Are The Best Colleges For Introverts?

If you love keeping to yourself and looking for a suitable learning environment for your academic goals, then you are in the right place. Below are some of the best colleges for introverts to look into and be at home with your personality type.

best colleges for introverts
  • Bennington College

Topping the list of the best colleges for the reserved personality types is Bennington College. The college is situated in the Town of Bennington in Vermont, and both the town and the campus boast of a low population. With a small enrollment number, somewhere in the neighborhood of 650-700 students, you are sure of a sizeable population that won’t drain away your energy.

The school is famous for its liberal arts courses such as anthropology, economics, psychology, architecture, and mathematics being areas to pursue your undergraduate degree. Back to your reserved persona, the environment both in the school and the locality is welcoming and can help you focus on your inner being.

Green lawns and facilities such as the Robert Frost Stone House Museum are suitable areas to calm your curiosity. Bennington town also has a decent climate, and an exploration session can go a long way in ensuring you have a satisfying stay while at the campus. Weekends are for walks, watching several festivities, or going for fishing. It is the definition of an introvert’s haven.

  • Harvard University

One defining factor of introverts aside from their reserved personality is their aversion for cheap talk. They like meaningful conversations touching on various topics that help them quench their thirst for knowledge and calm their curiosity. If there is one university that you are sure to come across multiple scholars from different parts of the world, then Harvard University is the hub.

It is a top-ranked university leading in research and several conclusive publications. It absorbs the top minds from the world that come to enjoy its impressive academic environment. There are various symposiums to attend and stretch your level of thinking.

There are also various relaxing spots such as parks where you may have a relaxing moment meditating after class to clear up your head. It has a high enrollment figure hence a pretty high population. However, that is not a concern when you find a perfect circle of friends who think like you.

  • Carleton College

Serenity translates to a perfect state of mind, and it is the best adjective to describe Carleton College. The college embodies the small town lifestyle due to its association with Northfield, a town in Minnesota. The school has a rich history and has been around for roughly one and a half centuries; the result is contributing to many prominent figures who are its proud alumni. 

Starting your checkbox is the environment that gets a tick due to its exclusiveness and borrows heavily from nature to achieve a calm look. If you require the crucial alone moment, a walk in the school’s beautiful arboretum can do.

The area is synonymous with the Midwest climate characterized by low temperatures and snowfall, which comes as early as October. The weather is conducive for indoor activities such as reading a book or watching movies, which rank top on many introverts’ pastime engagements.

  • University Of Chicago

Nothing excites most introverts than new experiences that form an adventurous foundation. When it comes to the intellectual aspect of adventure, the University of Chicago has you sorted out. It is a culturally significant educational center not only in Chicago but also in the entire United States of America. It has been in existence since the late 1800s; hence it is culturally and historically significant. 

It is also a leading research center with essential breakthroughs, such as the discovery of the link between cancer and genetics. There are also several theories developed from the corridors of this higher educational center. As a reserved person interested in pursuing your higher education, the learning environment is suitable for you to get down on your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Not to forget is the spaciousness of the campus taking up over 200 acres with a good view of Lake Michigan. It is a sweet spot to chill out when you want that single moment to recharge.

  • Yale University

Another Ivy League entrant in the list of the best colleges for introverts is Connecticut’s very own Yale University. It is one of the oldest universities in the United States of America and was established in 1701 as a colonial higher education center. It is a center of high achievement where you may come across top scholars and minds that can lead you o a whole new dimension of thought.

The school is expansive with various facilities that you may explore to quench your curiosity and thirst for knowledge. After a tiresome day attending lectures, the parks and numerous recreation facilities come to your aide for you to wind up and clear your mind.

The location of the school in the coastal city of New Haven also brings out the aspect of serenity. The scenery and chill climate is an excellent companion that goes well with your reserved character.

  • Earlham College

Personal space is an essential facet for introverts, and it allows them to recharge and focus on their inner energy. If there is any college that embodies this factor, then it is Earlham College. Situated in Indiana, enrollment to this institution promises a calm environment in the class where there is an average student number of twelve per class. Such a lecturing environment helps you with the reserved personality to feel at home and get the right state of mind.

The school is very spacious sitting on an 800-acre plot; hence you may land a sweet spot to chill as you while away. There are also off-campus programs to take advantage of that see you travel to other countries such as Senegal, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and many more destinations. The travels improve your exposure and let you into different cultures.

people in class/ best colleges for introverts
  • Oberlin College

When you first step into this liberal arts college, an air of peace and calm hits you, and if you love being by yourself, you may feel at home. Located in Oberlin, Ohio, it is one of the oldest coeducational liberal arts colleges in the United States, with its establishment dating way back to the early 1800s.

It has a rich history, cementing its name as one of the first higher education centers to admit African Americans and also women to its programs. It broke many norms as during the time of its establishment, the country was more conservative.

Aside from its rich history, its beauty is one to appreciate and is one of the contributing factors behind its calm essence. The student population is impressive, with 70% of the classes having a population of an average of 20 students. There are financial aid programs to look at, especially if you are needy when it comes to tuition and other expenses.

  • Keele University

Crossing the continent, we head over to Britain to Keele University in New Castle. For an introvert, life outside the city is calm, and the rurally located university is the perfect hub to be away from the bustles of urban areas. Fresh air and rolling landscapes punctuate the environment that makes the place ideal for relaxation as you clear your mind. The nearby Keele village is home to lakes and extensive woodland where a therapeutic walk will do you justice.

Aside from the ambiance of the university, the school is one of the best, especially when it comes to research. There are several facilities at the school to use to your advantage to bring out the best in your academic goals.

The university is open to international students, and you quickly get absorbed into the student fraternity to feel at home. It is a suitable pick for introverts if you want to study overseas in a calm rural setting.

  • Reed College

Reed College in Portland, Oregon, is another choice for introverts where you take advantage of the low student population and a fantastic environment to feel at home. It is a liberal arts college that came up in the early 20th century. It is the place to go if you need a different environment from the one you are used to. The gothic architecture is the first thing that welcomes you and is a subtle way of indicating an excellent stay at the campus. 

In academic matters, the institution does not disappoint, and the high graduation rate is one of the perks at your disposal. Lecture sessions take on a unique discussion setting where it is very interactive. Such an environment helps you share your thoughts and can help forge excellent relationships with your fellow coursemates. The school’s facilities are excellent and meet the standard for a decent higher education center. There are also scholarships to take advantage of, especially if you are in a needy situation when it comes to tuition.

  • Bryn Mawr College

The last entry into the list of best colleges, if you have a reserved personality type, is Bryn Mawr College, located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The difference of this college from the other entries is that it is a women’s only college, meaning you have to be female to gain admission.

The school is quite expansive, giving you ample space to roam the school, particularly when in need of your alone time. To get in touch with nature during a meditation session after classes or when you are free, the Blance Taft Memorial Garden is at your disposal. If you appreciate the arts and would not mind a session of live musical performances by visiting artists, take a seat at the Marjorie Walter Goodhart Theater. It features state of the art facilities primarily when focusing on lighting and sound. 

 There is financial aid available if you need assistance with tuition.

best colleges for introverts

Best Colleges for Introverts

Being introverted in the college setting may seem quite off, more so when considering that everybody is doing their best to be social. The thing is that an introvert is not a social person, only their energy is low, and most of the time needs some personal space to recharge. They also value close relationships where they bond with others over more in-depth conversations.

Above are some of the colleges that are fit for introverts, and you may be interested in them. They are private universities and come with features such as low student population, excellent teacher-student interaction, and ample space for relaxation. Pay attention to the tuition fees and also where you reside as they may make or break your stay over at the school of your choice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best colleges for introverts.

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