The excitement of finally moving away home hits you when you get your college acceptance letter.

It is possible to forget some essential school supplies as you gather your dorm supplies. Preparing a detailed checklist will help you pick all the necessary supplies to help you live in college.

College Supply List for Extra Prepared Students

Below is a college supply list for extra prepared students.

Study Supplies

Putting stationery at the top of the list is very important. Some items here are tiny and can escape your mind. They are the primary items for a college supplies list.

Your stationery list should include;

  • Notebooks
  •  Pens
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Erasers
  • Rulers
  • Sticky flags
  • Sticky notes
  • Folders and binders
  • Highlighters
  •  Hole punch
  • Printer papers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Staples 
  • Student planner
  • Paper clips
  • Graphic calculator
  • Envelops and stamps
  • Pen and pencil holder
  • Tape and dispenser
  • Loose-leaf papers

The above items will assist you in all your classwork and assignment. They are easy to forget, hence having a checklist will act as a reminder.

school supplies assortment

Laptop and its Accessories

Choose a computer based on the subject you are taking in college. Gaming, engineering and digital media students require a powerful laptop. If you are taking other subjects such as Languages, psychology, business, and others, you can purchase any laptop within your budget. 

The laptop charger should be functional. If it spoils, have it replace it for convenience.

Other accessories make your laptop more useful and safe. Have a laptop bag and laptop sleeves to protect your laptop.

Invest in a wireless gaming mouse, mouse and mouse pad, and portable hard drive. The hard drive will come in handy when you need extra space on your laptop without losing your notes and assignments. The mouse and gaming mouse will be of assistance when you need to play some games to relieve your mind.

A Good Phone and its Accessories

Invest in a phone with long battery life. There are days you will be in class for long hours. Other times you will spend all night studying. At such moments, you do not have time to keep recharging your phone. Check the phones with long battery life in the market. They are plenty and with flexible budgets.

Keep into consideration of other features that may be useful in your classwork — for example, the camera, internal and expandable memory and compatibility with major network providers.

Good headphones will be helpful when you need to listen to audiobooks and music.

Flash Drive and Printer

There are many sessions that you will need to submit PowerPoint presentations. A flash drive will come in handy on such occasions. It will also be in use when you need to transfer files from one computer to another. 

When a lecturer gives out noted in softcopy, those with flash drives will be the first to get the notes.

Printers are available in most colleges. Many students rely on them. However, they break down, or you may find a long queue when you are in urgent need if the service. For students who live off-campus, a printer is a must-have item; it saves you time to walk in search of the service.


As soon as you get the semester timetable, purchase all the books you will need. When the budget is too tight, you can opt for e-books. Several sites offer free e-books; they will save you some bucks.

Desk Organizer

You do not want to study on a messy desk. A simple desk organizer will help you keep your pens, erasers and other tiny equipment in place. You will have a tidy reading environment

Desk Lamp and Flash Light

You will need some light for your late-night studies. It will reduce clashes with your roommate. They might want to sleep while you need to study. The lamp will concentrate the light on the study area while the rest of the room remains dark, and they can sleep peacefully.

college supply list for extra prepared students

A flashlight will be useful when you need to walk out in dark places.

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board will help to keep track of your schedules. Have it above your desk or where you will regularly be checking. You can use sticky noted, thumb tucks or magnets to display the tickets and coupons.

Power Strip

Sometimes you will need to use a variety of electric appliances. A power strip will save the day.

File box

You will need to keep those old assignments, secret notes, that ugly picture or anything you don’t want everyone to see. A sizeable file box will keep all your ‘secret’ items without cluttering the room. You can squeeze it under the bed to save on space.


A good backpack will carry anything a student needs. Get a high quality backpack that will serve your more than two years on campus.

Backpacks come in various designs. Getting one with a laptop compartment will save you from purchasing an extra one.

Choose a comfy backpack for you will be carrying it wherever you go. The best design is one that distributes weight in the compartments. It eases pressure on your shoulders and back. The JANSPORT Cool Student Backpack is our recommendation – available to buy here.

Tool Set or a Multi-Tool

Sometimes a few things break down in your dorm room. The maintenance crew take long to respond to such cases. A toolset will aid you in addressing the minor issues. You can live the significant breakages to be handled by the maintenance crew.

Having a multi-tool in place of a toolset ensures you do not lose a single tool.


During the summer, it will be uncomfortable to stay indoors. Some colleges fit the rooms with air conditioning equipment. In case you find yourself in a hot and stuffy room, your small fan will save the day.  It will circulate the air keeping the room cool.

Ensure the fan is small enough to fit on your desk. A fan with a handle has an added advantage- it can hang when it can’t fit on the desk.

Mini Fridge

During hot days, you will need some chilled beverage or ice-cream. Having a mini-fridge will enable you to access them without hustle. You can discuss with your roommate and share the cost. You may even decide to rent one from your college (if they offer them) and save some dollars.

Microwave Oven and Microwave Safe Containers

There are days you get so busy that you cannot find time to prepare a fresh meal. A microwave will help you warm the frozen foods from your mini-fridge.

Buy some microwave-safe containers to store and warm your food.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is so versatile. You will use it to boil water for various uses such as drinking, making coffee, tea and Ramen. 

Tumbler and Reusable Water Bottle

You will need high doses of coffee in college. Probably you spent long hours of the night partying yet you have daytime classes. Several sips of coffee will help you pull through the boring lectures. A good tumbler will keep your coffee warm for hours.  The tumbler will enable you to keep your cold beverages cool on hot days.

Our bodies continuously demand water. We get thirsty more often. A reusable water bottle will hold your water as long as you need it.

The tumblers and water bottles are easy to clean. They also reduce the accumulation of plastic waste.

Coffee Maker

You will soon become a coffee enthusiast. It’s just a matter of days. Grab yourself a simple coffee maker. It will go a long way with saving you money to buy coffee every time. Simple coffee makers are relatively affordable; they won’t break your bank account to own one.

Cooking Pots, Frying Pans and Oven Mitt or Pot Holders.

You will need to eat for sure. Cooking pots and frying pans will be handy. If you are planning to live off-campus, have several of them.  

You will also need the dinnerware to serve your food, and cutlery to aid in eating. 

Many cooking pots do not have a handle. Some have a metallic handle. You will need pot holders or oven mitts to prevent burns.

Food and Snacks

Having a good supply of food will ensure that you do not sleep hungry. Several foods have a long shelf life. Ensure that you check the expiry dates of foods before purchasing 

You may include the following items in your food list;

  • popcorns
  • cereals
  • granola bares
  • juice boxes
  • peanut butter
  • soup
  • condiments
  • bottled water
  • chips
  • bread
  • fruit snacks
  • sandwich meat
  • Any other food items you may need.

Always have an extra budget for food. You need to refill food supplies regularly. You can do weekly shopping at the stores near the college.


Snacks and junk food are the go-to options for most college students. You know it is detrimental to your health. However, it is not out of their will that they depend on junk food. Finding time to prepare a decent meal is a tall order. 

Get a versatile crockpot to aid you in preparing homemade meals. You will spare a few minutes in the morning and stash all the ingredients in the crockpot. After your hectic day, you will relax and have your delicious, well-balanced meal.

Dishwashing Towels, Paper Towels, Sponges and Detergent

After enjoying your delicious meal, you the dishes need to be washed. Buy your favorite dish detergent and durable sponges.

You will need towels to dry the dishes. Paper towels are disposable; it is expensive for a student to keep purchasing them weekly or monthly. Get yourself some quality dish towels. They are reusable. If you get exceptional quality, they will serve you for a long time.

Paper towels will be useful to wipe off spills. Having a few packs will take you a long way.

Trash Bag and Trash Can

Your room needs to remain clean. All the paper trash and food leftovers need to be disposed of appropriately.

One trash can serve you for years. However, you need to have several trash bags to dispose of all the garbage that you produce. The school might provide you with garbage collection facilities, but you will need trash bags to take the trash there. 

Purchasing the trash bags in bulks will earn you some discount. Make a point of getting them from your local wholesaler.

Lint Roller

There are those quality jeans you purchased and not ready to get rid of it soon. Sometimes the jeans pant or t-shirt get some fuzz. A lint roller will do the work for you.

You will need this item to do other jobs like cleaning your counter or desk. It comfortably picks all the crumbs dirt and fuzz on various surfaces.


Are you a fashion enthusiast or conservative? Any style that excites you is allowed in college. Pack your favorite pieces of clothing. Pack clothes for all seasons. You will need them all.

Include different types of costumes and party wear.

Pack comfortable shoes. You will be walking and standing for long hours. Heeled shoes may be of minimal use. Maybe you can have one or two pairs to wear on special occasions. 

Weatherproof shoes and rain boots will be useful on rainy and snowy days.

Pack plenty of underwear and socks. There are times you will go for days without doing laundry. You can recycle outer garments, but for hygiene purposes, you always need clean undergarments.

You will need at least three pairs of pajamas, sportswear, swimwear, loungewear, and business wear. Do not forget to pack belts, watch sneakers, hats, and iron (for ironing the business wear)

Detergents and Stain Removers and Other Laundry Supplies

Get your favorite laundry detergents and stain removers. Buy in large quantities at the beginning of the semester. Bulk buying helps in saving a few dollars. You also don’t want to run out of detergents at the middle of the semester when you don’t have an extra coin n your account.

Do not be worried if you are not familiar with measuring detergent for your laundry. You have an option to purchase detergent pods. They are proportioned to fit one laundry cycle.

Health Items

You will not need to visit the hospital after every slight flu or fever. There are a few health items you need to have. They include eye drops, thermometer, and first aid kit (it will contain aspirin, cough drops, vitamins, adhesive bandages, gloves and scissors)

Toiletries and Personal Items

You will need to take care of your hygiene. Buy your favorite brands of toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth wash, face wash and floss, bathing soap, tissues

On personal items, pick everything you need based on your gender

For ladies, remember to pick

  • Pads or tampons
  • Hair drier
  • Hair straightener
  • Curling rod
  • Women bathrobes
  • Female condoms

For gents, you will need

  • Gents bathrobe
  • Male condoms
  • Electric razor

There are other personal items that everyone needs. They include

  • A high quality towel
  • Nail clippers to keep your nails neat and short
  • Tweezers
  • Sunscreen to protect your face from harmful UV rays
  • Bath mats and shower mats
  • Flip-flops
  • Cotton swabs
  • Handheld mirror
  • Travel soap containers

Many times, students buy cheap items, for example, when you pick a cheap towel, you might need to replace it after one semester. When you buy a luxurious towel, you will not need a replacement until you graduate. It will save you some bucks that you could have used during subsequent purchases.

Makeup Kit and Jewelry Holder

Every lady in college wants to stand out. They want to look their best. A makeup kit and a jewelry holder will keep her looking good.

Broom and Dustpan and Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone needs to stay in a clean environment, a broom and a dustpan will be useful in sweeping the room daily. Use the dustpan tom collect the dirt and throw it in the trash can,

Occasionally, you will need to clean your room thoroughly. A good vacuum cleaner will suck in all the dust from the floor and under the bed.

If you have a carpet in your room, then a vacuum cleaner is a must-have item. There is no other way to clean the carpet than to suck the diet using the vacuum cleaner.

Shower Caddy

Fill your shower caddy with your favorite brands o shampoo, conditioner, Body wash, face wash, loofah, shaving cream, and razor

Sewing Kit

Some simple sewing does not need seamstress visits. With your sewing kit, you will be repairing the seams and the hems in the comfort of your dorm room.

Bedsheet and Mattress Topper

The dorm mattresses are too soft. You will need a mattress topper to make it more comfortable. Buy a standard size to fit the mattresses provided in the dorms. 

Carry several pairs of soft high quality bedsheets. Buy a quality that will last you your entire time in college.

Pillows and Pillow Cases

Colleges rarely provide pillows. Buy yourself one or two high quality pillows- depending on your needs. Accompany them with a few pairs of pillowcases.


Nights can get cold. Get yourself a comfy comforter, because sleep is as important as studies.

Under Bed Storage, Foot Locker and Bed Raisers

Dorm rooms are small. There is no enough space to store all your staff. Under the bed becomes the only option you can utilize. 

The bed raises increases the space under the bed by raising the bed by a few inches. Make sure you purchase good quality bed raisers. You don’t want them to break in the middle of the night.

You can now use the space under to store some stuff, Use under bed storage to keep all your clothes and other items safe.  It is also an excellent way to store the things you don’t use regularly.

You can use a footlocker to keep the things that you need daily. It will save you the struggle of pulling and pushing the under bed storage containers now and then


A quality umbrella will come in handy on a rainy day or those hot sunny days.

Ear Plugs or Noise Cancelling Headphones

As two adults living together, you will realize that everyone does what pleases them. Maybe your roommate is listening to some loud music when you want to study, or they are chatting with friends. Earplugs will block off the distractive voices as you concentrate on your studies.

Noise-cancelling headphones are more expensive than earplugs. You can have them if your budget allows. They are better since you cannot misplace them as quickly as you can lose the earplugs.

Sleep Mask

Sometimes your roommate will want to study into the late hours of the night. If the lights disturb your sleep, invest in some excellent and soft sleep mask. They will help you catch sleep faster as your friend go on with their studies.


There are other items that you can possess but not necessary. The list below consist of extra things you can include in your college supply list for extra prepared students:

  • Computer chair
  • Bicycle, bike lock and bike pump
  • Bookcase
  • A TV
  • Can opener
  • Sink stopper
  • Drying rack
  • Wall hooks
  • Closet organizer
  • Cough drops
  • Wall posters
  • Mirror
  • Fun stuff like banana grams, flux, playing cards, football, PS4 etc.

a closet

Different colleges have different policies regarding what they allow in school. Before you make any purchase, find out the school policies, to avoid buying items you might not use in school.

We hope you’ve found our college supply list for extra prepared students helpful.

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