College is a hub of experience, and before you clear, you need to have a tone of experience that you will treasure. When you join a higher learning institution, you have your life in your hands, and you may use the responsibility granted to you to explore.

Summer Bucket List for College Students

Presently, we are amidst the experience era, where we put more emphasis on experiences rather than material possessions. In short, your value is judged by the experiences you have with the outside world, not what you own, as has been the norm.

Summer is coming soon, and many universities are usually on their break. During this break, you have the opportunity to explore and learn more about yourself and your surroundings. If you are planning for ideas for the coming summer holiday, then you are in the right place as we provide you with the ultimate summer bucket list for college students to give you ideas on how to spend your free time. 

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  • Try Volunteering

One fantastic way to spend your time during the summer holiday is by trying your hand in volunteering. It is a great way to give back to society, more so if you are the type that likes to share. There are several areas that you may provide a helping hand, and your efforts will go a long way in boosting the course you are behind.

When you opt to go into volunteering, look at the available path available, and determine if it is congruent with your interests. If it matches your interests, then the better as you get to enjoy providing your services while expecting nothing in return.

Some of the paths to follow when you opt for volunteering may be in a children’s home or orphanage. The children in such institutions are orphans or do not know the whereabouts of their parents. You may have your presence in such establishments appreciated by helping up in cleaning. Organizing and taking part in programs in the orphanages is also one way to be helpful. 

Other areas to explore include community service, where you try to help in various projects in your community. The plans may include conserving your environment by clearing up pollutants, among many more. Volunteering can boost your professional resume and demonstrates a sense of responsibility.

  • Travel The World

As earlier indicated, we are in the experience era, and traveling is one crucial aspect of this generation. During the summer break, when you are free from class duties and lectures, you may make a move to explore the world. It is one of the top entries in the summer bucket list for college students, and you may as well try it out.

The world is expansive, with a lot to offer to quench your spirit of adventure. Venturing to the outside world is helpful not only in satisfying your curiosity of what lies in parts unknown, but also give you a deeper understanding of different cultures. It helps you appreciate the diversity present in the globe, which is an important aspect when it comes to your professional life.

When planning to travel, you need to have proper plans to have a smooth journey. Conduct studies of your destination of choice to know what to expect and also the entry requirements into the territory. Studying the destination gives you a hint of places of interest and what to do when within such areas. You also know how to plan your budget to ensure your travel is smooth.

  • Try Out Hiking

If you are the adventurous type, then you need to have hiking as an entry on your bucket list. Hiking may refer to a nature walk where you traverse the wilderness for fun or exploration. The occasion can get a boost by including camping, among other activities in the nature trail. It is an excellent activity for your summer break suitable for a group of friends.

It provides a great bonding moment as you partake nature’s goodies. The more challenging the trail is, the more fun you get, and it also offers the opportunity to exercise in an excellent environment.  If you have a camera with you, then the better as you are able to capture the remarkable moments you have together.  

To finalize your hiking day, you may set up camp in authorized areas and get to converse with each other. Outdoor cooking is an excellent activity in the field, and one of you may demonstrate their bush culinary skills.

When you decide on hiking as the activity to punctuate your summer holiday, the hiking area is one primary consideration. Make sure it is a permitted area, and it is also safe. Get the right gear such as the proper attire including hiking boots and insoles from first aid or medical kit, and even food supplies to sort you out in the wild.

If the trail looks quite challenging, then hire a guide to lead you through. When camping, ensure you do not litter the environment to make it fit for other campers who may be interested in an outdoor experience.

  • Try Your Hand Interning

The summer break presents an excellent opportunity for the advancement of your career goals. During this off semester session, you may up your career by going for an internship. As an intern, you get exposure to the workplace environment. The exposure gives you an orientation to the professional side of your goals, giving you a hint of what to expect once you complete your studies.

If you want to intern during your holidays, you need to make plans earlier to get a suitable place to practice. Consult the relevant authorities who will guide you on how to go with the attachment. The person or people in charge of your department on campus may also step in to get you the place to intern as well as learning goals in the work environment.

In some interning sessions, you may earn some stipend for your efforts, and they can go a long way in sorting various bills when you get back to school.  However, landing a paying stint is just luck, as most do not pay.

Try making new acquaintances in the company you practice, and they may provide help where necessary. You also have the chance to get a mentor who will guide you on various elements of the workplace setting.

  • Pick Up That Hobby You Left

Most of us have hobbies that we engage in during our free time. Such pastime activities help us in many ways, such as offering a sense of calmness or being an income-generating activity. Sometimes, it is hard to get free time to engage in the pastime activities due to studies and other issues. The holiday season presents us with an excellent opportunity to dig out our hobbies and get pleasure from them. 

It is a well-known fact that practice makes perfect, and the same applies to our hobbies. When you distance from them for a long time, you may lose the grasp you had on them. Such a loss equates to a loss of a skill, which is such a waste. During the summer break, pick up your paintbrush, your guitar, or even your ball and have a fun session flexing your skills.

If you are good at what you do, it may be a nice way to generate some income that comes in handy when the class sessions resume.

  • Read A Book

College is a place to expand your knowledge, and getting comfy with a book under shade is one fulfilling way to spend your summer. If you are an avid reader, you may appreciate the serene environment that the summer presents. If it is a novel, you may pull it from the bookshelf and prevent it from accumulating dust by flipping its pages and get immersed in its story.

The good thing with picking up reading during the holidays is that it is a cheap affair, and it also improves your level of understanding. If you want to spend the sunny season with books, then start stacking up books as early as possible. If there is a library nearby, then the better as you have a hub to provide you with an endless supply of literature.

Also, visit bookstores and take advantage of offers if they are present. Try and exchange the books with other avid readers and enjoy the fantastic stories between the pages.

  • Make The Beach Your Home

If you are near a water body such as an ocean or sea, then the summer holiday is the best time to enjoy their amazing beaches. It is an excellent way to chill out either by basking or swimming in the cool waters. It is the perfect moment to get the natural tan as you appreciate the natural environment.

The beach is also a scene for several get-togethers and beach parties, and you may join one of these fun gatherings. Aside from having fun, a move to preserve the ocean or sea’s ecosystem is a commendable move. Some of the beaches, due to having a lot of visitors, have litter dotting them. Try and get a few people and clean up the area to make it more welcoming.

If you have a camera, you may come up with incredible snaps of the surrounding that you will later put to use.

  • Dare Skydiving

As humans, our fascination with flying dates way back to the start of civilization. Banking on the charm with flying, you might consider spreading your imaginary wings while skydiving. It is a sport that is gaining mainstream appeal due to its daring nature. If you have a fear of heights, then you have a chance to overcome it by parachuting yourself from a high altitude region to the ground.

Several skydiving entities are coming up with each promising you valuable time on your descent to the ground. Once you sign up for the exercise, you most of the time board a plane, then when the altitude is right, you jump off. For first time divers, you have a guide provided to help you as you go down. The guides release the parachutes at the right time and help you float until you touch the earth.

It is one of the memorable activities that feature on the summer bucket list for college students who want an adrenaline rush. If interested, look for a reputable firm and start saving for the occasion in advance.

  • Don’t Miss The Thrill Of A Live Music Concert

If you love music, then a live music concert is one of the must-dos on your list of thrills when off semester. Music is very calming and gives you a session of relaxation as your favorite genre bumps through the sound system. The experience is impressive if the performance is live. Here, you come across your top musical artists as they showcase their skills in crafting fine tunes.

Summer is the season for live performances, as many artists take advantage of the available numbers to present their compositions. To get into the many live concerts, you need to have your ear on the ground for such events. Be ready to purchase tickets and have some of the best moments of your youth as part of the audience of various artists. You may also get backstage passes to meet and greet the artists and even get autographs. 

  • Take A Road Trip

If you love driving, you may rev up your car’s engine and hit the road for a fantastic road trip. Whether alone or with friends, a road trip is one fulfilling experience that lets you explore different areas. If with friends, it is a perfect engagement to bond over as you learn more about each other. If alone, the trip can be a therapeutic outlet to help you clear your mind and also think about yourself.

summer bucket list for college students

If you bring your object of affection along, it can make for a romantic moment as you enjoy each other’s company. When you decide to hit the road, you need to make sure that your vehicle is in the right shape. Also, be sure to have enough funds to cater for fuel and miscellaneous expenses that may come up. Ticking all these entries on your checklist will guarantee you an excellent tour with minimal chances of stalling and getting stranded. Do not forget to stack up on food or snacks, more so if you are not sure if there are utility shops on the road.

  • Binge-Watching Television Shows

The holiday season presents you with a lot of free time that may be hard to come across when in school. It is the perfect time to get onto a binge-watching session of the various television shows that you may have missed while you were at school.

You may make the moment great by inviting a bunch of friends over and getting some snacks ready for a movie night. If you love alone moments, then cuddle up to your blanket and chill in front of your screen, getting a dose of season after season of programs. It is an excellent way to pass time and does not cost you anything.

  • Test Out The River Rage

Another item to fix into your summer bucket list is testing out the might of the river. If you have a river within your vicinity, then you have the opportunity to try out various water sports. The sports are mostly extreme and will have your adrenaline levels at an all-time high, with a guarantee of a fulfilling experience.

Some of the sports to engage, include white water rafting. Rafting involves navigating rivers using an inflatable raft. It is a team sport and tests your coordination as you traverse the raging waters. To get into the game, you need the proper gear to curb accidents from happening, which might be quite fatal.

Kayaking is another activity to try out in the river or water body. It is milder as compared to white water rafting, and you use a kayak to move over the water. Both rafting and kayaking are good engagements that can help you overcome your fear of water if you have such a phobia.

  • Push Your Limits To The Peak

When you are in college, you need to take advantage of any opportunity to test your limits. One way to do this is through mountain climbing. If you are the adventurous type, then this is the ultimate test for you as you add yourself an achievement badge.

Mountain climbing is an excellent summertime engagement, especially if you have your friends to back you up to the peak. If this is your priority in summer, then there are several things you need to note. One of them is the altitude of the peak you want to conquer. For low to middle elevation set peaks, climbing them is not such an issue, and with a little training, you are good to go.

If the peak is very high, then you need ample time to train to overcome the conditions at the summit. You also need to invest in the proper gear such as shoes, goggles, warm attire, and many more. You should conduct a pre-visit to the area you want to hike to get acquainted with the conditions. If possible, get a guide to lead your way.

  • Acquire A New Skill

Every day presents a learning opportunity, and when you are off from classes, you have the chance to get tons of skills. As you are free during this period, you may capitalize and learn something new that you have an interest in.

If you love music, a significant move would be to look for music lessons and pick an instrument that you will learn to play. You may also take cooking classes to improve your cooking and also to introduce you to different cooking styles.

If you have an interest in adding language to the ones you know, this is the perfect time to pick a language school. With such free time, make it count by adding a skill. The skills may go a long way in boosting your professional career or even give you a way to earn passive income.

  • Visit Your Relatives

Relatives are essential, and during the summer break, you need to create time and see them. It is a great move, and during the holiday, most of them will be free or have flexible schedules. Meeting up helps you strengthen your ties as you share your experiences. Relations should be your priority as their help in various issues is very significant.

When you identify a time that most of them are free, an event for you to meet up and catch up can do. Try setting up an occasion such as a picnic or cookout and invite your relatives over. It may provide a fulfilling time where you get close to some that you only see once in a while.

Other Items On The Summer Bucket List For College Students

Aside from the entries in the list, there are many other engagements to take part in during the semester break. If you love art, you may visit a gallery or an art fair to appreciate the beautiful works. If you have an arboretum within, you may visit it and even contribute by planting some few seeds. Try to make every moment count during this time that you are free.



Summer is a season many students look forward to as it spells free time and an exceptional climate suitable for the outdoors. Most of the time, schools are off for the semester break, and you may make this time count by adding must-do items on your bucket list.

Try and have fun during this period as you learn new things along the way. Bring in your friends and relatives and get fun engagements to provide you with nice bonding time. If you want to progress your career, then this is the right time, and you may go for an internship. Hike, camp, attend a music concert, among others, for a memorable holiday in college. 

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