For anyone who has a dream and a passion for being a personal trainer, they must pass an ACE certification exam. There are several recommended methods of studying for the exam.

The two most popular ways are using the study guides and taking the ACE Exam Practice Tests. Both methods will bear fruits based on the efforts you put into it. 

Ace Exam Practice Tests

The ACE practice tests help you rate your understanding of the course before the main test. Self-testing is vital as it highlights the areas you need to improve. You also don’t waste a lot of time revising in the areas you are good at.

ace exam practice texts

The Difference between Using Study Guides and Taking ACE Exam Practice Tests

Using ACE study guides is highly recommended. However, the books contain a lot of information, making it difficult for the student to grasp the required content to pass the exam. The advantage of using a study guide is that it gives you enough and relevant information you need in your trainer practice.

On the other hand, Ace exam Practice tests help you pass with ease. They familiarize you with the real exam format and wording. You cut down the revision time significantly. 

Why Ace Study Guides are not 100% effective

  • Ace exams get updated every few months. It is, therefore, hard for the Study guide publishers to keep up with the updates. Many study guides have outdated information
  • The publishers of Study guides take the changes made to Ace exams lightly. It, in turn, misleads the students.
  • Publishers love shortcuts. They will just change the copyright date and brand an old book “new Edition.”
  • Most study guides are too detailed. Boring to read, hence making it difficult for learners to understand the content.
  • Many books have fluff and filler content that is not examinable
  • The study guides publishers do not specialize only with Ace exams Guides. They have other genres of books under their brands. Therefore, they do not take the study guides with the seriousness it deserves.
  • Most Authors of the Ace study guides are ghostwriters. It is highly likely they have never taken an Ace exam. All they write is fluff and irrelevant content.

There are some reasons why trying to Ace exam Practice tests is essential. Below are a few reasons that were popular among many people who took the practice tests.

  • It Boosts Your Confidence

All study guides are so detailed. You will realize some of them are duplicates of the textbooks you read in school. You need a lot of time going through and understanding a single study guide. In some instances, you will require more than one study guide.

Having a lot of notes to read few weeks to the exams heightens your anxiety. 

The Ace exam practice test is simplified. The question format and wording is similar to the real test. It helps you familiarize yourself with the tests.

Ace Exam Practice tests are updated regularly to meet current test requirements. As a learner, you can address your weak areas with ease. The test materials reflect what you expect in the real exam. It is so relieving to sit in an exam room and see that all you studied was relevant. It will heighten your confidence and take the exam with a calm mind.

With textbooks and study guides, you go through thousands of pages, from which they test 150 questions only- that probably would be 500 pages of relevant content. 

The practice test goes ahead to explain the answer to the questions. The strategy enables you to grasp most of the material provided. There are several confessions from learners who managed their test anxiety by trying out the ace exam practice tests. The improvement reflects in the test results.

  • The Ace Exam Practice Test Mimics the Real Test

The experts that prepare the Ace exam Practice guides have done the Ace Exam. The majority are in personal trainer practice. They continuously update themselves with the exam content all year round. It helps them when they are retaking the test- the certification expires after every two years.  

Taking the Ace practice tests will show you your weak areas; therefore, you know exactly where to increase your focus.

Studying too much content gives you false confidence. You may think you know so much about a subject until you take a test on the same. 

Understanding your weak areas will let you work on them. Therefore, it will raise your chances of passing the exam; and that is the sole reason for this test practice.

  • You Retain Much Information

The human brain is amazing. The more you see something, the better it sticks in your mind.

Taking Ace exam practice tests is like revising the questions. You see the answers and the explanations.

This method helps in the absorption of information. It is easier than digging for limited details in hundreds of pages.

The calmness of the mind when revising with the practice test helps the mind remember most of the content. When you are tensed and anxious, the brain does not hold any information, you end up wasting a lot of time reading, yet you cannot understand.

  • You familiarize with the Real Test Format, Structure, and Wording

The Ace test practice guide is a Q&A handbook. The questions there are in the format that you will find in the real exam. This format helps you revise faster. The test practice guide is, hence, friendly to people with tight schedules. You can grab the book for 1 hour and cover a large section and understand most of the content.

The words that in use are so practical. They help you tackle the exam with ease. It is easy to remember the words even in the field. 

The phrasing of questions can be tricky. For anyone seeing the questions for the first time, it is easy to misunderstand. Taking an Ace Practice test exposes you to the different styles of wording in the real test. 

The questions and answers are so clear and applicable. It is easy to know where to check in the textbooks when you can understand the question.

The answer section gives you an idea of what the examiners expect from you.

ace exam practice texts

  • It Saves You Money

Textbooks are expensive, having several of them means that you have to make a significant investment towards them. Study guides are pricey. One study guide will never be enough. They have scanty information; therefore, you need to have several of them to cover the content required for exams.

An Ace exam practice test has all the information you need for the Ace exam. You do not need to purchase extra books for revision purposes. The information you acquired from the textbooks if perfectly summarized in one book; buy the updated version of the book to be at par with the examiners’ expectations.

When you read and understand all the answers to the practice questions in the book, you w. Therefore, you will not pay extra to retake the exam.

The Ace exam Practice tests prepare you for the exams in the shortest time possible. You, therefore, claim your voucher before it expires. Consequently, you do not waste the money used to secure the voucher.

It is not practical to have more than three study guides when you can just have one Ace exam Practice test and guide book. 

Mistakes People Do When Trying to Ace Exam Practice Test

  • Cramming the content of the Ace exam practice test and guide. The book 9s designed to familiarize you with the exam format and wording. When you take all your time cramming the questions and answers, you raise your anxiety levels. Consequently, you forget everything once you find the questions you crammed are not in the paper. Take your time to understand the questions and answers. It will make it easier to apply the content when rephrased.
  • To substitute the textbooks with the Ace exam practice test and guide. The guide book complements the content of the coursework. Using the practice test solely can slightly misguide you. Before buying the practice test guide book, make sure you have understood the course content.
  • To Study too much content at once. The human brain has its limits. You will likely study the practice test in the evening; studying too many questions at a go will result in exhaustion. You may forget much of the information. You can try to concentrate on a few questions at a time. The method ensures you retain much of the information you feed into your brain.

a hand writing math/ace exam practice tests


Anyone over the age of 18 willing to take personal training as a career is required by law to study and take the ACE exams. The coursework and exams are expensive. Therefore, anyone needs to apply all possible means to pass the exams in the first attempt. Trying to Ace exam practice test is a sure way of passing this important exam.

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