When in college, accommodation is essential, and you need to arrange to settle in.  You may opt for the school’s hostels or affiliated hostels and independent rental units located out of your campus.

Depending on your financial might, there are instances where you are compelled to share a room. Here you have roommates that you share the space with until the end of the learning session. College is a melting pot for different backgrounds and cultures; hence, there is a chance of not getting a proper match with a roommate.

There are times you may find yourself with someone you don’t like. So How To Deal With A Roommate? You need to note that college is a hub for civilization and great minds, and as such, you need proper means to deal with such a case.

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Below are some of the ways on how to deal with a roommate you can’t stand, providing you with essential tips to prevent matters getting out of hand.

  • Keep Distance

One way to handle the issue of a roommate you cannot get along with is to keep a distance. Once you notice that you are not on the same page, it is prudent that you keep off their way as far as possible. It prevents you from crossing each other’s path, a situation that can easily go overboard.

The room is one thing that you have in common and to keep distance, you need to avoid his or her space. If it is a small room, make sure you take some time off to allow each of you to enjoy your comfort. You might as well avoid the room at all costs so long as they are around.  It is an excellent strategy to bank on when you do not want any form of friction between the two of you.

  • Room Dividers To Your Aid

One cause of friction between roommates is the lack of respect for each other’s personal space. The problem may escalate if either one of you is sort of protective in regards to their possession or even space. One way to deal with such an issue is to get room dividers to separate the two of you.

The divider is mostly a panel of plywood, plastic, or cloth on a wooden frame that can divide the room into two or more partitions. Depending on your rooms’ governing policies, you may bring this equipment if need be to ease the tension in the hostel.

The divider is cheap, and you may pull resources to bring it into the room. You may also make the sacrifice on your own, depending on how much you value your peace.

  • Try Changing Rooms

Another way on how to deal with a roommate you can’t stand is to try and change rooms. It is a sure way to permanently deal with the issue, though it depends on the regulations put to govern residency where you stay. For some rooms or hostels, you have the opportunity to change rooms during a grace period of maybe a week from the day you start using the facility. If, during this span, you feel that it will be a draining stay with your roommate, then apply for a room change as early as possible.

Some student residence facilities have an open policy on room changes, and any time you feel you need a change, you have the opportunity to ask for it. Changing of rooms will most of the time depend on availability. If there are no available rooms, then you will have to persevere with your roommate.

  • Keep Yourself Busy

When you have nothing to do, you may, most of the time, start looking at negatives surrounding you and land your eyes on the other member of the room. You need to try and avoid this, and one way is to keep yourself ever busy. Being busy offers a much-needed distraction for you to focus on other essential things, such as your studies.

When free, try looking for a hobby or any pastime activity to help keep you at ease with your environment. When held up, time rushes, and in no time, you will be done leaving with the mate that you do not get along well.

  • Move Out

If you are sort of financially well off, you might have a chance of buying your peace by moving out to another unit. It is an excellent move to take, especially where you are not able to change rooms for whichever reasons.

When things go overboard in the room, start making plans in advance for your shift. Here, you are the bigger person and helps you avoid a ton of problems. To prevent the recurrence of such a situation, pay keen attention to those who you will be sharing a room with. If possible, you may look for a solo apartment or house.

  • Talk To Them 

Being diplomatic is one sure way to help out with a roomy you cannot stand. When you feel there is an issue or animosity between the two of you, it is better you bring it up and straightening things like adults. When you talk to the other member, you have an excellent opportunity to agree on a lot of issues that can help both of you live together in peace.

Most of the time, it will work, and your relationship can grow stronger, even overcoming the little tiff that was growing between the both of you. If it does not work, at least conclude keeping distance with a pledge of respecting the boundaries between you. Being diplomatic is a great way to keep things in check and can prevent tension from rising, even in the future.

  • Come Up With Rules To Calm Things Down

One thing that may be the cause of tension between your roomy and you may be a lack of respect towards a variety of issues. You may find them using your items, maybe being untidy, cramming up space, and many more. Just like the above tip, try and talk to them about what you have noticed and come up with rules to keep the both of you in check. Involve him or her in making such a decision and lay down the rules together. In this event, you are bound to both air out your issues, and who knows, you may have a suitable platform to make your relationship right. 

  • Have Friends Over To Equalize The Situation

At times, things between you and your roommate may be quite hard, and there is no way to ease the friction arising. In such a setting, when you are alone in the room, things may get to a standstill, and in severe cases, it can result in you squaring off. To prevent this, you may have a friend or two over to create a level of balance between you. 

Your roommate can respect the presence of a friend in the room and keep their composure in check, hence minor chances of an altercation.

  • Talk To Relevant Authorities

If things get out of hand to a point you cannot have the situation under control anymore, it is a prudent move to contact the relevant authorities. It is the move to the bank on, primarily if he or she engages in illegal activities that can put your welfare at risk.

If you have a room or hostel manager or caretaker, let them know of what is happening, and they can initiate the right protocol and maybe get you another place to reside.

  • Avoid Passive Communication

Dealing with an annoying roomy may lead you to bank on passive communication to show your dissatisfaction. It may work at times, but it is just a long way in evening up things between the two of you. A suitable approach is to stand your ground and point out what does not satisfy you. It is similar to the tip on talking to them as it gives you a platform to point out to them what you do not appreciate about their behavior. They may also point out their dissatisfaction, and it helps ease things out in your room. 

  • Kick Them Out

There are situations where you foot most of the bills in the house; hence you are sort of the bigger person when it comes to the affair of the unit you stay in. At times you may find yourself inviting another person to come over to help in sorting out a bill or two, among other reasons. If you are not impressed with their behavior, you may kick them out of the unit you reside in.

Make the process as mature as possible, and do not let drama get in the way regardless of how annoyed at them you are.

  • Always Be Respectful 

Respect is essential in keeping a lot of relationships intact, and the same applies to how to deal with a roommate you can’t stand.  Be respectful of any occasion even if they cross certain boundaries. Get your composure in case of any argument and stand your ground without crossing any lines. Respect earns respect, and if you keep up, it will be reciprocated and form the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

  • Don’t Hit Back

At times, hitting back may seem one way to get at your roomy that you do not get along with. It works in the same way as revenge, and you need to avoid it at all costs. If he or she leaves dirty laundry and utensils, do not do the same as it further aggravates the situation. Clear up your part and find time to talk to them about the issue at hand.

Hitting back at them can strike a sensitive nerve and get them up in a whole different element, which can complicate matters between you.

  • Take Time To Understand Them

It is a common fact that in college and other situations, you are bound to meet people from different backgrounds. It is the same for your roomies, and one reason that it may be hard to hit it from the start is that you do not understand them properly. To help with the situation, try and understand them, and where they are from. It is a way of getting to the big picture of why they behave the way they do. It is helpful as you know how to relate to them.

  • Focus On Yourself And Look At Your Flaws

One reason behind you not getting along with other room members might be you. At times we tend to focus on the weaknesses of others and pay little attention to yours. If you have a history of having issues with other members of your household and room, then you need to have a deep self-analysis. It is helpful as you get to know what makes you unrelatable.

Make improvements to your shortcomings, and you are sure to have a comfortable stay.

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How to Deal With a Roommate You Can’t Stand?

Roommates are significant as it helps up your social life, the same to footing some bills. In some settings such as in college, you may, at times, be compelled to share a room with other students. There are times where you may fail to get along with the other people you are sharing the room with, and it is completely normal. However, things may quickly go overboard and have you on an unwanted path.

Above are some of the tips to employ to help you deal with annoying roommates. Talking to them about your sentiments is a sure way to get you on the path to sorting out the issue. You may also move out of the unit you are residing in or just vow to keep your boundaries. Always respect the other person and also look at your flaws to help deal with the situation.

If things get out of hand, contact the relevant authorities to help in arbitration for a smooth time in your residing quarters.

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