Are you tired of doing all-black every time you have a party or when you hang out with pals? Are your favorite bootie shorts torn up due to night after night partying?

Breathe new ideas into your looks, and into the party itself, by blending together a wide range of ideas to get a great theme.

Browse our college house party ideas…

College House Party Ideas

Everyone can be assured of a great time throughout the party-from dressing up to doing photography for Instagram. Of course, a party with a unique theme will provide all of you an opportunity for taking photos to upload on your social media pages.

college house party ideas

Next time you plan a party, make sure to try out any or a mix of the college house party ideas that will certainly leave unforgettable memories in your brains. Keep reading.

Best College Party Ideas

Grammys-themed Party

Arguably, a Grammys after party tops the list of the best college house party ideas. We’re talking about every one of you dressing up like their favorite celebrity, or artist.

Look, it’ll be fun seeing who everyone dresses like. Even if 20 of you dress up like Beyonce, there’s still no problem because she has a range of iconic looks you can imitate. Chances are that no two people will go for the same iconic look.

So, if you can’t do Beyoce’s Cropped hoodie sweatshirt or Taylor Swift’s Faux Leather shorts, you can do denim shorts and high-heel boots. It’s all about working hard to look exactly or close to your favorite icon. Imitate the dressing of your idol or whoever you look up to.

Decorating for a  grammy-themed party is a perfect opportunity to let your creative side shine. Streamers in the colors of the grammy logo (gold, silver, and black), balloons, and inflatables can be used to create a festive atmosphere. Balloons can create the tone of the day if provided with the right choice of colors and design. Inflatables will ensure that the creative part of decorations is provided. Custom blow-up creative inflatables in the shape of grammy awards will astonish your guests from the moment they arrive. For an extra touch, consider hanging grammy-themed posters or banners around the room. And of course, no party would be complete without snacks and drinks. Serve up some classic grammy foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato chips. Or, if you want to get really festive, make some grammy-themed desserts like cupcakes or cake pops. With a little bit of planning, your grammy-themed party is sure to be a hit!

Jungle-themed Party

Do you want to get into the jungle while partying? Well, your jungle should be rumbling with all kinds of animals. If you choose this theme, present animal prints that are dressed up like cheetahs, kangaroos, snakes, tigers, and more!

college house party ideas


This theme is also known as “Black Light” party, and it has partygoers bring along white shirts and markers. Everyone writes on each other’s shirts.

Alternatively, some use highlighters, which when coupled with black light makes the markings glow. The cool thing about this theme is that you won’t be able to read what is written until you’re near black light. For your party, you can choose to keep all the lights for the better part of the partying period, then switch on the black light towards the end of the party.

And people can see what they wrote on each other’s shirt, which can make for extremely entertaining reads and experience.

One of the best college house party ideas out there!

Paint Party

This is one of the exciting college house party ideas you can go for, especially if you’ve enough space for your party. In this theme, the host makes the guests as their personal paintings. This theme offers you a golden experience to show your artistic talent and receive a round of applause for that. Ask partygoers to rock pure white clothing, or any light-colored clothing if they have one. The importance of this is to make the paintings easily visible as you mingle with your canvases.

Also, get additional non-toxic paints for your guests to showcase their skills too. To get the most out of this theme, you can put some good music to get the partygoers in the mood.

Anything but Clothes

If there’s a really interesting theme where you can showcase your creativity, then it has to be this theme. Partygoers come dressed in whatever they want but not clothes.

Maybe you can decide to dress up in garbage bags, creative flags, monopoly money, or yet still, you can do maps. Or just choose any other cool and creative idea. One thing you’ll love about this idea is that it’s relatively cheap but fun and highly creative. It will also offer you the best creative snaps for Instagram. Besides social media, you can decide to place the photos in your campus memories diary.

For the best creative outfits, you and your friends may want to include an extra incentive.

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Famous Who Party

This is more or less the same as the Grammys or look-alike parties. In this party, guests come dressed up like world’s famous personalities and others can try to guess who that popular celebrity is.

Show up as Michael Jackson and get them their tongues wagging the moment you enter the party. It’s just about being the center of attraction; you get the idea? Well, you can also set aside some incentives to reward people who make the correct guesses. Besides gifts for those who make the right guess, figure out how to punish those who make wrong guesses.

Fundraising Party

In this theme, fundraising is your major goal. You see, this is also another way to get the most out of a college party. You can make your party a fundraiser for a cause you hold dear. For example, you can raise some funds and use them to buy clothing and snacks for children.

college house party ideas

Often, you can even turn that organization’s mission statement as a theme for the party (e.g. Put a smile on someone’s face, or something similar to that). The thing is, most are the people who enjoy donating towards a worthy cause. So, the $2 you ask from everyone the moment they make their way into the party arena is a sure good way to raise funds and still boost the guests’ mood. And there’s no better way to transform a college bash into a party killer than to make everyone present get into a good mood.

Explore the Past, or Future

Let’s get real a bit, you don’t need to be a palaeontologist to know that some animal known as dinosaurs existed decades ago, or that they were cool. Fortunately, dinosaurs can also make for a very exciting college party theme. Being a unique theme, it can also make your party a memorable one. 

Alternatively, you can choose to look into the future. How? Get that friend who has some really imaginative ideas about almost anything. Or grab that one who’s so much into works of fiction. Together, figure out all the things you can dream of to make yours a futuristic party. 

Bonus: bring along a ‘’fortune-teller” to read the futures of your guests.

Whether you go the future or prehistoric way, make sure to keep an eye for additional decoration that you think can be used for a killer party. Mix them up well so that they will suit everyone in attendance.

Choose a Color Theme

Don’t you think you can go crazy with choosing one color for everything? Well, if you choose pink, make it uniform across invites, foods, promos, and decorations. Also, make it the color for all the costumes. Encourage your guests to come dressed up in the specific color you choose. You can use various shades of a given color to make your hue-themed party an exciting one. This can also transform your house into an unrecognizable place. Do you get the idea?

Alternatively, you can also decide to pick grayscale as the party’s theme. Look, it doesn’t have to be a New Year’s Eve for you to do a black-white party. One thing you’ll definitely like about this theme is that it’s very flexible. As such, it will still look classy no matter how fancy you do it. As with any other party, let your guests come dressed up in black and white shades as well. It will bring an added effect to your killer party.

Bonus College Party Ideas

Formal Party

Having seen your buddies doing jeans, pajamas, and shorts all year, you can decide to do things a bit differently- the formal way. You never know how the crush from your Calculus class might look in a suit. A formal party allows partygoers to feel more comfortable while partying. You shouldn’t always feel ridiculous for dressing up in this way or the other.

Sports Theme

Spring baseball. Everyone loves college games, right? Wrong. But no one can oppose a comfy jersey. You can choose to dress up as Mad Hatter, or a mad person and your guests will for sure go crazy.

people taking drinks

Get Creative with College Party Ideas

As you may have realized, choosing the best college party ideas boils down to high-level creativity. Bring in a cool theme that will leave everyone entertained. You can do that by choosing one of the awesome ideas above to create a memorable party. Even blending two or three can also make your party stand out. 

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