Co-curricular activities are an essential part of schooling and help you discover your talents in other areas, aside from academics.

As you level up your education, the more the insistence on the other side of learning far from the class that is essential in having you as an all-rounded student. Aside from the arts such as music and acting, other popular off-class activities are in the pitch or playing ground, the sports.

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Sports are very crucial in schools and cement a path of valuable workout or career path if you are fit for the task. When you join college, the importance of playing sports never ceases, and if you are proficient in any game, then make more of it while at the collegiate level.

Is Playing Sports In College Worth It?

Looking at the topic of sports in college and whether or not you should engage or not, the question comes as is playing sports in college worth it? To answer the question, you need to analyze it, ideally focusing on both the advantages and disadvantages. 

Let us look at both the pros and cons of taking sports in college to come to a better conclusion of the topic at hand.

Pros Of Playing Sports In College 

There are several advantages of hitting the pitch when you join college. For most that get the ball to take on several games under their respective schools’ gaming list, they had a background in the sport from high school and are quite proficient at it. As most college games take a setting similar to the professional organization of the sport with some featuring in major leagues, you have to be good at sports to get a chance.

The following are some of the perks that come in your way if you engage in sports at the collegiate level.

Scholarships On Your Way

Many universities and colleges want their teams in various fields to make it to the top of the collegiate league and be the best. As such, they absorb some of the best players, and in return, they hand them sports scholarships. Scholarships are not something to overlook, especially when you consider that college tuition and expenses are usually on the higher side.

When in high school, scouts come to various schools and watch the multiple sports from athletics, football and basketball, among many more to get skilled players. If you have decent grades and you are a good player, then you can make your way to the university, with some of them being the prestigious ones. With your tuition being catered for, all you need is to get a proper balance for your academics and pitch duties. 

You may either land partial or full scholarships, with both of them being important in subsidizing your college life.

Link To A Professional Career In Your Sports Of Choice

Still on discerning the question of is playing sports in college worth it, then the answer is yes if you are looking to establish a career in the game of your choice. Most universities have state of the art training facilities for sports, and they make up for a suitable environment to push your career to professional levels.

For anyone talented in sports, at one point in their lives, they harbor dreams of going professional. When you go pro, you have the assurance of enjoying your talent as well as raking in some big-time money. College games are one way to land you in the payroll of the top leagues due to the exposure.

Some of the university teams feature in major leagues in the associated sports courtesy of their impeccable performance. As a result, playing for the teams is one way to get an orientation to the pro-level.

A Way To Wind Up And Relax

It is no secret that higher education can be quite demanding, and at times it may reach stressful levels. In this case, it is easy to get to the trap of depression and a form of distraction is necessary. Here is where sporting comes through and provides an outlet for you to channel energy out of your body and mind to be refreshed.

Even if not at the professional level where you make it to the school team, you may play just for fun to have a lively moment. The distraction provided clears your mind, especially if you are taking the challenging courses which may have you gloomy most of the time. A stint in the racing field may be helpful the same to a session in the basketball court for a street game.

people starting a race

A Good Way To Socialize

Social and interpersonal skills are essential must-haves, more so when looking to settle into the professional world. As you age, your social skills may deteriorate as many factors may come to play, especially when you are in school. Engaging in a sport is an interactive activity and needs some level of association for you to pull it out effectively. You meet a lot of people in the respective pitches you get in, and this helps boost your socializing power.

With sports, you have the chance to make new friends, who, in most instances, will be your lifetime friends. If you are an introvert and need a friend or two to see you through your college days, go to the pitch, have some fun playing and make a comrade or two. Through the games, you are in a position to find people sharing the same interests and can add to your people-you-know list who can come to your aid once you get into the professional environment.

A Way To Work Out and Keep In Shape

 At the moment, healthy living is of significant concern in the face of several lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and obesity. To curb the situation, there are various measures suggested, such as exercising. It helps burn excess body fats and helps you maintain proper body shape.

In college, you are bound to get in an unfit shape, more so if you do not watch what you eat and also the sedentary lifestyle associated with higher learning. To beat the situation, engaging in sports is a worthy remedy and the activity you expose your body to goes a long way to keep you fit and get you in your wanted body mass.

Earning Some Extra Cash

As earlier hinted, life in college is quite expensive as you have to pay for other stuff aside from tuition, including books and accommodation. To help you out, an extra source of income can bail you out of the situation and ensure you are never needy. Here is where engaging in sports can come to your aid.

Some sports organizations, be it in college or associated with the college, will give you some perks for your efforts on the pitch. The token goes a long way in securing you financially and making you self-dependent to a certain degree. Look for well-paying gigs, and if you showcase immense talent and dedication in what you do, then you have the guarantee of a raise that ensures your stay in school is comfortable.

Build Up Towards A Decent Grade Point

In some institutions, your grade point average considers a lot, including your participation in extracurricular activities. For a decent grade, you need to be an all-round student and sneaking in some sports is one way to get to this level.

It does not have to be at the professional level; just some participation gets you on the right side of the records improving your chances of graduating with honors. In this case, playing a game is a worthy option that you should not overlook if you want the best grades.

Important Certifications

When looking for a job after you graduate from college, your certifications matter a lot and show how much of a performer you are. Some workplaces prefer a versatile and well-rounded workforce and being in games is one of the pointers of an easily adaptable worker. To get you in such a standing when going for an interview, it is advisable to sign up for various games. Get in the pitch and bring your best and get tones of medals and certifications, which smoothes your hiring process in the future.

Social Standing

It is common for there to be groupings in different aspects of our lives, and the same applies to college. One way to get you to the standout and exclusive clique in school is to be among the sportspersons. In such circles, you are sure of various perks such as the best rooms in hostels, membership in exclusive and prestigious sororities and fraternities. Such organizations can guarantee your perks extending to your professional life.

Exposure On Your Part

Exposure is significant as you develop and getting into sports is one way to gain decent experience. It comes through courtesy of travels to play in different areas to encounter your opponents. Travelling exposes you to various cultures and ways of thinking that builds you as a person. 

tennis ball playing items on the pitch

Cons Of Playing Sports In College

To correctly answer the question, is playing sports in college worth it? We need to look at the other side of the debate, the cons. Below are some of the downsides that come with engaging in sports in college.

Source Of Distraction

The primary purpose of getting to college is to study and improve your knowledge base. While sports are part of the contributors to the knowledge, too much of it may draw you away from your academic goal. It may reach a situation where it takes too much of your time to a point where you neglect your studies and can lead to wanting grades.


Another downside to engaging in sports is injuries. Most of the time, the games are intense and demand a lot of physicality, which may translate to injuries. Aside from keeping you off the field, they can affect your movement to classes and, in severe cases, can keep you from attending lectures. Most of the time, the proper thing to do is to defer your studies to give you time to heal.

Psychological Influence

Sports are competitive, where when you go to play against other teams or opponents, the goal is to come out as the winner. If you fail to attain the win, there is a high chance that your esteem may go low and affect you mentally.

There are cases where you may take the loss to heart, and it may translate to other areas such as classwork and your social life. The results always go fatal.

Problem In Maintaining A Proper Balance

When you decide to get into sports at the collegiate level, particularly in a professional commitment, you need to know how to maintain a proper balance. The balance is in terms of school work and your pitch duties. It is the case mostly where you have a sports scholarship, and you need to bring your best in both the class and the field. If you are not good at balancing, you might find yourself in a stressful situation trying to cope with the pressure.

people in a bike race


Sports is a common feature in college and comes with a lot of perks should you decide to venture into your favourite game. To get into or not is a debate this article tries to handle by looking at the pros and cons of the subject. The pros outweigh the cons, and therefore, if you have the chance, jumping into the playing ground is a worthy move. 

Among the benefits include scholarships and memberships to various exclusive clubs and general exposure. In college, such perks come in handy to make your life smooth. However, keep tabs on the cons and see how to manage them. There are injuries, time balancing and psychological issues, among others that with the right mindset, you are in a position to handle.

If you are talented on the ground in any sport, bring out your gear and continue with your prowess as you have fun while at it.

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