Travelling as a Student


Have you ever wanted to see the world but you think that the only way to do so is to wait until you have a well-paying job with lots of free time? Well, think again. You can still enjoy the best of what the world has to offer as a student.

All you need to do is to know where to look and to take the opportunities that are available all over the internet. Get ready to satisfy your wanderlust with these amazing tips for students to travel cheaply.

1. Pick a Time

And this time should be the low season to travel. Europe, for instance, can get very cold in the winter. Because of this, people prefer traveling in the summer. You can take advantage of the low season when the flights and hotel accommodations are cheapest.

And don’t let the white of the snow discourage you. There is still plenty of fun stuff to do such as skiing and ice skating. Amsterdam turns mystically magical this time of year.

2. Bring Your Buddy

If you have a friend that shares the same love for travel and adventure as you, then why not bring them along? You can split the cost of food, as well as the cost of accommodation and let’s face it, the most unforgettable moments are best shared with others.

3. Speaking of Accommodation

If you are looking to save a lot of cash on accommodation then you need to make use of Airbnb. This is something that is quite popular in Europe and is a great way to save cash for your adventures. One of the downsides of Airbnb is safety. However, by knowing how to choose neighbourhoods, you will be well on your way to enjoying the best of what your travels have to offer.

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4. Staying with friends

A great way to travel cheap is to stay with friends. If for instance, you have a friend in another country or state, you can arrange for you to stay with him or her when you travel there.

The main benefit of this is that you will not have to spend money on accommodation. What’s more, you will also not spend money on meals.

However, always ensure to show your gratitude by offering to clean the dishes. Also, anything that you can do to help around the house will be much appreciated.

5. Take Advantage of Free Tours

Many destinations around the world offer free tours. Unlike some tours which will charge quite the amount for an experience of the city, free tours allow you to choose how much you want to pay your guide. Feel free to give them a good appreciation because they really do deserve it.

6. Use the Metro System

Some big cities can end up costing you quite the amount in Uber fees. If only there was a way to save on transport. Luckily there is—the metro. This is a cheap and convenient way to get around the city. And let’s not forget the less you spend on transport the more you have to spend on new experiences.

7. Make Home Meals

Or rather Airbnb meals! Instead of eating at hotels which can cost a lot of money, why not cook your own food? You will find that it is significantly cheaper and you will have plenty to spend on traveling and new experiences.

8. Go on a Road Trip

Travelling doesn’t always mean visiting a new country. Sometimes it’s all about exploring your own country by heading off to destinations that you haven’t been to before.

It gets even more fun when you bring your friends along. Traveling as a group allows everyone to chip in on fuel costs, food, and accommodation.

You can eat at grocery stores and spend nights at hostels to keep the costs down. Furthermore, sleeping at campsites is an even more effective way of keeping travel costs down.

Travelling as a Student 2

9. Study Abroad

A cheap way to travel as a student and one which many students overlook is studying abroad. First off there are plenty of opportunities and scholarships for studying abroad. What’s more, is that studying abroad can sometimes prove much cheaper than studying in your home country depending on where you choose to finish your studies.

You will get to enjoy new experiences and cultures while getting your degree. Just make sure that the college you choose to study in is recognized and offers credits that will go towards finishing your degree at your home college.

10. Chose Internships In a New Location

A cool way to experience a new destination is to get an internship in a new city or country. You get to experience new things while also getting credits for your degree.

What’s more, is that you may be lucky enough to get free housing or a subway card to make life easier in your new destination.

Therefore, when choosing an internship, make sure to choose one in a new place as you complete your studies.

11. Attend Conferences

If there is a conference to be held in another country for a department that you are involved in, it pays to sign up for the conference. Granted, you will spend the majority of your time at the conference where you have the benefit of learning new things.

That said, you will also likely have free time during the evenings for yourself which you can take advantage and of and explore the new area.

12. Join a Club

You can join a club at your school that you are interested in. If you like to travel this is a great way to see new destinations and have new experiences. The good thing is that you will often not need to pay for transportation and the accommodation as these are catered for in the club funds.


As a student, you can travel to new destinations by making use of the tips above. Whether it’s studying abroad or going to a conference, there are plenty of opportunities at your college that you can take advantage of. Just find one that complements your desire to see the world and go for it!

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