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Welcome to Study Places

StudyPlaces is a complete resource and guide to anyone who is trying to better themselves through learning! My name is Rachel and I am currently in my final year of college studying petrochemical engineering.

I started this blog when I first started college as I had many struggles when I started college from making friends to dealing with professors, finding a new home in a new city and many other things. I became passionate about helping others avoid these issues so decided a blog would be the perfect place to share my experiences and offer some advice.

Who is this website for:

Since starting this blog and offering help and advice for many friends, family and visitors to this site We have decided to expand our help and advice to include all forms of studying.  From school to parenting, college to university, home schooling and furthering your education while in full or part time employment.

Studying with friends

How can we help

We have been students ourselves so we know what its like to study and we all need help from time to time, from recommendations to what are best books available to online study courses, study groups in your area.  We have created a resource area that is packed full of helpful guides, links to other resources and advice on where you can go next.

If you would like to contribute to our site then please get in touch we would love your input.