Upon finishing school, most students look to further their academic courses in a foreign country. Some may choose to do so for monetary reasons, while others look for gaining a new experience through learning in a country that offers a different cultural background.

New Zealand is one of the best countries with fascinating landscapes and fantastic study opportunities for international students. The community in New Zealand is exceptionally welcoming, while the universities have been known to have creative energy and cutting-edge research facilities.

To get into a good university with scholarships, you must have good grades while in school. Even after getting into the college of your choice, you will be presented with several assignments that require your time and effort. Whenever a scholar finds themselves pressed for time or unable to complete their projects on time, they may choose to get help from a service that helps those in dire need of help with their assignments. Doing so ensures that students complete their papers within the deadline and not hamper their grades while in school.

Finding a good college is vital to enhance your career prospects and work in your chosen field of interest in the future. If you’re looking to enrol in a college in NZ, together with essay writers from EssayWritingNZ we compiled a list of the best universities in New Zealand for International students.

1. University of Otago

This is NZ’s first college and is situated in Dunedin. Several courses are offered to students, including those in Pre-med, Science, Humanities, Business, and more. Dunedin is a student city in which nearly 20% of residents attend the University of Otago. It has also been rated as the top college in New Zealand for international students.

2. University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is located in Christchurch, South Island, in which over 12,000 students are currently enrolled. The college offers more than 70 academic courses to its resident and international students. Some of the college’s alumni include Ernest Rutherford, who also graces the NZ $100 bill.

3. University of Auckland

The University of Auckland, situated in Auckland, North Island, tops the best colleges in New Zealand for international students. The college offers degrees in several academic fields that include psychology, civil engineering, accounting, education, and finance.

Auckland, in itself, is home to the most active and youngest volcano, Rangitoto. Finding suitable accommodation is one of the most daunting tasks for international students, and those who are enrolled in this college may be able to witness it through their dorm windows!

4. Auckland University of Technology

The Auckland University of Technology offers a cutting edge research facility to the students with real-life applications. The college strives to be the ‘university for the changing world’ and is incredibly popular among international students. It was founded in 1895. While the courses focus mostly on technology-related subjects, there are other learning courses for students in tourism, hospitality, and even liberal arts.

5. Victoria University of Wellington

Situated in Wellington, one of NZ’s most beautiful cities, the Victoria University of Wellington makes international students feel incredibly welcome. The city is home to quirky art shops and coffee scenes, ensuring that students have a life outside of their university when studying is hard. There are several courses for one to choose from. If you want to find more information about on-campus, online learning and their comparison, read this article. The best part about studying there is the proximity to the Te Papa Museum, through which international scholars can experience NZ’s indigenous culture for free.

Getting a degree in a foreign country helps students broaden their minds and exposes them to newer experiences. Not only do they get an international degree, but they also learn about the country’s cultures and heritages, a skill that helps them empathise with their diverse colleagues later. Studying in New Zealand may be the right step for your future endeavours.

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