Even after receiving the appropriate degrees, today’s grads have a difficult time finding a well-paying job. The competition is fierce, and it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier anytime soon. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a well-paying job after putting in over five years of effort? Even though degrees may appear to be obsolete in some fields, studies have proven that obtaining a degree (ideally up to postgraduate level) gives you an advantage in your chosen field.

If the cards are played correctly, the United Kingdom can be incredibly useful for anyone looking for high-paying employment. The best method to get the most out of those benefits is to customize your studies to the needs of various industries and be aware of current trends and modify accordingly.

As time passes, the best jobs’ appearance changes or shifts. Skills that were unimportant a few years ago will be incredibly useful in the next years, but there are also vocations that are steady and always in demand, resulting in high income.

Without any more further ado, here is a list of the top ten job possibilities for students residing in student accommodation in the UK.

As of 2021, the ranking is based on an average wage and the number of job opportunities and the work satisfaction rate.

Enterprise architect

An enterprise architect is in charge of an IT firm’s software and networking services. They are in charge of upgrading and improving the IT company’s services, including hardware and software. Enterprise architects must keep up with the newest technology trends in the industry so that they may implement those trends in the organization where they work.

Tax manager

Tax managers, to put it simply, are accountants who are in charge of tax documentation. Managing taxes, adhering to rules, and routinely updating the company’s tax files are all part of their job description.

Furthermore, tax managers are in charge of supervising accounting employees and ensuring that the company follows the country’s tax laws in which it operates.

Strategy manager

A strategy manager’s job is to guide a company toward maximum growth with the least amount of risk. A strategy manager’s role is to devise and implement the best strategies for achieving the company’s objectives.

It’s vital to remember that strategy managers aren’t entry-level or freshmen; they’re a group of the company’s most experienced senior executives who don’t have to take anyone’s advice or reports.

The process of accomplishing a company’s goals is not a one-day job. To figure out the best possibilities for the company requires years of planning at every stage of the journey and meticulous research of the company and market data. Strategy managers are in charge of making these difficult judgments.

Finance manager

Due to the way that they manage the company’s cash in-flow/out-flow and control the accounting sector, a financial manager differs from an accountant. Financial managers calculate out how much profit the company can produce over a period of time as part of a company’s budgeting process.

Financial managers are responsible for overseeing the company’s finances as well as assisting the organization in understanding complex reports in plain English. This involves exceptional communication skills, which develop with experience and would cater to the company’s needs.

Delivery manager

A delivery manager is a person who assures that software and hardware goods are delivered securely and on schedule to the clients or companies who purchased them. They oversee the entire process, ensuring that there are no delays in delivery and removing any other obstacles that would prevent the delivery of a company’s goods.

Risk manager

Typically, a risk manager is responsible for assisting the company in avoiding the negative consequences of losses and managing the company’s risk level so that the organization may fulfil its objectives.

Risk managers may work in the financial department to assist the organization in identifying financial hazards and determining how to prevent them.

Commercial manager

Commercial managers are significant forces in the organization since they steer the company towards prospective expansion sectors by seizing advantageous acquisitions and partnerships opportunities. They give sound recommendations and ensure that the organization does not go in the wrong way.

But that’s not all; commercial managers also seek potential clients and expand the company’s vendor network. They are in charge of managing the company’s contracts as well as monitoring the market and keeping up with the newest trends, all of which contribute to the company’s expansion and growth in the market.

Design manager

The primary role of a person who is a design manager is to properly and efficiently communicate the design work that is planned for the construction to those who are responsible for it. Design managers almost never operate alone; they must collaborate with architects, construction managers, BIM technicians, and service engineers to come up with a strategy and get started on it.

Product manager

Product managers are the persons in charge of recognizing and meeting the needs of consumers. They are in charge of precisely determining what is currently required in the market, how the product will perform, the amount of profit it will generate, and, most crucially, motivating the team to begin work on the idealized product.

A long-term product would have a product manager who would plan the product’s long-term success and what risks it would face, if any.

The position of a product manager is relatively recent, having only existed for around 20 years. As a result, the scope of this post is limitless.

Engagement manager

An engagement manager works closely with the organization’s client. After the contract is signed, they are in charge of looking after the client’s wants and complaints. Naturally, developing a strong and positive relationship with the client is essential in order to secure the client’s future purchases.

In addition, an engagement manager ensures that the client receives the company’s resources on time and that their invoice is paid.

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