Are you a student looking for an extra source of income? Come closer, there is a perfect solution for you. Every real student knows that allowances are never enough. Between trying to buy books, a few new clothes, having some fun nights out, and saving some funds for the future, there will always be a struggle. It gets worse if you only have one source of income. In fact, according to research, nearly 80% of students always need to get a part-time job. This is why we have loaded this article with some insights that will help you make some extra cash while studying. 


  • Move: 

There is always someone trying to move in the school environment. Whether it is a new student moving into campus, or a fresh graduate moving out of campus, the moving job is quite lucrative around the school region. You can make anywhere from $75 – $200 per move, depending on the location of the move and the company you choose to work with. Of course, the moving job is not for everyone. If you have been sweating it out in the gym or you think you are in good shape, then here is a place you can put those muscles to use.

  • Market research studies:

How about some cash in exchange for your honest opinion? There are a variety of sectors that always need surveys from the audience and you can choose whichever sector you are familiar with. There are several online survey sites where you can register to start taking surveys, and then they send you surveys via email. These surveys last for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and although they are low-paid, consistently engaging could amass you a lot of money. 

  • Play games and get paid:

How cool is this! You know how you can play games and store up so many points and treasures online until you start wishing you actually had such money in reality? Well, there are lots of legit online free cash games that make you money while you play. From your couch, while releasing the stress of the day, you can earn gift cards, rewards, or cash.

  • Social media manager:

As a student, you can’t deny your love and availability on social media. Why not turn this into a source of income? Several businesses are searching for people to handle their social media pages, and with the help of the internet, you can gain some good experience within a short time, learn about the algorithms, and choose to intentionally build your social media page as a professional social media manager. In no time, you will be attracting lots of clients, and making some good money from them. There are lots of tools like Hootsuite that make the job automated and easier. 

  • Resume writing services: 

If you love to write, you can put your passion to good use by writing resumes for people. A lot of college students frequently need written papers for several applications. Also, not everyone enjoys writing, so they would rather pay an expert to get it done. If you train yourself properly, you can start earning by writing resumes and other required papers for your fellow students and even others in the long run.

There you go! You now have all it takes to make some extra cash while schooling. Make it count! A lot of people started some side hustles like this while schooling, and they have turned it into full-time jobs that made them millionaires in the long run. 

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