The Airbus A320 aircraft is among the most trusted airplanes in the world and for a good reason. For instance, the airplane was launched in 1984 and was first flown in 1987. Therefore, it has been in the industry for quite a few years.

The good news is, that you can learn to fly this craft by enrolling in an online aviation class, accessing high-quality materials, and getting the chance to be taught by very skilled trainers. The Airbus A320 aviation training, which is offered by CpaT Global distance learning solutions, will consist of the following:

Interactive diagrams

The interactive diagrams offer a very exciting and innovative approach to studying aircraft systems. It also enables the trainees to observe both normal and abnormal reactions of the aircraft system. Moreover, it aids in scenario-based discussions and instructions for the classroom.

Aircraft training procedures

The training procedures suite offers both 2D and 3D training for walk-around training, FMS Skills Keypad training, and Cockpit Procedures. Furthermore, it offers a pre-flight checklist and flow preparation, a Walk Around online experience that is not only pre-loaded with OEM procedures but also uses detailed aircraft pictures and aircraft models. In addition, the materials can be accessed whether you are online or offline.

The training contents

The course contains realistic learning materials that are designed to teach students critical skills before they advance to classroom training. The learning materials include videos, lectures, presentations, audio, documents, narration texts, and questions.

Therefore, the course material is a combination of all these deliverables, broken down into chapters and subjects that the trainees can understand. Furthermore, the trainees have to undergo knowledge assessment tests in every module so the trainers can see whether they understood the lessons or not and where to put more emphasis when teaching. In addition, there is a technical support team and customer service representatives that can help the trainees sort out any issues.

Learning management system

This system is a central location where the database is stored. An LMS performs functions like documentation, administration, reporting, tracking, and the delivery of the courses.

The course is delivered to trainees on the CPaT access LMS as well as their mobile app. The courseware has been designed to allow training to be accessed on multiple devices including windows, PC, IOS, Mac computers, and Android tablets. Furthermore, the application is easy to use when you are online and offline to access training. It will synchronize when the connectivity has been re-established.

How long will the training take?

The training program can take about 80 hours of theoretical training. Students can access this virtual, realistic course to get critical skills that can help them ahead of any classroom training or simulator training.


Therefore, if you enroll in this course, you will; understand the course material better by going at your pace and save money by accessing the content easily and learning from any geographical location. Furthermore, you will get the chance to collaborate with other students, study the course materials with them and even get relevant practical knowledge from students who have experience in flying, building, and maintaining aircraft.

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