Road accidents are daunting, but dealing with a mishap gets a tad tougher for college students. Injuries can disrupt your academics, affect your mental well-being, and get you bedridden for the long haul. Even minor mishaps are problematic as they affect your driving record and hurt your finances. Things can be even more challenging if you are away from your family because you do not have support during the recovery phase. Avoiding mishaps should be your top priority to stay out of trouble. You must also know how to deal with road accidents if they still occur. Let us share some valuable road safety advice that college students can rely on.

Invest in driving skills

Perhaps the most crucial piece of advice for any driver is to invest in their driving skills. They keep you safe on the road and ensure the safety of your passengers and other drivers on the road. Students must go the extra mile with driving training because a clean driving record takes you a step close to a brighter future. It also enables you to lower your car insurance bills down the line. You must take a defensive driving course before getting behind the wheel. Practice well so that you are comfortable with your car. Also, ensure that your vehicle has the necessary safety features to facilitate safe driving.

Obey the traffic rules

Besides perfecting driving skills, you must commit to obeying the traffic rules at all times. Knowing the rules is crucial, and you must also refresh them frequently to ensure they never slip your mind. You may go slack with the rules if you do not drive regularly. College campus roads have several signs, so you must understand them. Check the specific rules, guidelines, and speed limits for the campus. Also, obey the rules outside on the road because mishaps may happen anywhere. The risk is greater on the highway as heavy vehicles and trucks are around, so be extra careful.

Be careful as a pedestrian

Road safety for college students goes beyond following the driving precautions. You must also be careful as a pedestrian. The last thing you want is to be hit by a speeding vehicle, so you must do your bit to avoid them. Use only the designated places to walk and avoid crossing the roads during rush hours. Do not walk in dark alleys and ensure being visible by wearing bright clothing. Skip walking when the weather is bad enough to affect visibility due to fog or rain.

Know how to handle accidents

You may practice best care and caution while driving or walking, but a mishap may still happen due to a driver’s negligence. You must know how to handle accidents and claim compensation from a negligent driver. Thankfully, personal injury law comes to your rescue, but you need an expert lawyer to assess your claim value and get it from the insurer. Look for a specialist according to your circumstances. For example, you can hire a truck accident lawyer if injured in a truck mishap. The injuries are dire and compensation is massive in these cases, so you need a specialist to handle it.

Eliminate distractions

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of mishaps on American roads. College students should steer clear of habits like using a cellphone, talking to passengers, and playing loud music while driving. Even a small error can lead to a major mishap. You must also avoid distractions as a pedestrian because you may get hurt even as you go for a walk on campus. Playing loud music while wearing headphones can be dangerous, so avoid the habit altogether.

Stay ahead of vehicle maintenance

Another vital road safety tip for college students is to stay ahead of vehicle maintenance. Regular servicing ensures the longevity of the vehicle, so it can save you a fortune in the long run. Do not skimp on the maintenance schedule, as a breakdown on the road is the last thing you want to deal with. Also, learn the basics like changing a flat tire, checking the oil, and charging a battery. Read the owner’s manual and ensure your vehicle is road-ready at all times.

College students have a lot to handle, and road safety is often the last on their priority list. But you should not leave it to chance, whether you drive a car, use public transport, or commute on foot. Follow the rules, drive defensively, and practice caution while walking. Also, know how to handle mishaps as you cannot be too sure about negligent drivers.

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