Though Austin is popular for its live music scene and cool nightlife one of the world’s top universities UT’s campus adds a different value to this city.  Every year, this capital city of Texas experienced an incoming flow of students from different parts of the country and from the globe as well. As a result, the housing industry of Austin also faces a great challenge to provide the best dwellers for their guest students.


Austin’s housing options are really diverse as they need to fulfill the necessities for both families, singles and young professionals at the same time. There are some mentionable neighborhoods in Austin which is popular among the students of UT, among them Downtown is the most famous one. If you are looking for a Downtown Austin apartment for rent you will be surprised to know that most of them are offering cool packages for singles and young professionals rather than families. let’s take a look.



  1. West Campus


For undergraduate students, this area is ideal for its close connection to the campus and walkability. The scenic beauty and outdoor activities of this zone attract students of UT for years. Literally, you don’t need any public transportation or cab to attend your next class.


For housing, a good number of apartments are available here with a variety of options from cheaper ones to luxury condos. A lot of students share their apartments to cut the cost of living which is a must need demand for students.



  1. North Campus


We have just mentioned that West Campus is popular for undergrad only, however, the North one is suitable for students of advanced degrees like law, engineering and psychology of Austin Community College and UT.


For  Ph.D. and Master’s students, North Campus is the ultimate choice as it is quieter than the previously mentioned area. In North Campus, you can share the apartment with your friends as well like the North Campus, however, if you would like to lead a relaxed life, many luxury studios and condos are available also.



  1. Hyde Park


Hyde Park is especially popular for its affordable housing options for students. Though this area is a bit away from the campus and located just the north of North Campus but still a few minutes away from the main campus. The only missing thing about this area is the studentship vibe. But you will love its suburban charm for sure.


But, another great opportunity that you will experience here but not in North or West Campus is the great variety of dining options. This area is blessed by some legendary local Grills and cafes. If you have a furry friend then Hyde Park is literally perfect for you.



  1. Downtown


Downtown, Austin is a supreme choice for students if anyone wanting an urban feel. You are just 5 minutes away from the campus of UT. However, the rent of the apartments might be expensive here for its premium amenities and features. But, you will enjoy the full vibe of the city from nightlife to fresh farmer’s market produce. And, the great Texas Food Trucks will add extra value to this area.


This list of Neighborhoods in Austin for Young Professionals is incomplete as we only mentioned the areas which are very close to the UT. There are many other areas like Zilker, Old West Austin, etc would be a good choice for students and singles.

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