It’s that time to proudly celebrate your happy graduate. Need some ideas on how to throw a great graduation party? We’ve got you covered! Check out these eight fun and creative ideas you can use for your graduation party.

8 graduation party ideas 

1. Serve graduation-themed treats

There are so many fun ways to incorporate the graduation theme into the food and snacks you serve at the party, like “one smart cookie,” “donut forget about me,” and “nacho average graduate.” You could also buy or make graduation toppers in the shapes a cap, diploma, or year. They’re perfect on top of cupcakes. Another option is to arrange the food to spell out the graduation year.

8 Fun and Creative Ideas For Graduation Parties 3

Alt text: Top down shot of various celebratory items, including “congrats grad” sign, “celebrate” glasses, confetti, and plates of cupcake with forks

2. Reminisce with photo displays

A graduation party is also the perfect occasion for displaying photos of the happy graduate from over the years, to show how much they have grown over the years. Put all those posed school portraits to good use. Put them all in a giant frame, or clip them to a clothesline with pins. Also include photos of the graduate involved in different activities or clubs to highlight how involved they were in school and remind everyone of all those great memories.

3. Create new memories with a photo wall or photo booth

A photo wall is almost a must these days as everyone wants to post to Instagram and other social media. You can create a dazzling backdrop with some balloons and sparkly streamers. You can also spell out the year or other messages with balloons or banners. Alternatively, you can create or rent a photo booth, and let the guests be as creative or silly as they want to be with plenty of props. 

4. Instant photo guest book

It’s always nice to have a guest book for guests to sign and leave a nice message for the guest of honor. Why not take it up a notch with a photo guest book instead? Get a Polaroid or other instant camera and plenty of film, and ask guests to take photos, then add them to the guest book. If you have a photo wall or photo booth set up, then guests don’t have to look far for a fun backdrop to use.

8 Fun and Creative Ideas For Graduation Parties 4

Alt text: A graduation cap decoration hanging over a table with a rolled up scroll, mini liquor bottles, and confetti

5. Play some games

Games always liven up a party. Add some to your graduation party to break the ice and get guests involved. Some can focus on the graduate, such as trivia games that challenge how well guests know the graduate. You could also get their fellow graduates involved in a “guess the baby game”, with photos of all the graduating guests as babies and now. If you’re holding the party outdoors, giant versions of traditional lawn games are also great fun.

6. Add a hashtag and livestream

Chances are, all the younger guests will be taking plenty of photos and videos and posting them onto social media. Make it easy to gather all the posts in one spot by creating a custom hashtag for the party. Livestreaming a portion of the party is another great way to get the party trending. Think of something fun, like a dance routine or a fun game as the subject to livestream. Even if you don’t decide to livestream portions of the party, you may still want to record a few videos for posterity.

7. Impart some wisdom

The happy graduate may have completed one phase of their life, but chances are they are just getting started with others. Give them a step up on their future endeavors and get party guests involved by asking guests to leave words of wisdom for the graduate, either as they relate to their further education, future career, or just life in general. Leave out cards and pens for guests to fill out and set out a giant jar or box to place all these pearls of wisdom in. 

8. Fun party favors

Give your guests a small thank you memento by offering them some fun party favors to take home. You can get custom party favor bags made with the graduate’s name and date or year of graduation or party. Popcorn is always a popular treat. Or you can offer a candy buffet renamed with school-related names, like “honors roll” for tootsie rolls and “class rings” for ring pops. 

Planning an epic graduation party

You already know the graduation date, so start planning the party now. First, decide on a private party venue. Many people choose to host a graduation party at their house, either indoors or in the backyard. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of private party venues that would be perfect for your graduation party. 

Again, it pays to start your planning early so you can reserve the best spot. Consider if you want a theme on top of the graduation theme. Send out your invitations. Pick some or all of the fun ideas above, and have a great graduation party!

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