5 Incredible Ways to Enhance Your Study Abroad Experience! 3

Whether you are going for a semester abroad or a full degree, studying abroad is an enriching experience that helps you develop both personally and professionally.

However, your time abroad will pass like sand through a sieve before you can realise it. And besides aiming to perform exceptionally well in your academics, you want to explore and relish every moment of this journey by making the most out of it!

And to help you in your endeavour, we have curated this article comprising five incredible ways to enhance your study abroad trip!

Research Your Host Country Before Arriving

It is one of the most crucial tips before going abroad, which is often overlooked. You must take some time out of your busy schedule to thoroughly research your host country. It will help you to understand its culture and people better. Besides, you will save time and avoid some embarrassing situations.

For example, every country has its own set of rules regarding etiquette. What is considered respectful in one country may be inappropriate in another. So, learn about your host country’s commonly practised cultural norms before arriving there.

You should also research:

  • The weather in the city you are migrating to so that you can pack your clothes accordingly,
  • Political and economic situations of your host country,
  • Latest news
  • People, local culture and traditions
  • Pop culture, etc.

Prepare Everything Well Ahead of Time

Prepare everything before setting your foot in your host country, such as planning your Nottingham student housing, booking a flight and arranging airport pickup, taking out health insurance, and filling out the important paperwork.

Do not keep anything for the last minute as it will only cause you inconvenience and plenty of stress. So if you wish to kickstart your study abroad journey in the right frame of mind, you should prepare everything in advance, and for that purpose, you can even make a checklist so that you don’t miss out on anything important!

Get out of Your Comfort Zone!

Living away from the comfort of your home and your loved ones allows you to grow into an independent person. You are acquainted with the set lifestyle of your home country, but in your host country, everything will be new and challenging.

You might not get this opportunity of living abroad again, so learn to get out of your comfort zone to make the best use of this incredible journey! Remember, you can take advice from your family and friends on many crucial things but don’t depend on them to make decisions for you.

So go out and immerse yourself in the local way of life and make efforts to be friends with the natives. You can even choose a homestay to experience the local culture closely. Moreover, having local friends means having access to community events and celebrations!

Make Travel Plans

Migrating to a new country is nothing less than a fun-filled adventure trip. You get to see iconic tourist spots, breathtaking countrysides, historical landmarks, fascinating museums and art galleries, and whatnot! You can even prepare a bucket list of the places you want to travel to before bidding farewell to your host country!

While studying abroad, we understand that your main goal is to work hard and pass your university exams with flying colours. But you also have a life outside your academics, which you should enjoy to create fond memories. So every once in a while, step outside your Birmingham student accommodation or student room in London and plan weekend getaways with your friends by visiting off-the-beaten tracks or having a simple, fun night at nearby bars or restaurants.

Expand Your Social Network

Studying abroad provides you with an array of opportunities to expand both your personal and professional circles. You will meet many like-minded people at your university, part-time workplace, neighbourhood, student accommodation, and hobby classes (if you wish to enrol in any).

So you must socialise as much as possible. Don’t feel shy or awkward initiating conversation with a fellow student. Remember, all the students will be as nervous as you will be on the first day of your university. So be confident, attend all orientations at your uni, and socialise effectively with others. You never know that you might make a lifelong friend or a future business partner!

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5 Incredible Ways to Enhance Your Study Abroad Experience! 4

Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has gained dynamic exposure working in a varied range of industries. Her rich experience has sparked her desire to seek knowledge about the world and enlighten others with the same!

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