There are so many beautiful places to visit in Europe. If a European break appeals to you, there are some ways that you can make your trip go a little more smoothly.

Read on to discover some fantastic ways to travel smart in Europe on your next adventure.

Budget – and stick to it

A trip around Europe should begin with a strict and well thought out budget. In order to make the most of your trip and enjoy it to the full, assess your finances first. You need to budget for travel costs, accommodation, food, day trips, insurance, and more. Make a thorough list and a realistic budget – and remember to add a little extra for those unexpected events.

Research your destinations

Deciding which cities and countries you’re going to visit might be difficult, but once you’ve narrowed it down, make sure you do some thorough research. Read up on the areas you are going to visit, including some phrases that might help you get by. While most people in Europe speak at least some English, everyone is grateful when you try a little of the local language.

Plan your sightseeing

When you have researched and decided what you want to do, be realistic about it. You won’t be able to see every single thing you want and give each one enough time and attention. Ensure that you factor in travelling between destinations, and leave enough time to enjoy yourself a little. Don’t forget about rest and relaxation as well! Even a city break should involve resting your feet sometimes.

Pack carefully

It can be easy to overpack for any trip, but if you’re travelling around Europe, you want to make sure you don’t pack too heavily. Packing a little lighter makes travel easier, but check that what you pack is appropriate for the area you are visiting and the time of year you’re going.

Book flights and accommodation early

Sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous – but a trip to Europe will be more cost-effective when planned and booked in advance. When you book your flights and accommodation early on, you can save money and be safe in the knowledge that your trip is fully organised.

Get great travel insurance

Travelling without insurance might be tempting as a way to save a little money, but it could be a mistake. Travel insurance with a reputable provider like Staysure can help to keep you and your belongings that little bit safe when you travel to Europe. A decent policy will cover you for a variety of different circumstances, whether you wish to get a single trip policy or an annual policy that covers you for multiple trips.

With these little tips, you can enjoy everything about your trip to Europe feeling that little bit more confident and secure.

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