Today, copywriting has become one of the most sought-after jobs due to its creative and dynamic nature. As marketing jobs evolve, so does the demand for copywriters. With an influx of opportunities in the world of copywriting, copywriters can now extend themselves beyond just being writers. 

If you are a copywriter, you, too, can enhance your skills by exploring alternate income sources and personal growth opportunities, such as becoming a career mentor or a social media expert. With these side gigs, you will not only feel a sense of accomplishment but also construct an impressive portfolio over time. 

In this article, we will explore a range of side jobs that you can pick up as an experienced copywriter. Each of these unique side jobs leverages your core competencies and paves the road for brighter opportunities. 

Are you ready to enrich your career as a copywriter with these exciting side jobs? 

What Value Do Side Jobs Bring? 

  • Diversification and enhancement of skills: If you wish to dabble in different writing formats and styles, applying for some side jobs may just be the answer for you. With increased versatility, you can improve your copywriting skills and become flexible and adaptable as a writer. 
  • Alternative source of income: Having an extra source of income is always a bonus. Side gigs provide an extra source of income, reducing your financial burden and increasing your peace of mind. This extra income allows you to be more selective with your main projects and get better rates.
  • Networking and Exposure: Part-time jobs expand a copywriter’s professional network, allowing them to find new opportunities, collaborate with others and refer clients to others. This increased visibility can lead to bigger projects and recognition within the industry.

4 Side Jobs You Must Try Out

1. Content Strategy Consulting

If you wish to expand your professional trajectory, content strategy is an ideal route for experienced copywriting professionals. As a content strategist, you will need to create long-term content strategies that align with a brand’s goals and audience’s needs. 

Equally, you could also develop the ability to analyse content trends and audience behaviour or even explore generating strategies with consistent powerful messaging across various channels.

This is a natural evolution for copywriters, leveraging their expertise in creating compelling and engaging content. This role not only hones your strategic thinking skills but also positions you as an essential part of a brand’s communications strategy, potentially opening up higher-level roles and more diverse revenue streams.

2. SEO Specialist 

If you’re an experienced copywriter, transitioning into the role of an SEO specialist is only natural. As part of this job role, your primary objective would be to optimise your brand’s website and push rankings on different search engines.

With the help of strong writing skills and audience engagement, you can easily excel in this field. By generating persuasive and direct content, you can offer valuable information that captivates your audience while boosting traffic.

Typically, this involves having a strong hold on keyword research, following SEO trends and aligning your goals with content strategy. With a powerful combination of SEO knowledge and copywriting skills, you can produce better content and ultimately increase the brand’s visibility.

3. Social Media Management 

As part of this role, copywriters use their skill in telling captivating stories to enlighten audiences as they curate and produce interesting material for a variety of social media platforms. 

Experienced copywriters usually understand various social media outlets and their distinct audiences. However, social media management also includes maintaining a brand’s online presence, keeping an eye on public comments, and keeping up with social trends. 

While it requires constant adjustment and real-time participation, it also provides great creative fulfilment and the chance to witness the results of one’s labour up close. This position is a tempting side gig because it broadens a copywriter’s skill set and enhances their portfolio.

4. Public Relations Consulting

As a PR consultant, you essentially work with clients to create and sustain a good public image through crafting PR strategies, press release writing and media relations. With their ability to craft persuasive language and audience engagement, copywriters are well-equipped to shape public perception. 

Not only does this diversify your income stream, but it also improves your strategic communication skills and crisis management skills, making you more adaptable and marketable within the communications industry.

To Sum It Up

There are countless side job opportunities for skilled copywriters that encourage them to use their current skillsets while providing them with room to grow. These jobs not only provide financial gains but also increase adaptability and market value in the dynamically changing world of communication and media. It’s time to wear your creative hats and take the world of side jobs by storm!

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