Most students are now tech-savvy, often relying on the internet to complete the requirements that they need to pass their subjects. However, it can be quite a struggle when your internet connection doesn’t seem to cooperate with you, particularly when you are rushing to meet a deadline. Avoid these kinds of tricky situations by going for a reliable internet provider offering the best plan. This article lists down some of the best WiFi plans specifically designed to cater to students.


Southern Phone Sky Muster Plus Small Plan


If you are a student in a remote location, then the Sky Muster Plus Small Plan offered by Southern Phone will be perfect for you. This is considered one of the best WiFi plans available for students because it can provide up to 100GB for just under a hundred dollars a month. This is a great option if the ADSL is unreliable in your area and NBN is still unavailable. You need to invest in a WiFi modem though but rest assured that you will not be charged with any fees for the satellite dish that will be installed on your premises.


activ8me Sky Muster Plans


Apart from the Sky Muster plans offered by Southern Phone, you can also consider the ones offered by activ8me. What they offer is more affordable and flexible, which makes the plans perfect for students. For instance, they are offering a 300GB plan that proves to be already sufficient for most students. The best part is that the plans they offer are under a no-lock-in contract, which means that you are free to leave anytime you wish. Their plans also come with no setup and installation fees, making them reasonably priced for students.


iPrimus nbn50 Unlimited Plan


Finally, you can also consider the nbn50 Unlimited Plan offered by iPrimus that you can use even for streaming lectures and other videos required for school. For under a hundred dollars a month, you already get to enjoy unlimited data. In addition to this, if you go for a 12-month lock-in contract, you will save on setup and modem fees.


Things to Consider


As a student with a limited amount of budget, the first thing that you need to consider when looking for the best WiFi plan is the cost that you have to pay. You need to be able to balance this with the speed that you need, alongside the data that the plan offers. You also need to consider your location because there are certain plans that are only made available in urban areas. Finally, you should think about the flexibility of the plan, which encompasses its duration.


Final Word


The WiFi plans listed above are only some of the best ones that you can consider if you are on the hunt for the most reliable plan that will foster your education. There are various other plans that you can consider but the key is in evaluating your internet usage as a student. From there, you will be able to land a WiFi plan that will be able to meet your needs.


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