Writing is hard–even for professional writers. However, the effort can be profoundly rewarding. If you know exactly what you are doing, writing an essay can be an immensely pleasurable experience.

Students often forget the fact that writing is a skill that can be improved. If you put in the right effort, you can expect to write better. Here are 5 tips that can improve your essay.

1. Make an outline

Before you start writing, make sure you have a pretty good idea of what you are going to write. Making an outline is important because it gives you a sense of predictability, and some command over the task. There are some other great benefits of outlining an essay.

By making a basic outline you can also narrow down your thesis and make the most relevant arguments. The elements of the basic structure of your essay depend on what type of essay it is.  In most cases, the elements include an introduction, a body involving several paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Make sure the introduction is attention-grabbing. Use evidence in the body paragraphs to support your argument. And write a conclusion that ties all the arguments together.

2. Be careful about grammar and punctuation

Your essay will not be taken seriously if it has typos and grammatical errors. That is why every student should have a solid understanding of the basic rules of grammar. You should also know the correct uses of punctuation.

In academic papers, as a rule of thumb, active voice is preferable to passive voice. Avoid using flowery language. Be as concise as possible. Unnecessary wordiness should always be avoided.

It is sad but true that many students are incapable of producing essays with grammatically correct, coherent sentences. Time constraint is another issue. Students with part time jobs do not have enough time to writer their academic essays.

These students often use writing services to get their essays written by professional writers. If you are super busy with something, you may consider getting help. However, there is no alternative to finding your own way with words. Even if you now use the best custom writing service, you cannot keep doing that forever. Eventually you will have to do it on your own.

3. Put quality over quantity

Do not make your coursework unnecessarily lengthy. It is in fact indicates lack of clarity. If you make it lengthy, you may end up losing track and including unnecessary information.

Make every word count. Address the topic in as few words as possible. The ability to be concise actually shows your command of language. Students with a weak vocabulary tend to write lengthy pieces. You can be concise only if you have a strong vocabulary. Playing vocabulary games can help you build your vocabulary.

Professional writers working for custom writing services know it, and that is why they try hard to avoid meaningless gibberish.

4. Keep the main argument in mind

As you write your essay, keep the main argument in mind. Do not write something off the topic, even if it is interesting. Staying on the track is the key.

Question the authenticity of the evidence you are using. Be as critical as possible when analyzing the evidence. And have courage to say no if the evidence does not support your thesis. Make sure everything you write is unambiguously connected to the main topic.

5. Do not be boring

Here is a point: you can be concise and yet boring. However, by being a bit strategic, you can make your essay engaging. Make sure your style is not generic. Look at the essay from the perspective of the reader.

Do not try to be Peter Perfect either. Leave room for nuances. Discuss various aspects of the topic and go in-depth while maintaining the flow of sentences. If you read the reviews of an essay writing service, you will notice that the ability to hold interest is the main quality that sets good writers apart from the crowd.

When it comes to working on an essay, especially an academic essay, the conclusion is an overlooked part. Think about this part as an opportunity to prove your thesis. Make sure your conclusion is not a restatement of the introduction. Try to complete it in five sentences. Remember, a weakly worded, vague conclusion can ruin a well-written essay.

Final thoughts

While these tips can help you improve your writing skills to some extent, there is no silver bullet. Do not expect it to happen overnight. If you keep writing, you will write better over time. Good writing, like all good things, takes time. We hope you will do what it takes to master the art of writing great essays.



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