Most students preparing for Law School can feel like their journey to becoming a lawyer is a long and treacherous one.

There is a plethora of routes which will enable you to get your dream job as a Lawyer, it is just about discovering the right route for you. When deciding on which minor you plan to study at college your focus should be in what interests you and what sector of law you hope to practise in.

Choose wisely – the minor you choose should ignite your interest and encourage you to discover more and more, even though you might turn for some law assignment help during those busy study years. This is the time for you to brush up on your skills and prove your intelligence in all areas. By proving yourself as a well-rounded individual you will have a better chance of getting accepted into top Law Schools globally, here are some of the top minors to study to help you achieve this.

STEM Minors

According to the Study Prep Lounge team some of the best admission rates into Law School come from Mathematics and Science focused undergraduate degrees. This is due to the general conception that taking a STEM based minor, or major, is considerably harder than other courses. This helps to solidify the idea of you as a student being academically gifted and talented, which of course is what any Law School is looking for in their applicants. As these applicants are much rarer, they are almost guaranteed a space at most respectable Law Schools.

The basis of this argument stems from proving your own interests and how they can benefit you in your line of work, for example a student minoring in Chemistry may be an exceptional chemist, thus they could be a brilliant lawyer for a drug company This is because of their own personal knowledge of the topic and commercial awareness.

Political Science Minor

The benefits for minoring in political science are very rewarding for students hoping to further their academic knowledge through Law School. This subject prepares students in a professional capacity, it improves your public speaking confidence and reading and writing skills massively. By focusing on political sciences as a minor you prove your interest in the governments systems, increase your knowledge on the Constitution and an understand the development of the courts systems and proceedings, all of which highlighting a massive advantage for your acceptance into Law School.

Psychology Minor

Taking a Psychology minor at undergraduate level can be just the edge that rewards you with acceptance into many Law Schools. As Psychology is the study of human behaviour, by choosing this subject as a minor you may be able to offer insightful information with regards to justice, human behaviour and regulations affects on humans.

The Law shapes society, by having some in-depth knowledge of society, their actions and their behaviours these subjects really do work hand in hand to give a full understanding of the justice system and those going through it.

Best Minors to Take for Law School 3

Criminal Justice Minor

A Criminal Justice minor will give you some valuable insight into legal education and jurisdictions, plus it allows for the concept of justice to be understood from both criminals and victims’ viewpoints. Undergoing a minor in criminal justice is a great steppingstone for anyone looking to get into Law School.

This minor may also help you shape exactly which area of Law that you hope to focus on, by being exposed to both the victims and criminals’ views and proceedings you may find it easier to focus in on a specific part of Law. This could be very advantageous when coming to apply for Law School as you may have a clear path of hopeful future job prospects.

English Minor

Like with any minor, or major, focusing on something you love or enjoy is the most important concept to follow, that way you can truly achieve, and it is not as testing or difficult. By focusing on an English-based minor this can help you prepare for the LSAT and the general rigor of Law School.

Minoring in an English-based subject allows you to focus on building your writing and analytical skills through working with literature. These are transferrable skills which can be used when you are working on anything which requires logic and reasoning. Students with a great knowledge of English are statistically better at creating meaningful arguments and getting their key points across, this is a massive bonus to anyone considering Law School after college.

Best Minors to Take for Law School 4

Pre-Law Minor

Choosing Pre-Law as a minor shows Law Schools that you have always been dedicated to becoming a lawyer for years. This is a benefit when compared to those applicants which have been focusing on another subject, then they apply for Law School because you are unsure of what to do next.

Another benefit of choosing Pre-Law in college would have to be that the shock of Law School and the structure of lessons and tutorials would be lessened as you have had this experience already. There are some positives for choosing Pre-Law as an area to study, but this does not guarantee your admittance into Law School or put you above anyone else who did not study Pre-Law.


The best advice that should be remembered before choosing your minor at college is, what are you good at and what do you enjoy. Your overall grades will be the defining feature of your Law School application, so choosing a minor that will prove your intelligence will give you a better chance of getting into any Law School as opposed to trying to fit the path of those which have already been accepted. If you can prove your smart enough to be a lawyer and have the right personality and mindset to do the job, you will get accepted into Law School.

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