It seems like only yesterday you were waving goodbye to your child on their first day of school. Flash forward 18 years and you’re now waving goodbye again as they enter their senior year. The last year of high school brings about a lot of emotions such as pride, happiness and possibly even a few more tears as your high schooler enters young adulthood and plans for their future.

As exciting as graduating high school is, now’s the time for your teen to focus and really give it all he or she has. But if they’re like most, they’ll probably develop a case of “senioritis” at some point. This means they may not devote as much time or thought to their studies as they used to. Unfortunately, not finishing strong can have a negative effect of their GPA, often resulting in not being accepted to their chosen university. If you’re looking for ways to help your senior finish high school with flying colors, tutoring might be the answer. Below are benefits of working with a tutor as a senior.

Higher GPA

Even an honor roll student can struggle their senior year. After all, they’ve put in almost four years of hard work and dedication and now they want to take a breather. As tempting as it is to let grades slip, now’s the time to really put in the work. Working with a tutor can help boost your child’s GPA and help them complete their final year with the grades they deserve. It also allows them to enjoy their senior year without struggling to complete difficult assignments.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Teenagers, especially ones who are between the ages of 17 and 18, often struggle with fitting in. They’re going through so many physical and emotional changes, it’s no wonder that their self-confidence may start to dwindle when they aren’t performing academically. Enlisting the help of a tutor can transform the way your child feels about their last year in high school. Having undivided attention allows them to work through any issues they have when it comes to understanding their schoolwork. In turn, it also lays groundwork easier transition into their first year of college.

When it comes to the finances and paying for college, you also need to consider the tuition costs. If by chance your child isn’t eligible for a scholarship or grant, you can always apply for a private parent loan. These types of loans are based off your financial worthiness, which usually yields lower interest rates and better repayment options as well.

Personalized Lesson Plans

Think about when you were in high school during your final year. How rowdy did classes get? While goofing off a bit is to be expected, it can be so distracting that your senior’s grades start to drop. Tutoring can help your child study at home during a time when classroom retention might be dipping. And if they suffer from a learning disability, they might not grasp all of the little details that go into the assignments. Getting a tutor involved can make understanding more complex assignments easier and make life a little less stressful at home.

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