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You’ve seen parents in movies wave goodbye to their children when they leave for college. Even if you picture your own child in front of their dream university, you might not be brave enough to let go.

As a parent, it is normal to ask questions like “How will you manage without us?”, “What will you eat? You don’t even know how to cook!”, ” You know you will have to do all the chores on your own?” It is totally natural for you to feel apprehensive about these big steps that now your rather ‘small’ child is taking.

Yet, you shall choose to look at the brighter side of this whole situation. You can start off by realising how independent your child would become, how they’ll get the chance to learn and adapt to new things and become independent.

8 Reasons To Support Your Child To Study Abroad

Consider that your child is at a stage of their life where they are on a bicycle, and there is a rocky road ahead of them. The only way that they can get past it is with your support for the first initial distance. We know you could be sceptical about the hurdles in their way, but you shall let them go after some time in order for them to truly reach their ultimate destination.

Many parents don’t realise how much their support means to their children during this time of transition. So, let us share a few of the many reasons why you should support your children in their study abroad journey rather than stopping them.

Grow Independent

Your child’s needs, from nutritious food to clean uniforms, were compassionately met while they were under your care. Now when you’re confronted with the reality of your child living overseas, They would almost certainly encounter problems during their time abroad, but these are all opportunities for your child to learn essential life skills, such as problem-solving and creative thought and action—managing their day to day lives.

Learning to make better choices and decisions

Choosing a college can be difficult, but providing your child with the power to make this decision is crucial. That’s where they’ll learn how to assess advantages and disadvantages and conduct a thorough study before making a decision. Following that, they will feel confident enough to make other day-to-day and more important decisions on their own, such as choosing the correct social circle, planning their studies and career, evaluating a specialisation for post-graduation, and deciding what kind of job to pursue, among other things.

These discoveries will shape their actions and educate them on how to make independent, as well as well thought judgments.

Learning a new language and networking

Aside from the usual advantages of bilingualism, learning another language proficiently opens up professional opportunities all over the world. Studying abroad and residing in student accommodation in London, Manchester and other such places will also expose your child to professionals and students with similar interests. The advantages of building a network while studying abroad are numerous, ranging from future work colleagues to lifelong connections.

Believe us when we say that it is not that hard to say goodbye for just a while.

And even though we believe that it is the best option for your child to study abroad for numerous, never-ending reasons, we also comprehend the thoughts that must be going on in your head as a parent.

Technology has got us closer

You can communicate with your child via email, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and other methods. See what works best for both of you.

Pre Decide a time to talk

Doing this establishes the proper expectations for both parents and children when you decide when to communicate ahead of time. You know when to talk to each other and how often to communicate without invading each other’s personal space. When your child has settled into their curriculum, it is usually the greatest time to make this choice. They will be able to plan more confidently about their time schedules and plans at this point.

Emotional support is very important

Sending them to another country is difficult for both parents and children. Participate in their decisions, and encourage and motivate them to thrive. Remember that your emotional support might sometimes be more beneficial than your monetary support.

Opportunities abroad

Employers are particularly interested in graduates who have decided to study abroad. They will notice that your child has boldness, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and a grasp of how other people work and think while pursuing a degree abroad. This experience puts your child ahead in the race when it comes to internships and job applications.

Complete exposure and wholesome use of their talent

Learning several different approaches to dealing with diverse situations, managing time between studies and part-time employment, experiencing international teaching methods, and dealing with a multicultural crowd are benefits of studying abroad. This, in turn, helps your child better understand the subject and life in general.

Students who study abroad have a more informed perspective and a broader view of other cultures and people. Whether they’re studying science, politics, or finance, the ability to think globally will help them address current challenges and develop inventive answers in the future. They’ll graduate with a more diverse collection of experiences, allowing them to think more freely and creatively. Your child will learn new things about their own country and culture as they learn to see the world through diverse glasses.

ROI/job market

Your child will make connections through their university, as well as its partner universities while studying abroad. Colleges allow students to participate in exchange programmes and earn additional degrees from connected universities. They’ll learn to fend for themselves away from home if they live and study abroad. Your child will be compelled to take the initiative and solve difficulties regularly, whether it’s registering with a local doctor, cooking a meal from scratch without recognisable ingredients, or even calling a locksmith in a foreign language if they’ve locked themselves out! Applying level-headed, pragmatic problem-solving skills in the commercial world will be a snap after that.

Final thoughts

The culture and environment of a new city enhance a student’s confidence. If they like the choices they’ve made, they’ll go out of their way to make sure they take advantage of all available options. Ambition, self-reliance, and, ultimately, self-growth will be instilled in them by the environment around them. It is critical that, as a parent, you should not obstruct their development by putting your decisions on them. You will surely have concerns and fears for their safety, but it is critical that you make a greater decision for their career and progress.

So, give your child a pat on the back and let them fly as high as they can in their study abroad journey!

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Why Should You Not Stop Your Child From Studying In Abroad 4

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