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Top Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Top Scholarships in Australia for International Students 1

Are you planning to study abroad? If you have any enquiry about the same, you can go for the option of additional reading to suffice your knowledge. As per a study report, it is estimated that over 753,000 students were studying in leading universities abroad. The number is only going to soar once the pandemic ends.

Out of all the options available, Australia is a highly sought-after destination for pursuing higher education for international students. It is estimated that almost 800,000 students every year choose Australia as the preferred destination abroad to pursue higher education. Given the highest standards of living and world-class education level, students from different parts of the world select Australia as their dream destination.

Which Scholarship to Take Up to Study Abroad in Australia?

Study abroad –especially in Australia, can be a highly rewarding experience. While the opportunity appears lucrative, still there are several factors to consider. The overall expenses –including tuition and living expenses, can be overwhelming.

For your ease, you can easily come across a wide number of universities and educational institutions in the country offering access to lucrative scholarship schemes for international students. These government-based scholarship programs for international students in Australia can help in mitigating the overall costs associated with higher education abroad. The scholarships are responsible for covering tuition fees and living costs. In some cases, the programs might also offer the students a lucrative stipend to cover day-to-day expenses.

Some leading scholarship programs for international students in Australia are:


Through this program, one can get full waiver of a major chunk of expenses while studying abroad –including full tuition fees, accommodation costs, allowances for study materials. The applications for the program are launched during February and last till April.




The given scholarship program is made available by all universities in the country. This is why Australia is a highly preferred destination for international students in the field of research. The applications commence during October’s first week and last until January end.



Here, you can get access to both Undergraduate as well as Post-graduate scholarship programs. The given programs are valued to around AUD 5000 annually. The applications remain open during first week of May.



The program has its partnership with leading educational and research institutions across the country. The scholarship programs are mostly available around December end every year.


With a myriad of effective scholarship programs for international students in Australia, you can easily fulfill your dream of studying abroad in this world-class nation. Know about the eligibility criteria for the desired scholarship program and start preparing for the same in advance. All the best for your lucrative career!

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