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Top Fashion Business Schools in Europe

Top Fashion Business Schools in Europe 1

The fashion industry is not just limited to design and creativity; it consists of layers of diverse support departments that are the pillars of the luxury and the limelight of the fashion industry.

Fashion is subjective and therefore is a great career choice; it allows you to work, gives exposure to a substantial range of originality, and focuses on unique personal individuality. Even though the fashion business is extensive, there are 22 different types of fashion businesses. Always trust the process and go with the flow; no career choice will ever fritter away. 

Europe is the fashion capital. Talk about all the top luxury brands; most of them were initiated in Europe, and the history of western fashion is considered the most well-known in the world. The first fashion designer is believed to be Charles Fredrick Worth, who ran a fashion house in Paris. Studying fashion in Europe and experiencing the royalty of fashion-centric cities, art, and architecture is a dream come true even International student accommodation in Europe is beautifully guarded. Following are the Top fashion business schools in Europe:

1.London College of Fashion, the UK

London college of fashion is inherent of the University of the Arts London, located in John Prince’s St Marylebone, London. It offers an array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and short-term courses, training in makeup, beauty therapy and the lifestyle industries. London college of fashion is the only college in Britain to particularise in fashion studies, consultancy and research. LCF has a separate school for the fashion business, and a global reputation in specialised fashion courses amuses it and presents fashion as a globally and economically important sector. You can also find affordable and desirable student housing near LCF. The following are the undergraduate and postgraduate courses you might be interested in – 

2.Aalto University of School Art, Design and Architecture – Helsinki, Finland

Founded in 1871, Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture is second-ranked by CEOWORLD Magazine, known for research projects and industrial collaborations. They have five organised departments, including Design and management; the following are the Postgraduate courses similar to fashion Business – 

3.Istituto Marangoni International – Italy

Located in the fashion hub of Milan, Istituto Marangoni is a well-known fashion and design school with branches in Florance, London, Paris, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Miami and Mumbai. It has an impressive set of courses in the fashion business like Luxury brand management, fashion Retail management, Fashion communication, etc. Istituto Marangoni was established in 1935 and has served the fashion industry with designers and Fashion experts like Franco Moschino, founder of Moschino, Domenico Dolce, Co-Founder of Dolce and Gabbana. Alessandra Facchinetti, a Famous creative director who served at Tod’s, Gucci and Valentino, and there are many more. IM has a wide range of fashion Business courses; below are the few courses they offer –

4.Polimoda – Italy

Polimoda is a private fashion school located in Florance, Italy. Founded by Shirley Goodman in 1986 with an excellent scope of fashion design, business and creative courses. The Polimoda campus is ranked among the top ten fashion schools globally and has the three best architectural campuses in Florance one is the historic Villa Favard, the contemporary lab and the new campus inside Manifattura Tabacchi. The best thing about Polimoda is that they provide a compulsory 3-month internship towards the end of your courses which will define and help you gain expert knowledge of your specialised course. Polimoda provides undergraduate, postgraduate and short-term courses, fashion business courses are as follows –

5.ESMOD Paris, France 

Established in 1841, ESMOD is a private Fashion School in the heart of Paris. It is also the first to introduce fashion business courses entirely dedicated to fashion and helping its students develop stronger visions and aspects of greater career opportunities. ESMOD school of Fashion business has a global perspective, and its teaching methods are well-defined to sharpen higher education with critical thinking and master the art of fashion business. The location itself brings an excellent opportunity to explore and learn. With a determined set of programmes, ESMOD has the following courses similar to the fashion business – 

6.Central Saint Martins, the UK

Formed in 1989, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design is located in London, England, and is a public tertiary art school. It specialised in all form of art and design programmes, from digital to business; the creative platform arises and set up the most fulfilling dive educationally and professionally, which helps in gathering the most qualified informative knowledge and polishes their students. The courses offered by Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design are followed by UAL, University of Arts London and has the following programs –

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