Sometimes the overhead source of light can be too much or even not enough for your reading, especially if you live in a dorm. Wait, have you thought of any means of adding or controlling light in your dorm? Why can’t you add a lamp on your desk and light up your dorm anytime during the night without disturbing your roommate? We have even made it easier for you. Here is a list of the best dorm lamps to choose the one that pleases you.

Tao Tronics LED lamp

Tao Tronic LED lamp is a lamp that produces a flickering light, brightening your space without harming your eyes and is the best for reading, studying, and even working.

You can create a perfect ambiance with the Tao Tronics LED lamp by combining five color modes and seven brightness levels.  You can also charge your phone using this lamp as it has an inbuilt charging system to help you keep your phone charged always.

With Tao Tronics led lamp, you got the freedom casting the perfect spotlight, tilting the head up to 135 degrees and swivel 90 degrees. Also, you can tilt the base up to 150 degrees and swivel it up to 45 degrees. You get to feature the unique environment by switching your traditional desk lamp to Tao Tronic LED lamp to minimize electricity usage by up to 75%.

  • Possibility of endless lighting
  • Energy saving
  • Built-in charging system and touch control
  • Fully adjustable angles
  • easy to use and worthy the price
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile lamp

    Novolido Rechargeable Desk Lamp

    Novolido rechargeable desk lamp is a multi-functional lamp with a pen holder for convenient storage, a mobile phone holder, and an inbuilt charging system for phone charging. However, we recommend using the USB port when the lamp is fully charged.

    It produces soft light brightness, offering protection to your eyes, saving your energy, preventing radiations, and lasts long. NivoLido rechargeable desk lamp has a flexible metal hose that can be bent at any angle, giving you a chance to adjust the lamp easily to direct light to whatever point you want.

    The lamp is rechargeable and needs to be charged using a 5V-1A charger for exactly 3 hours but can be used continuously for 10 hours, even with no electricity in your dorm.

    • Portable and easily adjustable
    • Its switch Is easy to tap in the dark
    • Versatility
    • Produces enough brightness
    • Relatively light in weight
    • Relatively small than expected

    JUKSTG 64 Pcs Table Lamp

    It’s a table lamp with 50 brightness options to cater to the needs of several different situations, and it’s a perfect choice for working, studying, drawing, and relaxing.

    The manufacturer has designed JUKSG 64 pcs table lamp with 64 complete high-quality lamp beads that make it shine flicker-free on ghost and produce an anti-blue light hence making it brighter and eco friendly.  Besides, it has five levels for adjusting color temperature producing stable and bright light that facilitates clean reading and studying without eye struggle and fatigue.

    This lamp comes with a touch-sensitive panel to enable you to control power, brightness, and lighting modes with a simple figure slide. It also comes with the freedom to adjust the head and the base to the desired angle.

    • It’s very bright
    • Eye caring and eye-friendly
    • Touch-sensitive panel and memory functioning
    • Multiple angle adjustment
    • Elegance and durability
    • Round design providing uniform and soft light
    • Annoying background flicker

    LEPOWER metal desk lamp is made with a high-quality metal lampshade and base that is heavy duty and aesthetic to brighten your room to the level best. The LEPOWER metal desk lamp has an adjustable clamp on the head to enable the light to point at any area that you want. This lamp can stand on the desk, or you can clip it on the table with the clamp with the maximum gap for adjustment being one inch.

    When you buy it, be aware that the bulb is not included in the package. We recommend using the 4W -6W bulb and screw it on the E26 size bulb screw base on the lamp. You can always save space on the desk by compacting the lamp hence creating enough space for placing other things you may be using.

    • Use universal E26 size screw base
    • Multi-angle adjustable
    • Easy to assemble
    • Sufficient light and brightness
    • Comes without the bulb

    Touch Desk Lamp

    The touch desk lamp is a lamp that will combine your favorite smart lamp features into one LCD screen. With a touch desk lamp, you can set the alarm, read the calendar and time, room temperature, and use it as a flop for your mobile phone.

    Suppose you strain your eye while reading. This lamp, with three lighting modes: neutral, warm, and blue, enables you to choose one that suits your reading environment. It comes with touch control for easy use. You can quickly view the lamp’s various smart lamp features through the LCD and change settings via the touch panel.

    You can use it for several hours and place it anywhere since it’s wireless. Its head rotates for 180 degrees, and it folds in for convenient storage and space-saving.

    • User friendly
    • Flexible design
    • Color and temperature settings
    • Portable

      PINSOON LED Desk Lamp

      It’s a lamp that is made so that it adds a little style in your office, dorm room, or study room but with a strikingly modern aesthetic. It can illuminate your desk in a perfect way with thick stability that prevents it from falling over.

      You can save energy by up to 85% while using 5W bulbs. PINSOON LED desk lamp comes with classic white bulbs and soft white bulbs giving you a chance to choose what suits you. With the two bulbs, you have a backup in case one burns out.

      It’s an easy to operate lamp even with no experience as you only need to flip the on and off switch found on the wooden base. However, with the standard voltage and plug of 110 V – 120V, this lamp is specifically meant for the USA.

      • Flexible  and durable
      • 85% energy saving
      • Great and quality light
      • Durable  and long-lasting
      • Only compatible in the USA

      Industrial Table Lamp

      The industrial table lamp is a dimmable desk lamp designed with adjustable brightness choice by rotating the switch to the level of preference, depending on what you do. You can use the brightest light for reading and the dimmest for nightstand mode with no step design providing more choice to meet all your needs. The industrial desk lamp is equipped with a 6W bulb, which can save energy bills to at least 90%, and a USB charging port that charges whether the lamp is on or off.

      You can be assured of warmth, soft, non-flickering light, natural light, and eye protection in your room with this lamp. With the modern minimalist designs, the industrial desk lamp comes with a heavy-duty tubular metal body and stylish glass shade to give it an industrial look.

      It has a 16.3-inch stand height, 5.9-inch base diameter, 61-inch wire length, and a 4.9-inch height by 4.7-inch width glass lampshade to save your space while allowing you to place it where you want for easier access. It’s recommendable to buy after confirming the size.

      • Fully dimmable
      • USB  charging port
      • Economic and energy saving
      • Easy to assemble
      • Warmth in the room
      • Relatively small in size

      Desk Lamp

      This is the newest LED technology in the market. It uses low voltage and direct current while emitting non-flickering lights, making it convenient for reading and working. It’s suitable for use in the dorm, office, bedroom, etc.

      With a Desk lamp, there is no infrared, no dazzling, and no radiation, which is not environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful elements like mercury, which is not conducive for secondary use and recycling.

      This lamp comes with 30 dimmable choices that you can choose by pressing the push button to light the room up to your preferred level. It has a clamp that mounts easily on your desk, and if you don’t want the swing hand lamp, you can comfortably fold it up and push it away from you and won’t take much of your desktop space.

      Compared with other lamp structures, its shade adopts the wood designs, increasing the heat dissipation area by 80% while ensuring lead luminous efficiency and prolonged lifespan.

      • Easy to install
      • Excellent, versatile, and quality brightness
      • Flexible
      • Durable and long-lasting
      • Simple and beautiful

        Dorm Room Lamps

        Doing your studies does not need to be a brawl when you have the best lamp for use in the dorm. Avoid disruption to your roommate with the overhead light. Perhaps you got a different time table such that you like reading at night and you don’t want the light filling the whole room. We have given you the best solution that you will never get anywhere else. A list of the best dorm lamps you can get and read comfortably. They are tested and proven, and you don’t need to have any doubts. Click the link and get to order one for yourself, then come back and thank me later.

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