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can you attend two colleges at once

Can You Attend Two Colleges at Once? Well, It Depends

This question sounds stupid, but you may want to really know whether it’s possible to attend two colleges at once. This rings true for you especially if you have split interest between two different courses, say sciences and arts. So, you may ask yourself this question to avoid one course from going to waste over …

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Spring Break Safety Tips for College Students

Every year, millions of college students head out for the spring break, a peak travel period that poses many serious risks for college men and women. Truth be told, the spring break, however, fun it may seem to be, can result in many unpleasant consequences such as poisoning, alcohol and drug abuse, injuries, sexual assaults, …

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Cram for an Exam

Hey slacker, you’re not alone in this as we have all been there. At times, you’ll start out the term full of energy and determination. You have lots of motivation. You promise yourself and anyone who cares to listen that this time round, things are going to be different- you’ll attend all lectures, handle all …

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