Now you’ve got the grades and know you’re heading to the university of your dreams,  you’ve probably started to think about what you need to pack. 


Our handy checklist will help to give you an idea of the essentials and what you can leave behind.


You might also have course-specific items you need to buy before you head off, so it’s worth checking your induction pack or directly with your university too.


Depending on which student accommodation provider you have chosen, some items might be included for you. Get in touch with your student accommodation and ask them to provide you with a full list of amenities available to you. 


While it can be tempting to pack everything in your wardrobe or go on a spending spree before your first term, remember that your fashion sense will probably change during your time at university. 


That being said, there are some items of clothing you don’t want to forget, such as:


Pyjamas – Bring a few pairs you don’t mind strangers seeing you in, especially if your bathroom is communal.


Dressing gown –  Comfort is key!


Slippers/sliders – Bare feet can get cold in winter.


A good coat – You might have to walk to lectures and the weather can be unpredictable.


Sports clothes – Whether you’re planning on joining a society or just want to hit the gym occasionally, trainers and shorts will be handy.


Fancy dress outfits – Freshers and societies nearly always have at least one fancy dress night a semester so take what you can from your current wardrobe and buy additional items once you get to uni.


Think about what else you might get up to during your time at university. Maybe you’ll go skiing or go to a formal dinner – try and pack for those too.


Whether you have shared kitchen facilities or a private space to yourself, there are some essentials you’ll need to remember to kit out your kitchen with.


It’s important to think about what your future housemates might bring too, you don’t want to end up with ten toastie makers!


You can also check ahead with your accommodation to see what they provide. Often your kitchen area will already have a kettle, toaster and mini-fridge in your room.


There are some things you’ll need to bring with you though:


Cutlery – we’d recommend a set as some will inevitably go missing in the dishwasher!

Mugs – Don’t bring your favourite, they might get broken.

Glasses – Buy a set you don’t mind losing or damaging as you’ll most likely leave them at future flat parties.

Plates and bowls – Bring a large plate, side plate and some bowls for pasta and soup

A set of pans – You may be able to share with housemates, but it’s good to be prepared.

Sharp knives – Ditto, make sure you have one suitable for meat, bread and vegetables.

Tea towels – Just remember to wash them frequently!


This is just a starting point, you’ll also need to think about cleaning products and any specific food items you need, especially if you have dietary requirements.



Your accommodation will vary in what is provided, but the below list will stand you in good stead.


For your bed:

Mattress protector – Just one of these will see you through the year.

Sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases – Get a few sets so you’ll have a spare for laundry day.

Duvet – You’ll be able to contact your accommodation provider to find out what size your bed will be.

Pillows – Buy two for comfort. 


Non-essentials to make your room comfortable and cosy:

Blankets – Keep warm in winter and add some colour to your room.

Cushions – Add your personal touch to make your room feel more like home.

Mattress topper – For added comfort and luxury.

Ornaments and accessories – Put your stamp on your room with trinkets.

Houseplants – They’ll look great in your room, and it’ll impress your housemates if you can keep them alive!


Tech and study aides

Get in touch with your lecturers before you start to get an extensive list of what you’ll need, but here’s a quick overview:


A good quality laptop and case – You’ll need to write essays, watch online seminars and apply for jobs on this device.

Writing equipment – Pens, notebooks and even an old school diary might come in handy throughout the year.

Textbooks – Any course aides or required reading you’ll need.

Important documents

Whether you’re a domestic or international student, there are documents required for your time at university. 


Where applicable, you’ll need the following:


Passport – You may need this as a form of ID, or if you take a trip with your course or society.

Driving licence – Again, a form of ID, but you may wish to rent a car during your time at uni.

Medical insurance details – Depending on the country you study in, you may need proof of medical insurance in the event you need assistance.


You should check with your university before setting off for any other important documentation you may need.


It may seem a lot to remember before you head off, but it’s also important not to worry if you forget something. There will be shops near your accommodation where you can pick up anything you didn’t get before you left.


Don’t forget you’ll need to transport all your stuff to university somehow, and there are lots of items worth waiting to buy until you’ve settled in, especially for the kitchen and any clothing. 


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