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How to get inspired to write an outstanding university essay?


An inspired student produces the most compelling essay. The essay is easier to write and will earn you the best grades. Such essays go on to win awards, grants, and scholarships, beyond raising your profile in academic work.

Writing inspiration disappears because of fatigue or lost concentration. The subject of your essay may also cause you to lose inspiration in writing. A look at these thoughtful problem solutions topics will help you to choose the best topic for your essay.

Here are excellent ideas to get inspiration when writing an essay, resulting in the best grades and academic papers.

Follow your passion

Passion is a great source of inspiration whenever you are writing an essay. It means that you choose a topic in an area you love studying. Passion results in insightful ideas because your mind already loves the topic. When given a chance, choose a topic or subject that you are passionate about.

Passion gives you extra energy to keep researching and writing even when tired. In the process, you interact with many other ideas. Due to such interactions, you produce a compelling paper. It comes with new ideas and the most insightful presentation.

Read recommendations from other writers

Have you run out of ideas to write your essay? Do you feel like you are repeating arguments made by other authors? Well, there is a goldmine where you can get fresh ideas and suggestions for essay topics. Read the recommendation section in other essays, articles, and books.

The recommendation section captures deductions of the writer after going through numerous academic materials. Some of these recommendations include areas that require more research. Take the challenge and base your topic on some of these suggested areas.

The essay or book will already have provided a background. It means that you have a head start in your writing. Since recommendations come from other scholars, especially focusing on areas with missing links, you will be adding new information in the academic field. It makes your essay insightful to read.

Watch the latest news

Academic writing requires an exploration of the latest ideas in a particular discipline. News items on television and other sources also cover the latest discoveries, policies, and innovations. News anchors and reporters also highlight the challenges people are facing in different sectors. As a scholar, you have the responsibility of providing solutions.

News items are some of the most reliable sources of writing inspiration. Because reporters gather news from different sources, you are assured that the solution you will offer is not available anywhere else. Further, reporters interview experts in different fields. These experts will give you insights that will shape your essay into a captivating one, especially based on new ideas.

Discuss your idea with peers and seniors

Unlock your inspiration by discussing ideas with peers and seniors. You will discover that your peers are also struggling with the same challenges of inspiration. As you discuss, it becomes easier to write your paper.

Peers could also be more knowledgeable on the subject than your area. Some have written similar essays in the past. They use their experience to help you solve the challenges you might be experiencing.

Seniors are in an even better position to help than your classmates. They have tackled similar papers when they were at your level. Today they could be tackling more challenging papers. Their experience will help you to produce a more compelling paper.

Talk to your tutor about your writing predicament as well. Though your tutor has issued the assignment, he will help you when stuck or lacking inspiration. The teacher may suggest new materials or techniques unlock your writing. Assistance from tutors is more reliable because they have experience in essay writing and are driven by the need to help you perform better instead of earning profit from helping you.

Research more

Research the topic or subject you would like to discuss. If you are midway through the essay, read more materials to generate insight. It will give you a new perspective on the topic or subject you are exploring.

Inspiration could also have faded because you have exhausted the ideas in the reference materials you are using. It is time to use other materials to expand your understanding of the topic. In case you have been using books, you could turn to journal articles and videos. You might also consider changing publishers and authors to get a new perspective of the same idea.

Look for materials that do not support your perspective on the topic. It unlocks your thinking about the subject because you have a different perspective from what you are used to. The new perspective becomes a source of inspiration. You have more reason to support the angle you have taken in your argument.

Advance a previous idea

A student at any level will write numerous essays each semester. However, the length of the essay limits how far you can discuss an idea. Once you get to the university, you are free to write longer essays. Take advantage of the opportunity to revisit an essay that you could have felt was not addressed satisfactorily.

You may also choose to advance an idea discussed by another student or writer. If you feel that you can add more insights to the discussion, it is allowed. All you will need is to credit the old idea to the original writer and stake clearly that you are adding to the discussion.

Take a break

Take a break from academic work. Too much time spent on books and scholarly materials results in mental fatigue. Your inspiration to write will fade. It becomes difficult for your mind to generate new ideas. Even the speed at which you write will reduce. Once you get to this point, it is time to take a break.

Drop your books and take a walk for a few minutes. Visit your friend, watch a movie, take a shower, play a game, or even sleep. Such activities allow the mind and body to recharge. You will return to the assignment with more vigor, helping you to craft more compelling ideas in your paper.

Try to take your mind off the assignment. Leaving the desk but continuing to think about the topic will not add any value. The break will work best when you engage in physical activities that distract you completely from thinking about the assignment.

Visit a related scene

The mind is limited in imagination. You can unlock your imagination and inspiration by visiting a scene where the events you are analyzing or debating in your essay take place. You will experience the scenes from a new perspective, helping you to produce more insightful ideas.

A student writing a history essay can visit a historic site. The experience of being in a park where the actual American Civil War happened will ignite your imagination. A medicine student can visit the theater or interact with patients. If you are studying sports, you can choose to go for a game. Such experiences give you new experiences that will change your perspective.

Read winning essays from the past

Other students and scholars have written similar essays in the past. While the essays might not be on the same subject and topic, you can learn a lot from these essays. Visit the library and read through their ideas.

Previous winning essays are written with incredible professionalism. The essays are on familiar topics and within your university grade. You, therefore, have a chance to learn from students who write essays similar to what you are expected to produce. Imitate the style used by these winning writers in your paper. However, do not copy what the other writers have done in their papers. It counts as plagiarism and will affect your performance.

Find a new place to work

An old and obvious working desk could be taking away your inspiration. Look for a new place to write your essays. Leave your room and go to the library. If you have been working from the library, it could be time to visit the park. The new scenery becomes a source of inspiration.

A new place causes your mind to relax. The site of a different horizon is also an excellent source of inspiration. Both the body and the mind will feel relaxed, enabling them to produce insightful ideas.


Hit a few minutes in the gym and your inspiration will rise. The energy flow associated with exercising in the gym ignites your imagination. You will feel ready and energized to work on your essay. You can even workout while thinking about the ideas you are exploring in your essay. By the time you return to writing the paper, you will have more ideas to discuss.

There are many ways to reignite your inspiration when writing an essay. Choose a trick that works for you, especially based on the challenge you are facing at the moment. Evaluate your writing process from time to time to determine the point at which your writing inspiration is fading.

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