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How to Create a Successful Language Learning Platform?

How to Create a Successful Language Learning Platform? 2
How to Create a Successful Language Learning Platform? 1

Knowing a different language is always considered to be a significant asset. There are many high-paying roles in the service sector that require a person proficient in dealing with a set of different languages daily. There is a tremendous demand for translators in the business sector or even the legal industry, not only in the service sector. The days are far behind when learning a new language was just considered a side gig or a hobby. People have realized the benefits of learning a language. With this realization, the demand for language courses has skyrocketed. Coaches from all across the globe have started learning how to make a language learning website. Hosting and creating an online language platform is one of the most profitable niches in the online education sector. This article will guide you on how to make a language learning website.

The suitable business model for language platform

The night school business model is known to be the best for skilled-based courses. This model allows you to host a course that teaches a specific skill. Under this model, you will receive a one-time full payment once the student enrolls for the course.

Usually, self-paced courses don’t work well in terms of language. When people learn a language, the actual interaction with the native speakers matters the most, which can only be achieved by following a fixed roadmap. Under the night school business model, the students must follow a set course structure ideal for learning a language. Top language learning platforms like Verbling use this business model for their language learning courses. The business model allows getting a tremendous amount of money at a single go due to the one full-time payment method.

3 approaches to create a language learning platform like Verbling

While building a language learning platform, it is important to take inspiration from a website or forum that is already doing great in the domain. Verbling is one of the top language learning platforms available on the internet, and in this section, we will discuss various approaches to design a platform similar to Verbling.

  1. Building from scratch: If you have excellent in-hand experience in web development, then this method is the most suitable for you. But if you have no prior experience in creating a website, this process can be highly exhausting for an individual. You need to master the art of writing complicated sequences of code. Also, you can never disregard the tiresome planning of UI/UX of the website. You need to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to create separate landing pages, admin pages, payment pages, features pages, and more. It takes approximately 1000+ hours to build all these features and pages. Usually, companies hire an entire team of experts to make their websites from scratch. The method promises authenticity but also might cut a big hole in your pockets.
  1. Ready-made solutions: Tutoring management software are great when it comes to building your language learning platform. This software saves from you doing all the heavy lifting, including the coding part. The best part is you can customize the platform according to your needs once you have purchased the product. Tutoring management solutions are great as they save a lot of your time in the website creation process. To ensure that your platform includes all the powerful features like Verbling, it loads your website with powerful APIs like Zoom, Paypal, Stripe, etc. You can always refer to tutoring management solutions like Pinlearn you get the desired results for your language learning platform. These software work on a one-time payment model, and they start at $399.
  1. SAAS solutions: SAAS stands for Software as a service. It is a software distribution model where one cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to end-users over the internet. An independent software vendor (ISV) may contract a third-party cloud provider to host the application in this model. You can use these services to build your online language learning platform. In return, you will have to make recurring payments for using the services.

As a beginner, the information above should help you understand how to make language learning software. Each method has its own advantage, and as the platform, you must find the plan that sounds most feasible according to your available resources. By doing so, you will minimize the expenditure and the time required to get the platform going. The key to opening a successful language learning platform is to perform proper research before starting the run. We hope the article will prove to be helpful for you to begin your platform.

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