As a parent, one of the most vital things you can do to help your child ace the most important exam of their academic life is to help them find the best SAT prep material. Naturally, every parent wants the best for their kid and demonstrating a good score on the SAT exam can help them enter a prestigious university or college that they want. It can even help them get a scholarship. In this post, we will share how to find the best SAT prep materials for your child to help them get a good score.

What is the SAT?

Before we go further, let’s first get to know what the exam is about. 

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test made by the College Board and is used to assess the readiness of incoming students going to colleges and universities. It consists of four sections: Critical Thinking, Math, Writing and Language, and an Essay. The student may opt not to take the essay as this is optional.

For Critical Reading and Writing, the test focuses on the ability of the applicant to comprehend passages regarding historical documents, fiction, and natural science. 

Writing and Language tests the student’s vocabulary, grammar, and editing. 

For Math, their knowledge regarding Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, and Geometry is tested. 

Although it is only optional, most prestigious universities and colleges recommend students to take the Essay as they are eager to see how the students express themselves through essay writing. 

How to Find the Best SAT Prep Material?

Now that you know what the exam is about, it is time to discuss how to help your child find the best prep material to ace the exam. 

Do Proper Research

The internet has a plethora of online programs such as Magoosh, PrepScholar/Kranse Institute or Manhattan Prep courses to help applicants review for the exam. However, with the vast options, your child may not have all the time in the world to review these programs one by one. Thus, it is best to choose one that gives them a thorough review of all the sections of the exam. Choose a program that can help motivate your child, one that will pinpoint your child’s weaknesses so that they can improve. Inspire them to work hard. If you sign them up for a program, it should not only be proven effective, but also cover everything. 

Talk With Other Parents

There is really nothing wrong with asking other parents, especially those who have gone through the same ordeal as you, regarding tips or suggestions on what the best SAT prep materials are. As they say, experience is the best teacher; thus, these parents probably know the materials that will help your child. Don’t be shy to call your friend who has a kid that recently passed the exam with flying colors. They can give you advice or recommendations to help your child prepare. 

Here are some of the questions you can ask other parents:

  • What SAT Prep Materials did you get for your kid?
  • Where did you get them?
  • How effective were they?
  • Did you sign up your child for a prep course? If yes, then where?
  • How did you assist your child during the preparation? Did you instigate a strict study schedule and plan? Or did you simply allow your child to go at his/her own pace?

Go To A Public Library or Visit a Bookstore

Between the public library and the local bookstore, you are sure to find the best prep books that can help assess your child’s current knowledge. 

These prep books are important, as this will give your child an idea of what the exam is actually like. Also, this will allow your child to know their strongest and weakest points, and from there, your child will have an idea on which subject to focus. The SAT exam is not merely about knowing mathematics, science, geography, etc. It also wants to test you on how to cope with the mental stress of answering difficult questions with time constraints. 

Check the reference books sections. Remember, don’t just get one book, as all these books have their limitations and weaknesses. You may need to get two or three books to make sure that your child is covered extensively.

The SAT exam is probably one of the most important exams in your child’s life that can make or break future endeavors. That is why it is important that as a parent you are there to support them all the way. One good thing to do so is find the prep materials that can give them the best possible chance to be a top scorer on the exam. This will allow them to focus more on studying rather than spending time choosing which study material they should use. We hope that this article has helped you get started. 


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