When people think of homework assignments, they usually think of them as a chore. It is often seen as a tedious task that is done only in one specific way. What if we told you that you don’t need to stick to bland, written out answers when you complete your homework? Using a little creativity, there are a thousand ways to finish your homework that can showcase your other skills besides answer-writing.

These creative ways to do your homework can still be judged on the same parameters as written answers. These ways can also showcase how well you construct arguments and how well you have understood the subject matter, so it is easier for your teacher to assess you along with your classmates. Let’s look at some of them!


Instead of writing out boring answers, you can make a video presentation. A video arguably takes more effort to produce than a simple answer that you can showcase to your teacher. With videos, you get the opportunity to use both audio and visuals creatively as well. You can make the production value as high or low effort as you want.

You can also rope friends in to make a skit about the homework assignment as well. Use your creativity to explore different ways to make the video. You can make it in the form of a video series, an investigative show, or even a documentary if the topic is local. Use your phone camera to record and a plethora of video editing apps online to craft a masterpiece that is sure to get you an A!


PowerPoint is a good middle ground between written answers and videos. They take less effort than a full video, and you can do all the responsibilities by yourself. A presentation is an excellent option if you are pressed for time as you can start and complete one in a few hours. While this seems like an easier option than video, you can make presentations as straightforward or as complicated as you want.

Try to include multimedia in your presentation and high-value options like animations as well. You can use this opportunity to showcase different angles to approach your subject matter and explore them briefly.

Presentations are a good way to condense a vast amount of information into short slides, so use this to your advantage.


Brochures might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying topics for homework answers. However, this is an incredibly unique way to expand on your understanding of your subject. This is an excellent approach when it comes to something like a work of literature that revolves around a particular place. You could also use it creatively in other subjects like geography, or even science. Brochures are showcases of the pertinent information relating to a topic on one page.

Thus, it can be applied to all subjects across the board, with any limits being placed only by your creativity. Please remember to ask your teacher about any innovative approaches you plan to use in homework assignments so that you can rest assured they will accept it in a different format.


This might seem confusing, but with some imagination and creativity, you can turn anything into a game format. Explore board games or even card games to explore the plot of a novel or illustrate the different characteristics of chemical bonds. While this might take some more effort, it is an exciting and innovative approach that most teachers will appreciate.

Gamification of the subject matter is not an easy feat, but it will forever set you a class apart from other students at school. And who knows, you might be able to patent and sell this too! When making games, remember to set out clear rules and plan to make it easy to manufacture pieces to make them simple to construct.


Dioramas are a time-tested way to set yourself apart from your classmates and get a boost in your grades. They are an excellent option for students who like building or crafting things with their hands and prefer visual learning styles. The best part of dioramas is that you can make them as big or small as you’d like.

If you are blessed with artistic talents like painting or even woodwork, you should ask your teacher if you can submit homework assignments in the form of dioramas. Because dioramas are usually technical, it is better to stick to science-based subjects when selecting them.

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