Most students have a problem with managing time. Keeping up with classes, social life, and involving in activities turn out baffling to most. So, how organized are you as a student? You need to balance all these activities to enjoy and get the most out of your days in college. That’s why you need a student planner.

In most cases, most students replace the planner with a phone or a laptop. While this is inevitable technology, there is something wonderful about writing things down. Here are our top picks of student planners out there.

1. Legend Planner – Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

With this student planner, you will figure out what you really want in life. Here, you will create a personal vision, define, breakdown your goals, and finally incorporate them in your daily life.

You can prioritize by using monthly and weekly priority sections present in this planner to focus your energy on your essential goals. You’ll manage your time more effectively and execute your activities in college. This will ensure that you remain productive longer.
This student planner will enable you to become the best self by helping you achieve goals in all areas of life, be it school and social life. As a result, you get healthier habits when you are in college.
The vendor is confident that your purchase will be fruitful, offering you a money-back guarantee if you are not happy.

  • Helps you create the life you ever wanted
  • Makes you to remain organized and boosts your productivity
  • Improved work-life balance
  • In case it fails to please you, you will get your money back.
  • Sometimes, all your activities might not fully fit in the planner.

2. The Macmillan Student Planner 2020-21

The student planner is one of the bestselling planners out there. It is one of the ultimate self-management tools for many students. The following are some of the incredible features of this student planner:
You will get all the insights that you need when you are studying in college. You can trust that you will learn a few study skills that will make you stand out from the rest. Arrange your activities on a weekly basis. Habitually doing this makes you remain organized for longer.

This student planner will also be Personal finance guidance. You won’t be worried about where you’re spending your money as long as you’ve noted everything down.
Instead of bookmarking on your computer, use this planner to keep useful contacts and websites. This way you get them whenever the need arises.

  • Comes with study skill advice
  • Has personal finance guidance
  • Contains essential contacts and websites
  • Contains a handy card pocket at the back.
  • Not all contacts can be used.

3. Clever Fox Planner Daily

There are many features that you can find in this student planner. A new daily layout that will help you schedule your days and get the most out of it. Each of these days has an hourly schedule and the day’s main goal. Also, you can find a couple of priorities a personal to-do list and so forth.
Unlike other dated planners, you will note that this student planner is undated. Therefore, you can start using it any time you please without wasting a page. You will be able to fill in the months and dates the way you want.
Daily, weekly and monthly planning will help you review what actually happened at the end of every period.

  • It is undated
  • Better daily, weekly and monthly planning and review
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Guaranteed to boost productivity and happiness
  • The cover seems a bit more fragile

4. Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition

The other student planner that you should consider is the Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition. It is a luxurious, premium edition planner for cool students like you.
This is an improved premium version of the student planner mentioned above. Its layout is quite lighter and has more space for you to write your daily tasks. This makes it better than the previous edition.
Unlike most student planners, this one is undated. So regardless of the time in the year you get it, you’ll start on the first page without worry.
Just like any other student planner, this one will help you create a vision for your life. You will be able to define and breakdown your goals in each area of your life. Finally, you will be able to incorporate these goals into your daily agenda. As a result, you will become more focused and productive out there.
This student planner comes with a detailed step-by-step guide for a quick start. This will help you get started. Also, it has 6 sheets of colorful planner stickers and a premium gift box keepsake packaging.

  • It has a lighter layout
  • The planner is undated
  • It enables you to remain focused ad boosts your productivity.
  • Comes with a guide for a quick start.
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to use.

5. Wordsworth 2020 Undated Planner

Wordsworth 2020 Undated Planner is another great student planner that has proved to be very effective in the recent past. It comes with incredible features including better organization and more motivation.

Did you know that writing down goals can motivate you to work towards them? This planner provides a platform where you can write your goals with the aim of attaining them soon. Here, you can expect that your goals will be both actionable and attainable. Also, they will be measurable. There are also some motivational quotes to keep you going. This can help you a great deal.
The student planner is not your average planner. It uses 120GSM paper. This ensures that regardless of the items that you are using to write, the ink will not make its way through. Each page in the planner is firmly bound to the spine of the journal. This, in turn, ensures that no page will get lost in the long run. The other advantage of this student planner is that it ideal for everyone. Here, a business person can use it for his own purpose. Anyone interested in organizing his or her activities can readily utilize this planner.
This planner gives you the freedom to use it the way you please owing to its undated pages. And its numerous pages provide enough space for you to write all your undertakings.

  • Superior organization and more motivation
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The planner is very versatile
  • Allows you to use it the way you please
  • It is quite costly.

6. The Procrastinators Planner

This student planner is packed with tons of wonderful features that can mesmerize you. With the scientifically designed planner pages, you’ll plan your activities weekly and review them. You can access 182 pages that are designed specifically for ease of use and for increased productivity.

This planner is specifically meant for those students who are fond of procrastinating. You’ll will find a 20 theory page on procrastination. This way, you know what causes procrastination and how you can overcome it. Those who have used it agree that the contents are practical solutions to real life.
You will find some scenarios that you can relate with a bid to stop procrastination. Also, you will find the kind of internal dialogue that goes on the inside of all our minds when you want to undertake a certain task.
To keep you turning the pages, the planner also comes with this feature ranging from inspirational to hilarious sketches.

  • It has scientifically designed planner pages
  • Contains 20 theory pages on procrastination
  • Very effective in destroying procrastination
  • It has some relatable and funny ideas.
  • Some theories might be difficult to understand.

Buying Guide for a Student planner

When buying a student planner, there are some things that you should not overlook. These include:

1. Layout

When buying a student planner, you should be keen to check its layout. Here, you should keep an eye on those that offer you more liberty to do more than just writing. The more spaces a planner has, the better it is. You can trust that you will include all the tasks that you deem fit and thereby remain more organized.

2. Size.

Your student planner of choice should be something that you can easily carry around. Therefore, you should ensure that the planner has A5 sized pages.

3. Style

For you to remain motivated, your student planner of choice should be stylish and visually appealing. Here, it can have some lively colors or even lined pages.

4. Added tools

We all like additional features in any product that we are buying out there. Therefore, your student planner of choice should have some other tools such as bookmarks, stickers, pen holders, and many more.

5. Price

Different student planners will cost different prices. It is important that you check your budget so that you can choose the one that suits your budget. If the planner costs relatively lower prices, you will be able to save more money in the long run.


Consider buying the above-mentioned student planners, and you will get the value for your money. They have been tested and have proved to be very effective in the past. You can trust that you will be more organized and even reduce procrastination while in school. Also, the guide mentioned above will help you make a good choice when buying a student planner. Choose these student planners today, and you will not be frustrated. They are truly incredible.

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