can you turn a major into a minor after graduating

Can You Turn a Minor into a Major After Graduating?

Can you turn a minor into a major after graduating? Read more to find out. The primary academic focus of many students is a college major and that’s a fact. The major has some significant importance attached to it. For example, the main one being the kind of degree the student is going to receive […]

15 Best Minors for Business Majors

Looking for the best minors for business majors? For you to choose a minor, it shows you know what you want in your career. The minor you take sets you apart from the rest of the students. It is essential to know what career path you wish to consider before selecting your minor. Minors have […]

15 Medical School Supplies You Need Before You Start

I know you are excited; your application to a medical school was successful. Congratulations! You must be aware that Medical schools are the busiest faculties in college. I would advise you to start your preparations early. Medical school supplies Include More Than You Think Besides the list of essentials that your school asked you to […]

What is Online College Really Like? 10 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

What is online college really like? Online colleges are institutions of higher learning that provide students with an opportunity to pursue their courses and complete them entirely online. Nowadays, the number of students in online colleges has grown tremendously, which is attributable to widespread internet connectivity and growing technological advancements such as skyping and video-conferencing. […]

15 Foolproof Signs That You Should Take a Year Off College

Is it time to take a year off college? While students are always advised to run headfirst into their 20s, it’s sometimes worth slowing down a bit, at least to take stock of their situation. Taking a break from college can give you a very valuable perspective of your course and life. You also get […]

Roommate Checklist: the 30 Things You Should Always Ask a Potential Roommate

Picking the right roommate follows the same route as that of choosing a significant other. It helps to find someone whose values and lifestyle align with yours. Ideally, the right roommate should be compatible with you, at least if you are to get the best experience of living together.  Additionally, there should exist mutual respect […]

how to make friends in community college

How to Make Friends in Community College: 10 Ways to Start Socialising

How to make friends in community college… Is making friends in college necessary and is it a thing to worry about? There are other things you would expect a college student to worry about and making friends might not be one of them. However, with the world becoming all techy and everyone busy on their […]

Is Playing Sports In College Worth It? Pros And Cons For Students

Co-curricular activities are an essential part of schooling and help you discover your talents in other areas, aside from academics. As you level up your education, the more the insistence on the other side of learning far from the class that is essential in having you as an all-rounded student. Aside from the arts such […]

best things about college

30 Best Things About College

Apart from learning, college allows you to mingle with people from diverse cultures and countries. It is often a rollercoaster of thrills and excitements as it acts as the final initiation into adulthood. However, adjusting to the new routine is not a walk in the park. You need discipline and time management skills. College gives […]