can you get a masters in something different than your bachelors

Can You Get a Masters in Something Different Than Your Bachelors? Yes! Here’s How

Can you get a masters in something different than your bachelors? Right now, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to take a master’s degree in a subject different to your undergraduate bachelor’s degree. It’s in fact very possible. In simpler terms, your bachelor’s degree doesn’t need to be in a field related to what […]

What are the Alternatives to Law School? 5 Worthwhile Alternatives

At some point in life, most of us think that they should join a law school. In fact, you could be contemplating joining law school right now, but wait, you’re wrong. No matter the nature of your life’s facts (it doesn’t matter after all), you shouldn’t be an exception, right? Well, for a majority of […]

high school friends vs college friends

High School Friends Vs College Friends: The 10 Big Differences You’ll Notice

To most of us, college sounds great, and that’s fine, because it is. We all know that the worlds of college and high school are somehow closer, though there are many parallels that we can draw between the two. Basically, high school life introduces you to the senses of what adulthood will feel like. On […]

are sororities allowed to have parties

Are Sororities Allowed to Have Parties? Find Out with Our Helpful Guide

In ancient times, colleges were male-dominated. Women were not pursuing higher education. By the time they got interested in higher education, their male counterparts had fraternities that supported frats through scholarship, personal development, and personal growth.  Are Sororities Allowed to Have Parties? Since the fraternities were rigid to accept women in their organizations, there was […]

what to wear to a fraternity formal

The Ultimate Guide on What to Wear to a Fraternity Formal

As you are all aware, fraternities unify college students for a common purpose. Fraternities are value-based organizations; once you join, you acquire lifetime membership. In the early years, fraternities were male organizations. However, they have since morphed to accommodate women- some are still men’s only organizations and sororities emerged, which are solely for women. What […]

studying in bed

Is Studying in Bed Bad For Your Grades? Pros and Cons of Studying in Bed

Everyone has experience studying in bed. While it is habitual for some people to study in bed, others do it due to circumstances such as fatigue and backache. After a hectic day in school, all you want is to do your revisions in a comfy environment, but you do not have a comfortable sit in […]

college reading and study skills

30 College Reading and Study Skills to Improve Your Grades

Every student gets excited once they join college. Every lesson is fascinating. Every day they learn a new thing. However, test papers slap back to reality. Most of the students cannot translate what they have learned into high grades. College Reading and Study Skills The study habits you applied in high school are not effective […]

how to be a better test taker

How to Be a Better Test Taker: 10 Tips to Improve Your Test-Taking Skills 

Test anxiety is common among many students. Even the well prepares students suffer from test anxiety. It is detrimental to the test-taking ability. But we can’t avoid tests, particularly in recent times, where tests in schools and workplaces are common and regular. How to be a Better Test Taker It ensures that the average performance […]

a hand writing math/ace exam practice tests

5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Try to Ace Exam Practice Tests

For anyone who has a dream and a passion for being a personal trainer, they must pass an ACE certification exam. There are several recommended methods of studying for the exam. The two most popular ways are using the study guides and taking the ACE Exam Practice Tests. Both methods will bear fruits based on the […]