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9 Marketing Tactics You Might Not Be Noticing

9 Marketing Tactics You Might Not Be Noticing 1

Marketing drives sales, so people are constantly bombarded with messages, banners, slogans, and other stuff to get them into buying. Moreover, we don’t even realize that we all are being constantly targeted by certain marketing tactics that we might not even be aware of.

It’s easier to manipulate people when they have no idea that they are being hunted. Thus, silent or hidden marketing tricks are very much effective. Literally every business applies them to get more customers for their products and services.

We decided to find out more about these tactics and check what marketing tricks are popular among businesses that hunt for clients online. Here is what we came up with.

Sense of Scarcity

Creating a sense of scarcity is a very effective technique to push a hesitant buyer into purchasing. Even though one may not need certain products that much, knowing that they may come back and see that this thing is already sold-out forces them to make a purchase.

Not every product or service can become scarce. Yet, those businesses that benefit from such “scarcity” usually get much higher sales.

Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency works for many businesses if they need to free their stocks quickly. All you need to do is to put a countdown on any of your products and wait for people to start buying.

Shoppers love discounts. Yet, they like to have products that others want even more. Tell people that this product is being considered by 10 more other buyers, and you’ll see its sales grow significantly.

This trick has often been used by essay helper services. However, you can always type “write my essay with EssayHub” and find a company that doesn’t force you to make a purchase.

Buy Something and Get Something for Free

People love gifts. It’s easy to trick them into buying if you offer something of value for free. That’s why lots of companies offer presents to their customers.

One of the most popular tricks is Buy One & Get One. You get one pizza extra if you buy one on a certain day and time. Or you may get 130% of a product, for instance. Shower gels and shampoos often offer extra for the same price.


Have you ever thought about why you feel that you need to buy something when you are offered a free refill in KFC? That’s because we are all raised in the culture of reciprocal favors. If we are given something for free, we feel the need to give something back.

This is largely used in marketing. So, next time be aware when you are offered something for free. Control your immediate thoughts and emotions to gain control over your actions.


You must have noticed that once you put something in a virtual shopping cart, there is always a recommendation to buy something extra. Quite often, those recommendations are successful, and you really feel inclined to buy the offered things.

This technique is called upselling. Items that you might have never noticed are being brought to your attention. And, after a few moments of hesitation, you feel positive about buying some of them.

Reviews and Expert Opinions

People tend to believe reviews and opinions even if they can’t verify them. That’s why almost every website is full of positive reviews from different people. However, the most striking are usually those left by industry experts. Such feedback makes people develop trust the brand.

Therefore, EssayService always recommends looking for reviews elsewhere. For example, such platforms as Yelp, Reddit, or Trustpilot have a better reputation concerning the trustworthiness of the reviews left there.

Prices & Discounts

Not every discounted price you see is actually a discount. Sometimes, stores increase their prices a few days before the sale and then push them down to reflect a discount. Thus, if you really want to buy something big and wait for Black Friday, check prices a few days in advance in order not to be tricked.

Another price trick that influences people’s psychology is a $2.99 price tag instead of $3. When people finally realize that the price is higher than they thought, they still feel inclined to buy those goods.

Personal Emails

Those who receive personalized emails usually open them. Many of them who get no-name emails send them right into the trash. For a business, it’s already a success if you opened that email.

Don’t get tricked into thinking that someone wrote you a personal email. There are thousands of customers, it’s literally impossible to reach out to each of them. This is just email marketing technologies that are messing with you.

Free Isn’t Free After All

Nothing is offered for free today unless there is an opportunity to earn. Free webinars that you subscribe for will give you 10% of the answers you’ve been looking for. Instead, they will trick you into believing that you definitely need to buy the stuff offered at the end.

It’s impossible to find a company that wouldn’t use hidden marketing tactics to make you buy their products or services. However, it’s better to know what kind of tricks they might use to double-check the information or get control over your purchasing behavior before buying.

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