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7 Benefits Of Student Housing

7 Benefits Of Student Housing 3

College marks a great transition into adulthood and offers students various opportunities to be more independent. However, one of the concerns of students when going to college is the place to live. Thus, if you’re an incoming college student, take a chance to consider student housing.

Fortunately, there are many affordable student housing options you can take into consideration. As a tip, you can check reputable sites, like, especially if you’re in Idaho, to look for options. No matter what your personal preferences, there’s always a perfect student housing option for you.

To further convince you, below are some of the benefits of student housing:

If sharing bathrooms with other strangers is something you’re not comfortable with, a dorm isn’t a good option for you. Privacy is absolutely at a minimum in on-campus student housing since you’ll need to share the private moments of your life with others.

Also, if you share your bathroom with several people, you’ll need to battle over time, cleaning duties, and space. If you need to use a communal bathroom, it might get worse. Also, when living in a dorm, you might not cook for yourself if the kitchen area is filled with plenty of people doing the same thing.

When it comes to studying time, it’s difficult to study in on-campus student housing. This is because there are many noises, distractions, and problems that may prohibit you from doing well in all of your courses.

In terms of off-campus student housing, you have your own bathroom, so you don’t need to worry about juggling your time with somebody else’s schedule. Also, you’ll have your own kitchen and let your family or friends spend a few days with you. In some cases, there’s also in-unit laundry, so you won’t deal with somebody’s wet mess on the washer. Lastly, you may simply hit the books and shut the door when it’s time to be serious about your studies.

Among the great things about college and student housing are the social opportunities, including the network of friendships you’ll build and living arrangements can foster. While it’s possible to create lasting friendships with peers in tutorials and lectures, it’s a different experience to have some friends living in the same apartment building.

Usually, student housing properties are equipped with common areas where students may eat, socialize, and cook together in a supportive and safe environment. Also, because of the housing’s strong focus on study, it’s easy to achieve collaborative study and effective group work.

Several universities have boarding facilities wherein students may live on campus. Not only will it save you time, but it’ll also save you money on public transport or car maintenance fees. It also offers easy access to campus resources like some student support services, including co-curricular programs, learning support, and student welfare support.

If you prefer off-campus student housing, distance and convenience will never be your concern since most of these properties are located nearby the university and easily accessible through public transport. Suburbs with a density of student accommodation are also near supermarkets, convenience stores, reasonably-priced eateries, and so on.

Most student housing properties are offered as a package, which includes rental fees and utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water. Depending on the contract, there are also optional add-ons like internet or phone connection. 

For some students living away from their home for the first time, this may help simplify your responsibilities, allowing you to live comfortably even if you’re not at home. 

Most people don’t like new responsibilities, but it’s something that some young college students need so they can be mature. Basically, living off-campus gives you a push into adulthood since it provides you countless new responsibilities, such as:

Renting student housing like an off-campus apartment is also your first rental record. If you’re one of the best tenants, it’ll reflect in your record, which can make finding a new apartment easier later on.

Freedom is one of the benefits of student housing. Moving to college for the first time will be the actual freedom you’ve experienced since you’ll be living without your parents’ supervision.

To make the most out of your freedom, choose a purpose-built student housing that’s off-campus. The reason behind it is that on-campus living has some rules you should follow. Plus, you’re also under the constant eye of dorm heads who might take away your privileges once you break the rules. Other than that, you’re typically forced to use dirty communal kitchens and washrooms, as well as have some restrictions when inviting guests over.

Living off-campus provides you the freedom to enjoy whatever you want. You can live your college life however you want and you’ll be able to learn some essential life lessons if you live alone.

Another major benefit that comes with freedom is your alone time. Since you won’t share your room with anyone, you can have some quiet time and can study without worrying about any possible noises.

Dorms have plenty of rules–from restrictions on guests to curfews. They also have resident advisors who enforce such rules and keep an eye on the students.

On the contrary, once you rent your own apartment, you can make your own rules. However, it’s important to note that some apartment buildings have rules about noise levels, pets, occupancy, and amenity usage. Still, such rules aren’t as restrictive as the ones found in dorms. 

With your apartment, you may come back or leave whenever you want, have as many guests as you like, party anytime, and do whatever or whenever you want as long as it’s non-destructive and legal.

Bottom Line

It’s a complex decision to move into any student housing, but if you’ve chosen the best property, you’ll be able to enjoy many benefits. You’ll have more space, have access to some cool amenities, be able to set your rules, and gain life experience. Just make sure to pick the right student housing suited for your unique needs.


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