Whether you’re moving into college for the first time or are continuing with your studies, you know that student accommodation isn’t as homely as you would like it to be. Often, you’ll come across dill carpets, whitewashed walls, and mismatched furniture in most student apartments, dorms, or houses. But you don’t have to spend your time in college living in a space that feels cold and unhomely.

There are several things you can do to give your college housing a personal touch so it feels more like a home than just a room. Below are great ideas to help give your student accommodation that homely feel that you crave:

Change Your Room’s Scent

When you first move into your student room, the smell may probably be something that you disliked. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. You can easily change the scent of your room by placing scented candles in strategic places to remove lingering smells and make the space feel cozy and homely. As you do this, be careful not to leave them melting on carpets or other surfaces.

If you live in a student accommodation where candles aren’t allowed, consider using diffusers or incense sticks. These are great alternatives to bring your favourite fragrance to your living space while in college. Better still, consider using herbs or room spray to bring your favourite fragrance to your room.

Rearrange The Room Furniture

The thing that makes student accommodation feel less of a home is the fact that the furniture in all rooms is arranged the same way. In some instances, there’s little you can do to change furniture arrangement in your room either because the desk or the bed is fixed to the wall. When the rooms aren’t as big as those in Sunrise Village, rearranging the furniture might be challenging as well.

However, if you can, then you should opt to rearrange the furniture. For instance, consider where you want your desk to be located in relation to the bed. In some instances, you can arrange the furniture in a way that the bed is separate from the desk. This is a simple but instant way to make your room more comfortable and give it a different look.

Rearranging the furniture in your student accommodation is also a great way to utilize the space you have and separate your working area from your sleeping area. This can reduce stress and lower your chances of experiencing insomnia.

Add Bright Colored Rugs And Cushions

It’s highly unlikely that the student accommodation you find won’t have everything you like except for the furniture and carpet. To make your room feel more homely, you can give a personal touch to your living space by adding bright colored rugs and cushions. Although, sometimes, placing a brightly colored rug in the room can make it appear smaller in size, placing it in a strategic location can dramatically enhance its look and even enable you to zone your living space.

Adding mats to your student accommodation will also make the room feel warmer, which is great when you’re trying to keep your energy bills low. If your budget allows, consider investing in some soft furnishings, like cushions, to give your room a cozy feel. You don’t have to place many pieces to cover everything, just scatter one or two cushions on your couch to make it more comfortable and give your room a more homely look.

Place A Plant In Your Room

When placed in a home, plants not only add aesthetic value but they also offer health benefits, like refreshing the air in living spaces. Decorating your room with plants is a great way to make your college room livelier, feel more like a home, and even make it more comfortable. The only challenge with having plants in student accommodation is that the environment in most rooms is not great for plants to thrive.

Often, the environment is frequently overheated, has inadequate sunlight, and has dry air. If you decide to have a plant in your college room, go for hardy houseplants, like spider plants, cacti, or jade plants, that can survive this kind of environment. Consider getting a cool plant pot for your plant, too. Better still, customize one with chalk paint and glitter instead of buying one.

Get Fluffy Towels And Good Beddings

When leaving for college, most students buy towels and beddings in a hurry. In most cases, they end up getting cheap ones because they assume that if they buy quality ones, they’ll get ruined by the time the first semester comes to an end. Some students even choose to bring old towels and bedding from home to the university.

Instead of doing this, consider buying some nice fluffy towels and beddings to make your stay in college more comfortable. Since your bed will occupy the biggest space in your student accommodation, having a bright and attractive duvet cover, which rhymes well with your curtains, will give it a cozy and pleasant look that makes you feel at home. A beautiful, fluffy towel will also give your small student room a fancy look.

Better still, having a thick duvet will help you stay warm during the cold season and keep you comfortable when the weather is warm.

Place Photos Of Loved Ones In Your Room

You can make your student accommodation feel like home by having photos of your loved ones in your room. You can choose to either hang the photos on your walls or place framed ones on strategic areas, like study tables.

A great way to keep your living space feeling warm and homely is to order your favorite photo prints in your room. If you aren’t allowed to use tacks on the wall, consider using the noticeboard to display your photos. Having familiar faces in your room will help you connect with your past memories and make your room feel warm and homely.

Final Thoughts

When you go to college and leave home, you’ll experience homesickness from time to time. One way of managing this is by making your living space feel like home. By applying the tips discussed above, you can make your life in college more comfortable since you’ll be making your room warm and homely.

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