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50 Best College Party Songs of All Time (and Why We Love Them)

Are you wondering what that killer party song from the bash last night was? This article has got you covered! Read through these iconic best college party songs and see which can make your next party an unforgettable one.

Best College Party Songs

Let’s Get It Started

By Black Eye Peas

Released in 2004, this smash hit can make for the coolest soundtrack for any party, let alone college parties. One reason why you can’t resist this banger is its exciting lyrics. Maybe this could be the reason why the Democratic Party national convention used in its 2004 celebrations. Maybe.


by Pharrell Williams

Know what’s awesome about this all-time hit? Well, it’s the fact that it’s made to make partygoers and everyone happy. If you’ve had the chance to listen to this song (you’ve probably had), then you know it’s a great song.

Jungle Boogie

By Kool ft. The Gang

This is yet another extra special good. It made its debut in 1973 and many decades later, it remains one of the best college party songs of all time. Why? It’s entirely good and funky. All of its beats have a life of its own, which when coupled with its jumpy trumpets gets partygoers in the mood. And then it is made with inimitable vocals, which is exactly what you need for your party.

Get Busy

By Sean Paul

Sean Paul needs no introduction, right? Just about every banger he releases follows the same formula: repetitive riddim beats followed by inimitable monotone vocals. Just like his other tune, Shake That Thing, this one makes it compulsory for partygoers to obey its dancefloor exhortations.

Need U

Duke Dumont ft. AME

This track combines AME’s defiant vocals with oceanic synths without sounding old-hat. And by the way, nothing says “college” more than I “need u”. You get the idea?


By Pixies

We can all agree that this is the most promising college party song, right? This one combines two guitars, a thick bassline, and an amazing drum fill. That perfect blend can fill the dancefloor in a record 2 seconds, literally speaking.

Heart of the Glass

By Blondie

Blondie is a popular world icon, and so is her first hit party single- Heart of the glass. It slayed and it still does.

Feel the Love

Rudimental ft. Newman John

As party smash songs go, it’s advisable to get your tight jeans on as this hit will, without a doubt, keep you dancing throughout the party. Its characteristic soul, D and B beats, and a massive drop are the reasons you can’t resist this heavyweight hit song.

In Da Club 

By 50 Cent

Eventually, every one of us reaches a time when you feel like partying all day and night. This is especially true for those who like spoiling themselves during their big days. Obviously, this hit college party song is a perfect soundtrack choice for whatever party you’re planning.


By La Roux

One thing you’ll like about this song is its synth style of pop. Plus, all of us can agree that this “missile” has not been overplayed. Thus, it still remains one of the best college party songs. Drop it into your next party playlist and feel the vibe.

Dancing in the Dark

By Bruce Springsteen

As the name suggests, this anthem is the best choice song for any night party. Its lyrics were crafted passionately to lift the moods of partygoers, so you can use it uplift yours too.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

By Nirvana

Can we say that this is the best of all Nirvana’s songs? Hell nah. But its symbolic value is what has made it a really great tune of all time. And yes, it’s extremely party-friendly. In real terms, this smash hit belongs in the best college party songs.

Love Shack

By B52

This one has always topped college-rock music charts for many decades now. And yeah, it’s just as big as a whale. But what will make you fall in love with this great tune is its carefully-chosen lyrics. You can’t help but keep dancing and screaming throughout the party.

Teenage Kicks

By The Undertones

Teenage Kicks is a very simple and direct hit song of all time. Simple vocals, chords, a sweet melody, and then there are pounding drums. It’s indeed a wank anthem. In fact, it’s a masturbation song. Does that sound weird?


By Disclosure

We can all agree that Disclosure knows how to smith cool vibes. This song is chill but extremely upbeat. It’s still a great hit!


By Chainsmokers

There’s this fact: that the Chainsmokers know how to get and keep and keep the party going, right? This hit single is no different.


By Frank Ocean

Though a bit slower, Chanel by Frank Ocean will keep you nodding your head throughout the party. Maybe you can drop this hit towards the end of the party, when everything is winding down.


By Rihanna

Being a bad bitch she is, we expected this song to reflect that as well. But we can all agree that it’s indeed an exciting party song.

Shape of You

By Ed Sheeran

In the list of top 50 best college party songs<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, this song is loved by all of us. It’s also a good choice for any age group. Look, it’s a perfect song for all types of people. Get ready for a killer party.

Brick House

By Commodores

One reason this banger has remained in top music charts for over five decades is because it’s made using really funky instrumentals. There is no better way to make your next party a classic one than to drop this song into the playlist.


By Kenny Loggins

Released in 1984, this great pop tune succeeds at making party goers to dance along. On reason you can’t resist this anthem has to be that it’s a perfect blend of various pop genres, which makes it appeal to a wider audience.

Saturday Night

By BayCity Rollers

There’s no better way to get revelers in the mood than to drop a hit with a shouted chorus “Saturday Night”. Give your guests a golden moment by adding this tune to your playlist.


By Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar needs no introduction when it comes to hits. Even in this one, he didn’t disappoint. Humble is created with rich content and it’s overly conscious. As such, you’re sure to keep nodding to every lyric in this song.


By the Chainsmokers

Entrancing sound. Electrifying instrumentals. Retro chorus. That’s all what this tune is all about. You can expect to keep swaying to the song when the party is winding down.

Hey Ya!

By OutKast

This is one song that can suit any party. It will keep you going for the next five hours, or even more.

It’s My Party

By Lesley Gore

This song depicts one Johnny who turns up for a party along a rival. You know the disaster that followed, yeah? Well, if you’ve ever been a victim of public disaster, then this tune can provide you solace.


By Kool ft. The Gang

As the name suggests, Celebration is the tune for all parties. You’ll definitely like the cleverness of creating a pop tune out of the word “Celebration”. It still tops many charts since its release in 1980.

Party in the USA

By Miley Cyrus

We all can admit to feeling the resonance in Miley’s songs, oh hit songs. Want to know how it feels relating to a new place? This is your tune.


By Avicii

This is the soundtrack that lets you know that you’re just partying- that you’re not hanging out any longer, as the night has already transitioned.


By Janelle ft. Kravitz

Sure we are all screwed in this killer party. Let’s keep dancing.

Dim All the Lights

By Donna Summer

The song builds up after a slow intro, developing into an awesome dance floor song. Once you start dancing along, you won’t stop dancing till the party ends.


By Darude

It goes without a saying that this the best pump up party song to ever exist. You see, partygoers need only great tunes to rock out to when partying. And this is one such great tune to add to your playlist.

You’ve Got the Love

By Florence ft. The Machine

If you fancy disco music, which is pretty obvious for a party animal, you may want to dance along to this awesome tune- with both hands up!

Uptown Funk

By Bruno Mars ft. Mark Ronson

If you are a fan of Bruno Mars and his songs, there are chances that you’re not a human, literally speaking. “Don’t believe me…Just watch” in particular is the lyric that gets everyone to stand up and step on the dance floor.

Push It 

By Salt-n-Pepa

Even the Salt-N-Pepa dance moves in the video of this song alone will get you swaying your neck back and forth. You can help but join others on the dancefloor. Remember, this tune is arguably one of the best college party songs.


By Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne

“Down” is the song that encourages partygoers to embrace pure escapism. Word has it that it was crafted in less than 120 minutes before proceeding to become an instant hit and club banger in the year 2009. Years later, this classic still tops many party songs charts.

No Dignity

By Blackstreet

Released in 1996, this number 1 smash masterpiece still has a place in the world’s top music charts. It features an awesome intro and top-notch rapping. All we can say is that “No Dignity” is indeed a very good addition to any party song playlist.

All Night

By Lionel Richie 

This is yet another masterpiece that has proven to be a lasting favorite for most party animals. One thing you’ll certainly like is that it features an international flair- Caribbean and Jamaican blends. This song found its way into major world events such as the Nobel Prize Concert (2006) and the Olympics (1984).

All Summer (Long)

By Kid Rock

This song creates feelings of nostalgia, and it appeals to all types of people. It’s a song that promises to be a favorite for fans of classic fans to be specific, but it is true to say that “All summer…” remains a significant hit across the globe.

Ice Baby

By Ice Vanila

If there’s a hit that promises to raise smiles at whatever party you’re planning, then it has to be “Ice Baby”. Keep this song handy if you want to make your party a memorable one.

The General

By Dispatch

Beside their appeal to girls, there are other main reasons why you should love The Dispatch, too. For example, this tune’s context is uncertainty and war. It’s a tune that will definitely cause you to dance and dance. Or step out for a few minutes and mellow out a bit. 


By Beck

Iconic guitars. Half-hearted tone. And the “Loser” becomes an infectious college party jam. The tune is in fact ironic to the college student. “Loser” isn’t all about self-doubt, but then college students have a tendency of not caring. Maybe you can drop this one to your playlist and let your guests decode the meaning in it.

Louie Louie

By The Kingsmen

Though some of us find the lyrics in this all-time banger obscene, The Kingsmen still insist that there’s nothing lewd in that song. Anyway, the song has already built its party reputation. Being featured in many movies didn’t hurt either, right? Well, this means that it’s still a classic rock song.

Family Affair

By Mary Blige

Sweet lyric and melody patterns. That is the best description of the “Family Affair”, arguably the best of all the best college party songs. We would also not be lying to say that it’s the hit that introduced crunk party  to the mainstream pop.

Super Freak

By Rick James 

Rick James put together this masterpiece as a tribute to an adventurous girl. You see, Rick wanted to create something with a new texture. He was not wrong- the song made it to the top music charts. Since then, it remains a killer party hit.

Dancing Queen


Though this song debuted on a royal wedding, it can still make for an exciting soundtrack for any party other than a wedding. In real terms, this song became a worldwide party hit, and it has remained to be a durable favorite for most partygoers.


By Usher ft. Ludacris and Lil Jon

This song is a perfect blend of R&B and crunk. This magnificent melody has not left party music charts since its release in 2004. But one thing you will like about the tune is probably the repetition of “Yeah” in the note structure.

Tik Tok

By Ke$ha

This hit is about having a great party time. The theme alone sent the party to the list of the best college party songs of all time.


By Gazolina

Another party star that doesn’t need an introduction is Daddy Yanke. This one is a soundtrack that features reggaeton. That is why every partygoer loves this song. You’ll love it too. Add it to your playlist right now!


By the Village People

You’ll find it hard to understand how a song that celebrates one gender (men) hanging out together turned out to be an all-time best college party song. But you’ll probably not resist the urge to join others on the dancefloor, with both arms up.

Best College Party Songs: Choose Only the Best

Party hits provide the theme for any party- weddings, college parties, etc. You want to get the best moments of your lives, right? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choice, but the songs above will get you started in selecting the best college party songs of all time. That’s how to make your next party perfect.

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